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TY Beanie Baby 2.0 New Releases

TY Beanie Babies have released 9 new Beanie Babies for November 2008. New releases include the ever popular 2008 Holiday Bear TY Beanie Baby, (pictured left). In addition as part of the new interactive online beanies new TY Beanie Baby 2.0 releases include Dalmatian 2.0 “Hydrant”, Koala 2.0 “Aussie”, Dobie 2.0 Trooper, Spider Monkey 2.0 “Jungle” (pictured right) Brown Monkey 2.0 “Vines” Unicorn 2.0 “Fable. All feature superb TY quality, excellent detail, and of course lovable adorable TY Beanie Baby style faces. TY Beanie Babies are still very popular, extremely well made and are soft cuddly, collectible fun.

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