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John Perry Alligator Figurine provides warm home decor

Nothing warms home decor like wood. The John Perry Alligator Figurine brings together a wood base with the one of a kind white Pellucida resin compound to create automatic home decor warmth unavailable with any other animal figurine. Girls and ladies are often in a dilemma when selecting gifts for men and boys. The John Perry Alligator figurine solves this problem because it has a masculine feel and look unavailable with any other animal figurine. For decorating man pads the John Perry Alligator Figurine works perfectly. Men like to eat meat and nothing says meat eater more than an alligator. Alligators have roamed the earth since dinosaurs times and there were they were the king of meat eaters. In addition since each wooden base is different any John Perry Alligator Figurine is totally unique in it’s own look. Designed to be displayed a little lower than eye level the John Perry Alligator Figurine looks beautiful on mantles, shelves, desks and curio cabinets. Schools or colleges like University of Florida who have adopted the alligator as their mascot. For them the John Perry Alligator Figurine could be used for clubs, trophies and office gifts. The most popular times for animal figurines is Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, however, for Alligator gifts store enthusiasts anytime is a great time to add to their collection. Best of all the John Perry Alligator Figurines are made in the USA.

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