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Animal World Online Amazon Webstore Features Animal and Pet Lover Gifts

Animal World Online
Animal World Online Amazon Webstore

 For consumers who prefer the Amazon shopping experience can now shop their animal and pet theme gifts at Animal World Online. Animal World Online currently offers a variety of wildlife animal throw blankets, dog throw blankets, wildlife animal throw pillows, dog throw pillows as well as a wide variety of Mountain T Shirts. Animals and pets add so much to our every day life and the animal and pet theme gifts offered online by Animal World Online bring that happiness to us in home decor, fashion and fun.

Animal World Online Amazon Webstore Article by Steve Forrest Writer Photography Video Animal World featured on LexiConn May Newsletter Animal World Animal World

Animal Gifts is proud to announce that animal and pet theme gifts specialist Animal World is LexiConn May Newsletter featured client. Providing insight into Animal World the LexiConn May Newsletter offers excerpts into the product offerings, history, background and online experience from their CEO Steve Forrest. Animal World has been handling the animal and pet theme gift needs of it customers throughout the USA and around the world for 32 years and has been online for 16 years starting in 1997. Since animal and pets play such an important role in our daily lives it is only natural that we glorify them with animal and  pet theme gifts. Animal World features wildlife, dog, cat, horse, bird, dinosaur plush stuffed animals, t shirts, sweatshirts, toy miniatures, figurine statues,  throw blankets, crossing signs, earrings, jewelry pins, puppets,  nature sound CDs, mousepads, pillows, mugs, plates, cookie jars, keychains and neckties.

Penguin Figurines by John Perry offer Antarctic Home Decor Style

penguin figurine 4 on ice flow by John Perry

Penguin Figurine at

For some changing home decor is Seasonal. Currently we are in the heart of Winter and no other animal harkens the season better than the Penguin. With their teamwork in staving off the bitter Antarctic cold the Penguin like no other animal not only survives but thrives in this hostile cold climate.  Capturing this in art is the Penguin Figurine 4 Penguins on Ice Flow by John Perry and featured online by Animal World on their Penguin Gift Store page. Made of Pellucida with detailed hand painting the Penguin Figurine  shows 3 Penguins in the classic at attention pose while the 4th Penguin prepares to dive into the water off the ice flow. Measuring 5″ long x 4″ high and 4″wide it is designed for eye level display on a mantle, wall shelf or curio cabinet high shelf. For commercial decorators working to achieve an Antarctic display the Penguin Figurine can be integrated with a mirror laid flat to provide an element look of water, cotton balls to create the illusion of snow at waters edge and the Penguin Figurine John Perry 4 Penguins on ice flow positioned so it appears as if the one penguin is diving into the icy water. With three simple items, the mirror, cotton balls and the Penguin Figurine you can create an action filled Antarctic Winter scene. Additional Penguin Display items are available in realistic looking penguin toy miniatures mini animals also available on the Penguin Gifts Store page mentioned earlier.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

New Bobcat Crossing Sign for Nature Trail safety, Home, School, Business

bobcat crossing sign

Bobcat Crossing Sign

The Bobcat is native exclusively to North America with most of it’s territory consisting of the contiguous USA 48 states. Since Bobcats tend to hunt all night from early evening until just after dawn they are rarely seen. For areas where Bobcats are frequently sighted the new Bobcat Crossing Sign can serve as a warning to unsuspecting visitors that encounters with a Bobcat or Bobcats is a potential occurrence.  Made of durable aluminum with vibrant bright yellow background and full color artwork the new Bobcat Crossing Sign is able to send out a warning to all those who come upon it’s message. Heeding such warnings provided by animal crossing signs such as the Bobcat Crossing Sign along nature trails may on the positive side enhance a hiker experience with a memorable once in a lifetime sighting and on the safety side potentially saving a hikers life in the case of an unexpected encounter. For controlled nature habitat areas like Zoos where animals such as Bobcats are in a protected, contained safe area the Bobcat Crossing Sign and other animal crossing signs can serve as an attractive, informative, educational tool. Since the Bobcat Crossing Sign features attractive Bobcat artwork imaginative home decor animal enthusiasts can utilize it indoors to announce to visitors the impending entrance into an animal lover’s Bobcat collectibles lair. Likewise, Teachers or educators can use the Bobcat Crossing Sign and other animal crossing signs to colorfully decorate school classrooms, hallways and meeting rooms. For schools, universities or club that have adopted the Bobcat as their mascot the Bobcat Crossing Sign can be used for fund raising, esprit decor and for Bobcat team morale building camaraderie.  Featured online by animal specialty retailers like Animal World the Bobcat Crossing Sign transcends the boundaries of outdoor safety function into offering it’s unique style of Bobcat awareness and how it applies to our everyday personal, sports, educational and business life.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

