Cocker Spaniel Sandicast Figurines are dog lover home decor fun

cocker spaniel figurine sandicastOne of the most popular breeds every year is the Cocker Spaniel. In the predominant buff color the Cocker Spaniel is beloved for it’s energy, loyalty, and beautiful flowing lines. All these qualities are captured in the Buff Cocker Spaniel Figurine Sandicast. Made of cast stone with detailed hand painting the Sandicast Cocker Spaniel figurine transcends it’s statue confines and almost seems to be moving forward in motion. Designed originally in clay by Sandra Brue the creator of the Sandicast line the Cocker Spaniel figurine makes an excellent, thoughtful gift for dog lovers this Christmas Holiday season. With it’s origins in England the Cocker Spaniels can be black, parti color black- white, parti color buff- white, chocolate and tri color. Designed as a hunting dog for flushing quarry out of bushes, the Cocker spaniel competes in the sporting dog group at AKC American Kennel Club competitions. The Cocker Spaniel weighs approximately 26-34 pounds and measures 15-17 inches high. To honor all this breed history and to honor a special family member the Cocker Spaniel Figurines Gifts make wonderful home decor for shelves, mantles and curios. For dog lovers everywhere Cocker Spaniels leave a lasting wonderful experience.

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  1. My sister had a Cocker Spaniel that looked just like the Sandicast Cocker Spaniel Figurine. The energy and personality of her Cocker Spaniel is definitely captured in the style and look of this Sandicast Figurine.

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