USA made Wildlife Animal Figurines offer future collectible value and beauty

sandicast giraffe figurine
For figurine collectors the time has never been better than now. With the current economy the opportunity has never been better for collecting US manufactured animal figurines. The reasons are simple, with virtually the entire animal figurine industry now being manufactured in China finding US made animal figurines is virtually impossible. Herein lies the huge opportunity in collecting valuable figurines for future value. The US was famous during the 1980’s for making beautiful figurines. Companies like Sandicast made in San Diego and Stone Critters made in Oklahoma are 2 of the most famous figurine companies. Today Stone Critters is gone after being bought by Encore and Sandicast figurines are no longer made in the USA but in China. Other US companies like The Herd which featured an adorable line of elephant figurines with names like Rock and Roll, Flip and Flop no longer exists. These Herd elephant figurines also came with name template rocks that featured the elephants personality. The reasons for having figurines made in China was obvious, lower costs thereby more competitive prices and higher profit margins. The current animal figurine industry is overwhelmed with bland inexpensive animal figurines made in China with no personality and washed out value. The niche for animal figurines in the future is once again for quality figurine products made in the USA. Sandicast for example should reopen manufacturing in the USA. The higher price for US made animal figurines would separate them from the rest of the bland pack of animal figurines and allow customers who want to buy American an outlet. Currently there is no outlet for customers wanting US made figurines. To paraphrase what Julie Andrews said in Sound of Music “where ever a door closes, a window opens.” This has never been more true that in the current animal figurine industry. sandicast rhino figurineOne company that continues to make some of their unique line of Pellucida animal figurines in the USA is the figurines from the John Perry studio. During this time of transition and turmoil lie opportunities for incredible collecting and future value and that situation certainly applies to animal figurine industry. If you currently have animal figurines made in the USA treasure them, if you don’t search for them and especially if they are name brands like Sandicast, Stone Critters, The Herd, consider buying them for future collectible value.


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