Rhino Earrings are safari animal earrings fashion fun

Anyone lucky enough to travel to Africa to experience a safari hopefully had the opportunity to witness Rhinos in their native habitat. Unfortunately when the adventure is over the Rhinos exist only as a unforgettable memory. To relive that amazing experience the Rhino Earrings Gold French Curve Jewelry can provide an opportunity to relieve that memory with fashion fun. Made in the USA of 14 kt gold the Rhino earrings feature incredible detail. Designed on a gentle curve with the design is hand hammered using a special plannishing tool which produces hundred of tiny facets which reflect light and shimmer which makes the earrings come to life. Rhino earrings are not the exclusive domain of just people who have been to Africa. Anyone who loves these unique animals can enjoy the beauty and style of these Gold Rhino Earrings. Teachers looking to set the mood in their classrooms when studying animals of the Savannah. In business the rhino is often utilized to characterize the best because successful sales people and rhinos both share a tenacity, ferocity and stubbornness to get the job done. To rally the troops among women sales the Rhino earrings could reward and recognize those performing at a high level. Fundraisers are often organized for zoos and wildlife habitats. To dress appropriately for such a rhino or safari fund raising event ladies may wish to Rhino earrings to show thoughtfulness and appreciation for the cause. In these economic times many people are looking for American made products. For those needs the Rhino animal earrings are American made in an environmentally friendly from production to packaging. The Rhino earrings gold french curve jewelry are perfect for dress up or casual and are animal earrings jewelry fashion fun.

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  1. The gold Rhino earrings are amazingly light and always look like new. It is great that such a beautiful item as the Rhino Earrings French Curve Jewelry are made in the USA in a environment conscious manner.

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