New Black Dachshund Blanket Throw Tapestry for dog lover home decor

black dachshund blanket throw tapestryThe Red Dachshund Blanket Throw Tapestry by Manual Woodworkers has been available for years and now there is a new Black Dachshund Blanket Throw Tapestry by Mill Street Designs. Featuring a black and tan Dachshund on a grassy background the Dachshund blanket throw is proudly made in the USA. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton the Black and Tan Dachshund is proudly made in America utilizing artwork from famous artists. Dachshund dog lovers are always searching for new ideas for home decor. The Dachshund blanket throw tapestry is perfect for wall display, draping over a sofa, chair or on a single bed. For reading a book, taking a nap or keeping warm on a chilly day the new Black Dachshund blanket throw tapestry is a wonderful gift choice. Dachshund dog club and rescues are always looking for gifts for fund raising activities. The black or the red dachshund blanket throw tapestry would both be excellent choices for that endeavor. Dachshunds originated in Germany, for visitors from that country looking for souvenirs the dachshund blanket throw tapestry makes a perfect gift especially since it is made in the USA. red dachshund blanket throw tapestryDogs are the best animal friend in the history of man. From hunting, to protection to companionship dogs have been a part of the history of human kind. It is only natural to want to capture this special relationship in artwork on dog blanket throw tapestries. When specific dog breeds like the dachshund are specialized in home decor like the red or black dachshund blanket throw tapestries the warmth given is not just provided by the blanket but also by the glow it gives you inside.


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  1. I was thrilled to find a black Dachshund blanket throw tapestry. I have been looking for a black dachshund blanket for a long time. Can't wait to get it.

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