Animal Puppets for education and fun

Animal Puppets are a great source of entertaining school children and for allowing children to entertain themselves. For teachers puppets can bring a story to life, for instance if a teacher is telling the famous story of the 3 Little pigs he/she could incorporate a 3 pig puppet and a large wolf. The teacher could enlist one student to be the wolf and 3 smaller pig puppets to be the 3 little pigs. That way each student can give each pig it’s own personality and the wolf can be the big bad guy. The teacher can move the responsibilities of being the pig or wolf around to different students. This story is just one example of how puppets can bring a story and education to life. You could do the same simply with a simple dog puppet and Poky Little Puppy or a Monkey puppet with Curious George books. Animal Puppets bring imagination, creativity and fun to education.


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