How to and where to hang Animal Crossing Signs

wildlife crossing signAnimal Crossing signs are useful for outdoor education but for people with an imagination for the flair they can be used in many other humorous and entertaining locations. First animal crossing signs come with one hole at the top and many also come with one at the bottom. These holes allow attaching animal crossing signs with nails, screws, or they can be hung on a hook. Now comes the interesting part, where to place your animal crossing signs. For functional purposes you can put your wildlife, duck, squirrel, chicken, deer, elk, moose, bear crossing on a post usually near a road. bear crossing signFor fun maybe someone is nicknamed moose or bear, for them you could hang a bear crossing sign or a moose crossing sign on the door to their office or maybe near their man cave. Another fun use would be to announce to all visitors that you have a huge flamingo collection by hanging a flamingo crossing sign on a nearby wall or door. People’s imagination is always working in strange, colorful and imaginative ways. In the movie Napoleon Dynamite the main character put a Pegasus Crossing Sign, afterwords there was a huge following of teenagers putting Pegasus Crossing signs on their bedroom doors to make a similar statement. flamingo crossing signOne homeowner living on a large estate out west used animal crossing signs to slow people down as they drove up the long driveway. By placing Dinosaur, Shark, crossing signs in with actual mountain lion, wolf and elk signs the home owner entertained visitors while fulfilling the need to slow vehicles down. Surprisingly people have wild animals in areas where they would never be seen normally. In these situations like the New York City apartment with a Tiger inside should have had a Tiger Crossing Sign. There are Zebras in Virginia, Buffaloes in North Carolina, for these situations the Zebra Crossing and Bison Buffalo crossing signs can announce unusual sightings. Animal Crossing Signs are easy to hang, the challenge is where to hang them.

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  1. Animal Crossing Signs are great, we use them in sports, in business and for nature trails. For kids room decor the dinosaur crossing signs like the skeleton T Rex or the Shark Crossing Sign tell visitors to beware and enter at their own risk.

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