Scottie Crossing Signs for Scottish Terrier Dog Crossing Sign Fun

scottie crossing sign scottish terrier
Scottie Crossing Sign Scottish Terrier

Dog Crossing Signs just like everything has progressed from simple beware of dog signs to breed specific signs like the new Scottie Crossing Sign for Scottish Terrier dog lovers. Designed to educate, entertain and warn unsuspecting visitors and guests the new Scottish Terrier Crossing Sign is ready to handle any situation. Made in the USA by Atlas signs the Scottie Crossing Sign features beautiful Scottish Terrier full color artwork on the classic bright yellow diamond shaped warning sign. Measuring 17” high x 17” wide the Scottie Crossing Sign is made of durable aluminum for use outside on a wall, fence, post, tree, gate or wherever it is necessary to advise others to be aware of an upcoming encounter with a Scottish Terrier. Although originally designed for use outdoors, because of their stunning good looks, the Scottie Crossing Sign is equally suitable indoors for imaginative home décor. Scottish Terrier dog lovers are obviously a proud and enthusiastic group of dog owners. Their pride in the dog breed is often exemplified by their very own Scottish Terrier Gifts Store collection of a Scottie blanket throw tapestry, figurine, t shirt, sweatshirt, plush stuffed animal toy, cookie jar, mug, keychain, picture frame and mousepad. To announce and show pride in this collection of Scottie gifts the dog lover may want to display the Scottish Terrier Crossing Sign at the entrance to the lair, room or shrine where the items are on display. The Scottie Crossing Sign is not limited to use just by dog lovers who own a Scottish Terrier. The Scottie Sign could also by used by any individual who goes by the name of Scottie, Scott or is Scotch in descendent. Whatever the use, the Scottie Crossing Sign provides information in an entertaining, artful and imaginative manner.

Scottie Crossing Sign Article and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography



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