Owl Earrings are bird lover fashion fun

Owls are one of the most unique birds observed in wildlife. With their short stocky frame and wide wingspan owls have adapted to a life most people never have an opportunity to witness. Sporting Owl earrings displays a love of wildlife and respect for one of natures most silent night time predators. When we think of owls we normally a brown but owls can also be white. The White Owls are not necessarily found in snowy areas. I was fortunate enough to see a white owl in the rain forests of Kauai, Hawaii. Owls come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. From small owls to owls large enough to bring down small deer owls fill an important role in the circle of life with all the animals of the forest or field which they inhabit. In the same way there are many species of owls there are also many designs of owl earrings. For bird lover fashion the Owl earrings shown show gold plating in their bare beauty and with fine detailed enamel. The Gold Earrings French Curve Jewelry shown above left are made in the USA. Made of recycled brass the owl earrings are hand hammered using a special planning tool creating a facets on a gentle curve to reflect the light and sparkle. The earrings are then 14kt gold plated and the French wires are 14kt gold fill. The Brown Owl earrings and the Snowy White Owl Earrings are also 14kt gold and feature hand detailed fine enamel to provide color and a natural look. The Baby Earrings Post Style are also 14kt gold with fine enamel but for children the post style is usually preferred. Owl earrings can be fashion fun but they can also be appreciated by teachers, for business dress and for wildlife fund raising and zoo benefits. Teachers doing units on owls can sport owl earrings to help promote interest in the area of wildlife education. Businesses trying to show how wise they can be could sport owl earrings to stimulate morale and keep everyone thinking smart. If a zoo has just had the rare opportunity to witness new baby owls in one of their habitats the baby owl earrings post could help spread the good cheer but still be an excellent fashion choice in a bird working habitat environment. Owl earrings can be an excellent addition for enthusiasts of owl gifts. Owl earrings are just one of the wide selection of animal earrings which bring a little of natures beauty inside to adorn and accent.

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  1. If you ever see an owl in the wild you are amazed at their silent flight, their owl calls, their cat like silhouette, their uncaring look at people and their swiveling head. I love owls.

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