Okapi plush stuffed animal and Okapi toy miniature gifts

okapi toy miniature safari

Okapi Toy Miniature

Okapi animals are one of the most unique and also one of the least known of all the animals of the African Serengeti. With new Okapi plush stuffed animals and Okapi toy miniatures part of the products now available at the Okapi Gifts Store people can now be more aware of this beautiful wildlife animal. The Okapi Plush Stuffed Animal features soft detailed brown, white, black soft plush.  Students can use the Okapi plush stuffed animal for school presentations and teachers can use it for hand it for hands on learning. Students can also use the Okapi toy miniature for school dioramas. Everyone notices how the Okapi looks in some ways like an incomplete zebra and also has solid colors like a horse.  Survival on the plains of Africa has created a patchwork style camouflage pattern to the Okapi’s coat which makes them harder to follow by predators. The Okapi plush stuffed animal and Okapi toy miniature at the Okapi gifts store both show in realistic detail the beauty and effectiveness of this unique looking animal. Children can use the Okapi toy or plush stuffed animal for play fun. Business wishing to create beautiful safari display decor can use the Okapi toy miniatures or Okapi plush stuffed animals for table or welcome areas. Best of all Okapi enthusiasts can now enjoy Okapi gift store items like the plush stuffed animal and toy miniature.

Okapi Plush Stuffed Animal

Okapi Plush Stuffed Animal


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  1. I didn’t even know what an Okapi was, however, the Okapi plush stuffed animal and Okapi toy miniature are both an education unto themselves. Both make great Okapi gifts but they also offer an education.

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