Frog Life Cycle Toy Miniatures make learning fun

frog life cycle toy miniature

Frog Life Cycle Toy Miniature

Most everyone in their life have come across an adult frog, or tadpoles or even frog eggs. Many have also studied frogs in their school science class. A select few present company included may have captured the tadpoles and watched them develop to semi adults before release. The enigma is you were never able to really analyze all the stages of the frogs development from egg, to tadpole with gills, to adult frog with lungs at one time. This is now possible with the new Safari Frog Life Cycle Toy Miniatures.  Starting with the frog eggs they are easy to see, handle and study. Next is there is a tadpole toy miniature with gills and no legs. Stage 3 shows the frog tadpole showing just the hind legs. The fourth  stage is the frog tadpole with lung and all four legs. The final stage is of course the adult frogs with no tail as an air breathing amphibian on a lily pad.  It seems such a simple thing to do but it was up to Safari animal toys to actually create and market this unique wildlife transition for education and play fun. The realism of each stage is quite remarkable and best of all no real frogs were handled or hurt whereas live analysis of frogs for classroom is unnatural and therefore not environmental. In addition the realist frog life cycle toy miniatures allow hands on study and careful analysis unavailable in any other medium.  All animal toy miniatures by Safari meet all the current safety standards for toy safety in place by American and European law.


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  1. I wish they had something like this while I was growing up. It is amazing how the selection of animal toy miniatures continues to grow and the realism is incredible. All we had to play with were army men, civil war and cowboys and indians. The animal toy miniatures allows education to become part of the learning process in a fun creative, imaginative way.

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