bobcat toy miniature

Bobcat Toy Miniature

The new Bobcat Toy Miniature is another example that at no other time in history has there been a better selection of animal toy miniatures. Featured online by Animal World the new Bobcat Toy Miniature is also an amazing example of the authentic realism offered by all the newest releases by Safari Toys. From the trademark tufted ears to the naturally bobbed tail the Bobcat toy miniature serves equally well as a figurine or as a play toy. The Bobcat toy miniature also serve well in education. Teachers involved in the study of North America and the animals that inhabit the area can easily provide the Bobcat Toy Miniature for hands on learning adventures that help make classroom more fun. Similarly trips to  the zoo can be expensive, hard to organize and ineffective as a teaching opportunity. In contrast the Bobcat Toy Miniature can be analyzed, studied, and handled for a truly 3 dimensional educational experience. For business, clubs, schools and universities the Bobcat Toy Miniature can easily be adapted to uses that promote, retain or help create morale. For Bobcat Gifts Store collectors the bobcat toy miniature is an excellent addition to the bobcat puppet, plush stuffed animal and figurine already available. The best use for the Bobcat Toy Miniature is the same for all animal toy miniatures and that is to simply help stimulate the imagination or creativity of children in everyday play fun.

Post by Steve Forrest Writer Photography Video

Number 1 Back to school Beach fashion item – Animal T Shirts

great white shark t shirt

Shark T Shirt

dolphin t shirt

Dolphin T Shirt

blue crab t shirt usa

Blue Crab T Shirt

July is almost over which means August is bearing down and with it comes needs for back to school. Most people first think of school supplies however the number 1 item for back to school from the beach is animal t shirts which say something about what they did or experienced over the Summer. For most people the best memory of the Summer was time spent at the beach. Therefore for anyone who went to the beach and enjoyed seeing Dolphins the obvious choice for back to school fashion is a Dolphin T Shirt. The Dolphin T shirt not only announces to all bragging rights for going to the beach it also declares to all a personal love for the amazing beauty of dolphins.  Dolphin T Shirts are not the only fashion choice for back to school from the beach fashion fun, there are many other very popular animal theme t shirts that accomplish similar fashion lover goals. For  example a favorite activity at the beach is walking at waters edge. While walking the beach or sitting relaxing at the beach a fascination with crabs  can easily evolve. For beach lovers who think outside the box in a quirky humorous way the logical choice for back to school from the beach fashion is the Pair of Blue Crabs T Shirt. Although they usually are found around lakes versus the ocean, frogs definitely have their place in Summertime experiences and for that reason Colorful Rainbow Frog T Shirts are always a popular back to school fun fashion. For tourists who have traveled to Florida for Summer vacation encounters with iguanas might have occurred. For boys especially who want to show their toughness and to make the girls uneasy the realistic iguana t shirt is ready to catch some attention. Likewise, another animal synonymous with Florida is the Manatee. It is easy to fall in love with manatee, by their slow lumbering movement, cute whiskers, nonthreatening behavior and totally unique and isolated habitat. For anyone who has been privileged to witness them in the  wild the pair of Manatees T Shirt is a wonderful choice. In addition wearing a Manatee brings an additional awareness to the current plight of the manatee with regard to depletion of habitat and injury from boats propellers. Returning to the beach the majority of girls love dolphins but the majority of boys love Sharks. For boys sharks are cool, they are tough, perfect for wild imaginations and for boys the Great White Shark T Shirt especially with a big menacing open mouthed ready to eat something shark is almost a must for back to school fashion.  Similar to the iguana t shirt the Shark T Shirt evokes a response, girls squeal or scream, teachers ask questions and boys reap all the attention, thus establishing the desired effect in the first place. In contrast the innocence and beauty of life is captured in the Baby Turtles T Shirt. As we have witnessed on animal specials many times one of the most beautiful moments in life is witnessing baby Loggerhead Turtles emerging from their sandy birthplace and then struggling, against great odds to make it safely to oceans edge where they will start the perilous journey to one day hopefully become adult Loggerhead Turtles. This magical moment is captured on the Baby Loggerhead Turtles T Shirt. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World when speaking on the animal t shirts, ” children more than adults have a natural passion and love for animals of the world. Unlike adults they don’t have a stigma or problem showing this love by wearing their favorite animal in fashion on a t shirt or sweatshirt .” Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year, unfortunately the month of August brings the reality of Summer’s end into clear focus. Students can never turn back the hands of time but they can capture that wonderful feeling of going to the beach in back to school fashion with Animal T Shirts like the Dolphin, Shark, Turtle, Frog, Iguana and Manatee. During these tough economic times for all everyone, children and parents can help America and still have Beach Theme Animal T Shirts fashion fun because they are printed by Animal World and therefore are made with pride in the USA with American theme beach designs.

manatee t shirt

Manatee T Shirt

rainbow frog t shirt

Rainbow Frogs T Shirt

iguana t shirt

Iguana T Shirt

loggerhead turtle t shirt sweatshirt

Turtle T Shirt Sweatshirt

Robert May Artist Extraordinaire for Dog Animal and Pet Illustration

Artist Ribert May in his studio If you currently have in your collection animal or pet lover theme gifts like dog breed mugs, blanket throw tapestries, flags and stationary it is a good chance you already possess Robert May artwork. Like Sandra Brue of Sandicast is to dog figurines, Robert May is to dog illustrations. Robert May continues to fuel his passion capturing the beauty of animals and specific dog breeds in art. In Robert May’s own words.

