Wolf Blanket Throws & Pillows made in USA for home decor

wolf blanket throw tapestry winter scene
These days people are looking for quality products made in the USA. For anyone looking the search is over when you discover the Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestries and Wolf Pillows available for home decor. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton the Wolf Blanket capture famous artwork and combine it with the functional usefulness of a throw tapestry. For creating warm wildlife decor themes the Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestries can be displayed on a wall, spread over a couch, chair or laid on a bed. To complement the theme the Wolf pillow could work alone on a chair or in pairs on a sofa. Some designers preserve the quality of the artwork and production by framing the Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry for maximum impact. wolf blanket throw tapestry watchful eyesDepending on the mood you are trying to create there are different scenes on the 2 Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestries. One Wolf Blanket captures the spirit of the wolf in a winter scene. This same famous Winter Wolf artwork is also utilized in microcosm by showing only the classic Wolf face only on the pillow. The second Wolf Blanket features a pair of wolves in a warm spring or summer setting. For business that use wolf in their name or as a mascot the Wolf animal blankets throw tapestries and pillows can present to visitors a focal point for remembering the business. Clients may enjoy the way the company embraces the wolf to represent the qualities of the business and help provide a warm comfortable relationship. The business could even present Wolf blankets and pillows as a gift to important clients to show appreciation for the business relationship. Another similar situation is as a gift for people with the last name Wolf. In this case Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestries and pillows become a natural wolf gift idea that is gratefully accepted. wolf pillow winter sceneFor many Indian tribes the Wolf is a sacred animal and is a symbol of strength, family and independence. The Wolf blanket and pillow can also provide native heartwarming Indian theme home decor. For all the Wolf gift decor possibilities explored the best information provided is that with the Wolf Blankets and Pillows shown you can find quality products made in the USA for this Christmas Holiday gift giving season.


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  1. The wolf blanket throw tapestries are some of the most popular since many people feel a kinship with wolves possibly because they resemble dogs such as Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes. People also love what wolves represent, the wild independence of the wilderness is characterized in the Wolf.

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