Armadillo Puppet is Soft Armor Hand Play Fun

Armadillo Puppet FolkmanisMost peoples experiences with Armadillos occur along the roadside. From arid desert like climates to lush tropical locations Armadillos have been able to adapt to it’s surroundings and scratch out an existence. One place Armadillos don’t have a problem is in their role as an Armadillo Puppet. Like all animal hand puppets they immediately come to life when anyone simply places their hand inside the puppet. With a simple nod of the head or movement given to the front legs the Armadillo puppet not only comes to life it also immediately takes on the personality of the puppeteer. According to Folkmanis the recommended method for handling the Armadillo hand puppet is cross armed. The reason for this has many advantages. First and most important when held cross armed immediately creates a realistic illusion that the Armadillo is actually held closely to the handler. Next with the Armadillo puppet held in this manner the opposite hand can create lifelike movements from the back legs or tail with the simple movement of a finger against the inside surface of the leg or tail. Whether for school plays, nature education of learning play fun the Armadillo is ready to do it’s part.

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