Dog Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghans for People not Dogs

bernese mountain dog throw blanket
Bernese Mountain Dog Blanket Throw Tapestry

Most people know there are dog blankets for dogs but do most people know that there are also dog blankets for people. With the specific breed dog blanket throw tapestry afghan available online from dog gifts store specialist Animal World dog lovers can enjoy their own favorite dog breed theme blankets for home décor or warmth on a chilly day. Made in the USA utilizing famous artwork from some of the most recognized dog lover artists in the world, the dog blanket throw tapestries bring recognition and prestige to some of man’s most loved dog breeds. Measuring an expansive 68” on the long side x 54” on the short side whether designed vertically or horizontally the dog blanket throw tapestry often features not only the specific dog breed but also a background alluding to it’s heritage and origin. As an example of the beautiful artwork offered, the Bernese Mountain Dog Blanket Throw Tapestry features the Bernese Mountain dog with the Swiss Alps as the background. Similarly the Labrador Retriever Blanket Throw Tapestry shows the Black Lab, Chocolate Lab and Yellow Lab trio with Mallard ducks and a marshy tidal basin as it’s background. For many dog lovers the relationship between man and dog is as close as with any member of the family. For this reason the need to immortalize this relationship in artwork is achieved quite nicely with the dog blanket throw tapestries. Adding to the wonderful and loyal relationship between man and his dog is the point manufacturing for all the dog throw blanket afghan tapestries is America.

black yellow chocolate lab trio blanket throw tapestry
Lab Trio Blanket Throw Tapestry

In fact the dog blanket throw tapestries are made on production looms located in South and North Carolina USA by companies like Mill Street Design, Pure Country and Scene Weaver. Since the dog throw blanket throw tapestries are often limited to one production run supplies are very limited. According to dog blanket throw specialist Mary at Animal World “since inventories are limited to supplies produced often in just one run, it is tantamount that dog lovers seize the opportunity to buy their dog breed blanket while it is available, since as it sells out it is no longer available. They are in essence limited edition pieces of art, after all they are tapestry artwork.” Combining the useful qualities of a blanket with the artistic features of a tapestry the specific breed dog blanket throw tapestries have become as important a part of each family as the dog itself.

Article and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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