Sandicast Chocolate Lab Figurine captures heart and soul of the breed.

Sandicast Chocolate Lab Figurine LabradorLabrador Retrievers come in 3 colors, black, yellow and chocolate. All Labrador retrievers were bred for work in land or water retrieval for for hunters. Often after the waterfowl was killed it would fall into hard to reach areas where only an adaptive to all terrains dog could seek out and return. With an incredible ability seek and recognize through smelling the Labrador Retriever is perfect for the task for which it was bred. In particular the Chocolate Lab is adept at this task. To capture the heart and soul of this beautiful breed the Sandicast Chocolate Lab Figurine was created by the skillful hands of Sandra Brue. No other dog figurines have been able to create the realism and detail that the Sandicast line has been able to achieve. From the glass eyes, to the inquisitive look, to the tone for the muscles, and lastly the fur laid hair, by hair, overlapping just like a real coat. The more you analyze the Chocolate Labrador figurine by Sandicast the more incredible details you will discover and the more you will appreciate the incredible talent of Sandra Brue. The purpose of the Chocolate Lab Figurine is to memorialize this incredible breed. The best way to display the Sandicast Chocolate Labrador Retriever Figurine is on a shelf at eye level. Through display at eye level you receive maximum impact from this dog figurine in other words when you look at the Chocolate Lab it will be looking right back. In the larger figurines sometimes people do double takes thinking the dog is actually real. For Chocolate Lab dog owners the time spent together is unforgettable and all too brief, fortunately, the Chocolate Lab Figurine Sandicast will help remember those memories forever.


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  1. Any dog owner knows how special the relationship is for the family and how sad it is when it comes to an end. The Chocolate Lab Sandicast figurine is the perfect way to capture the memory for all times.

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