Koala T Shirts printed in the USA for Australian fashion fun

koala t shirtKoalas are a very unique animal synonymous with the country of Australia. Koalas are so endeared to Australia that Kwantis Airlines used it as the symbol of their company in commercials. With their laid back lifestyle and adorable face Koalas immediately attract fans from all over the world. To celebrate Koalas Anwo.com Animal World prints an adorable Koala T Shirt featuring an adult koala with baby koala hitching a ride on it’s parent’s back. Printed on natural color 100% cotton the Koala T Shirt is available in children sizes and adult sizes. Wildlife animal lovers are always looking for ways to celebrate their favorite animal and for enthusiasts that love Koalas the Koala T Shirt will be very welcome. Since the Koala t shirts are printed in the USA wildlife lovers will be helping keep Americans at work. Students doing school projects on Koalas could wear a Koala t shirt to enhance their presentation. Teachers having learning sessions on Australia or animals from the land down under could also wear the Koala t shirt. Business like Kwantis Airlines that have adopted the Koala as their mascot could use the Koala T Shirts as a company morale booster and employee esprit decor. Koala gifts store that currently carry Koala plush stuffed animals, earrings, t shirt, blanket throw tapestry, crossing sign, earrings, toy miniature and keychain will love the addition of the koala t shirt made in the USA.


About Animal and Pet Lover Gifts Specialist

Anwo.com Animal World specializes in animal and pet lover gifts including plush stuffed animals, crossing signs, throw blankets, t shirts, earrings, figurines, toy miniatures, puppets, nature sounds CDs, neckties, mugs, plates, and key chains.

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