Opossum Gifts for animal lovers, fun and education.

opossum stuffed animal plushMost of the time the only encounter people have with Opossum is when they are seen by the side of the road. Others may come upon an opossum at night in the backyard, in a garage or maybe the shed. For these reasons most people care little for opossum however they are a special animal possessing wonderful unique characteristics which many people would love to acquire. First of all opossum are not aggressive and are not a threat to the families dogs or cats. In addition opossum appear to be immune to many diseases and only on rare occasion do they they carry rabies. Despite sharing habitat with snakes opossum appear to have a natural immunity to are snake bites from even poisonous snakes including Rattlesnakes and Cottonmouths. opossum plush stuffed animalTo the benefit of the environment Opossum contribute by eating pests including slugs, and snails. Because of their homely and shy demeanor many people adopt Opossum as a favorite animal. For them there are many Opossum Gifts including opossum plush stuffed animals, crossing signs, puppets and coming soon an opossum toy miniature. Opossum Plush Stuffed Animals like the 2 shown are popular opossum gifts for people who have had a personal encounter with a real opossum. For teachers in school learning about animals the opossum can be a teaching tool. An opossum plush stuffed animal could be passed around the room much to the delight and fun of the students but at the same time they would handling an opossum that in all respects is very close in size, color and look of a real opossum. opossum puppet folkmanisThere are many books available for class story time and if the book features an opossum the opossum puppet would bring the book to life. The Folkmanis opossum puppet features a removable baby attached with Velcro which show how the baby holds on to the mothers back for transport. Another fun opossum gifts of course is the opossum crossing sign. As noted most people remember opossum because of chance encounter on the road, in the backyard or somewhere usually at night. For those people another popular gift item is the Opossum Crossing Sign. Designed for outdoors or indoors the Opossum Crossing Signs can provide education and amusement for anyone with similar somewhat surprising experiences. For animal lovers Opossum are another special animal that deserves our love. From that trademark pink tail and nose to the inquisitive face Opossums are truly a one of a kind. One of the most endearing traits of opossum are the baby opossum and how they will all climb onto to Mom for safety and also for ease of travel since opossum crossing signOpossum use a variety of locations for home including stumps, trees, rock piles, under buildings, in attics and also in abandoned burrows of other animals. Opossum will continue to amuse us with their surprise appearances and with Opossum gifts we can continue to enjoy their presence with plush stuffed animals, puppets, crossing signs and in 2010 the opossum toy miniature for educational play fun.

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Anwo.com Animal World specializes in animal and pet lover gifts including plush stuffed animals, crossing signs, throw blankets, t shirts, earrings, figurines, toy miniatures, puppets, nature sounds CDs, neckties, mugs, plates, and key chains.

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