Pug Blanket Throw Tapestries are dog lover entushiast gift fun

Pug Fawn Blanket Throw Tapestry USAPug dogs are a popular breed and for dog owners often you will hear that once you have a pug you will never have another breed. It is sort of a love them or dislike them situation, however, for Pug enthusiasts there is no other breed. With their short body, flat snout and unstoppable personality Pugs are a wonderful dog. This incredible dog was noted recently in the second Men in Black movie where a fawn Pug stole the show as an agent in every available scene. This special breed is captured in artwork now available on Pug Blanket Throw Tapestries. In addition to the predominant color Fawn Pug there is also a tapestry throw available in the lesser known Black Pug. Both the Black Pug Blanket Throw Tapesty and the Fawn Pug are made in the USA of 3 ply 100 % cotton. If you are searching for Pug Gifts for the dog enthusiast in your family the Pug Blanket Throw Tapestries make a thoughtful gift and as noted they are made in America so you are also helping the economy. Black Pug Blanket Throw Tapestry USAThe Pug Throw Blankets are perfect for warmth on a chilly day but you can also use them for decorating sofas, chairs, beds, or even framing on a wall. The Pug Blanket Throw Tapestries could also be used as a fund raiser for Pug dog rescue events or at AKC breed dog competitions. Other possible ideas for Pug gifts may be for business where a gift made in the USA is special in particular if the visitor owns a Pug. Pugs originated in the Chinese Orient and are believed to be in reality miniature Mastiffs. Dutch Traders then brought it with them back to Holland during the mid 1500’s. Weighing in at a lightweight 14-18 pounds Pugs are stout, measure 10 – 11 inches high and have a short smooth coat. Known in the AKC American Kennel Club as a member of the toy group the Pug has a long history as a family favorite. For this reason the Pug Blanket Throw Tapestries will always be popular among many dog lover enthusiasts.


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  1. I have met a few Pug and their personality is absolutely infectious, it makes you want a Pug as a pet. Pugs look like they just want to be with family and have fun, the Pug Blankets seem to capture a little bit of that personality they wear on that cute smile which seems to always be on that flat face.

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