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Akita Figurines are dog figurines home decor good luck

akita figurine sandicast
The Akita dog breed originated in Japan in fact there are now two separate breeds. The Japanese Akita and the American Akita. Akita are a muscular breed which has had a multitude of uses. The most common use of Akita dogs has been in the military as a police dog or guard dog. Akita dogs have a soft mouth so they have also be used in hunting and in retrieving. America was first introduced to the Akita by the famous Helen Keller in 1937. Following WWII many American servicemen returned to the US with more Akita dogs and the breed in America has advanced from that point to where it is now. American Akitas are characterized by having black muzzles. A great source for information on the Akita dog is available from the Dog Breed Info Center. In Japan the Akita is considered a sacred animal. For this reason Akita figurine statues are given as a gift to new parents for good luck. In America Akita Figurine statues like the one shown are available for continuing this same tradition. Made of cast stone and hand painted these Akita figurines capture the regal beauty of these historic and majestic dogs. In America many people have come to love the Akita simply because of it’s unique sturdy physique and distinctive markings. For Akita enthusiasts the Akita figurines captures the memory of their beloved pet. For home decor the Akita Figurine Sandicast can be desplayed on a shelf or mantle. For the Christmas Holiday Season an Akita Figurine makes a wonderful thoughtful gift for Akita enthusiasts. The Akita Figurine makes an excellent Akita gifts for office employees and for business clients with ties to Japan.

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