After spending approximately 15 years as a graphic artist / illustrator I decided to change direction and concentrate on fine art and animal painting in particular. My work was seen in a local gallery and I was subsequently commissioned to produce a series of dog head studies for reproduction as greeting cards, due to the success of this range both in the U.K. the U.S.A. and Europe further commissioned work followed for more breeds of dog and a variety of other animal subjects. I never tire of painting dog subjects as there is such a variation in size, colour and coat texture there is always a new challenge to take on, and although basically self taught I now feel that I can achieve consistant work of a high standard. I paint in oils and acrylics but gouache is my primary technique which allows a high degree of detail and richness of colour, these qualities make the finished works ideal for reproduction which is why a number of leading companies have made use of my artwork in connection with products including tapestries and fabrics, transfers, and various other gift lines. I now publish my own range of limited and open edition prints which ensures that I have control over the quality of the end product as well as continuing to build a library of new images and also accepting private commissions.”
bernese mountain dog blanket throw tapestry Everyone’s relationship with their pet dog is special and very unique to each specific life’s experiences.  Robert Mays artwork is special because like Sandra Brue’s Sandicast dog figurines his artwork is able to transcend that specificity of relationship and make it feel as if that picture is of your dog along with it’s unique personality. Robert May continues to create beautiful animal and dog paintings which seem to all possess a majestic lofty feeling and appear to put each animal on a pedestal of importance. Since all animal and pet owners have the same feelings as is reflected in Robert Mays paintings the artwork is timeless. In addition many of the Robert May painting not only capture the animal or pets conformation they often also include a background which lends itself to the dog breed’s historical origin. This is especially evident in the Bernese Mountain Dog Blanket Throw Tapestry artwork shown featuring the Bernese Mountain Dog the foreground and a majestic snowy  mountain range in the background. The special relationships between people and dogs and animals is as old as time itself. Fortunately their are artists like Robert May who capture this special bond in illustrations which is later licensed for animal and pet lovers to enjoy on blanket throw tapestries, pillows, mugs, stationary and other animal and pet theme gifts.

Bulldog vs Huskies Animal mascots are good luck NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four

bulldog blanket throw tapestrysiberian husky plush stuffed animal The NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four pitted the VCA Rams vs the Butler Bulldogs, then the University of Kentucky Wildcats against the University of Connecticut Huskies. With wins by U Conn and Butler the NCAA Men’s Championship will bring the together the Huskies against the Bulldogs for the championship. For all the other teams who didn’t get to the final four it is time to get the hint and change to an animal mascot. Obviously schools and universities with animals as their mascots win championships and get further than ones without animal mascots. For anyone needing further evidence need look no further than the NCAA Mens BCS Football Championship between the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks.  Best of all animal mascots are universal, there are no politics involved and best of all they provide a rally point for all to center their enthusiasm. Whether the Butler Bulldogs or the University of Connecticut Huskies persevere their are animal and pet theme gifts for either to utilize to celebrate their victory. For the Butler Bulldog fans their are Bulldog Gifts Store items including plush stuffed animals, figurine statues, crossing sign, t shirts,  cookie jar, doormat and keychain. For University of Connecticut fans there are Siberian Husky Gifts Store items including plush stuffed animals, figurine statues, crossing signs, t shirts, cookie jars and doormats. With the Bulldogs of Butler against the Huskies of U Conn we finally have a dog fight that is not controversial and doesn’t result in any harm to either animal since each is simply an animal mascot for each university. So while schools and universities sit on the sidelines during the current NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four they need to look no further then their forefathers for their misfortune of luck since they made the choice of a non animal for their mascot.  In a phrase if you want good fortune to come your way always bet on the school or university with the animal mascot, luck is on their side.

New Chimera DragonToy Miniature has 3 heads

Chimera Dragon Toy Miniature Three Headed

Chimera Dragon Toy Miniature Three Headed

There are Dragons and then there is the Chimera Dragon Toy Miniture with 3 heads, one a Lion, one a Goat and the third a Dragon. Add to that the Chimera features the wings of a dragon, the tail of a serpent with a snake head, the back legs of a lion and the front legs of a goat or dragon depending on the goat or dragon side of the Chimera. Griffins combine two animals but the Chimera is the combination of 4 animals, the goat, lion, dragon and snake. Dragons are mythical of course however, you would not want to meet a Chimera under any circumstance including your imagination or your middle of the night bad dreams. In a word meeting a real Chimera or just a mythical or imaginary Chimera would be “scary”. Sneaking up on a Chimera you would encounter a lethal snake, from the front a lion, the left side a dragon and even on the right side an ornery goat. With the legs of a lion you know the mythical Chimera was fast enough to catch you and with the wings of a dragon it could also fly.  The new Chimera Dragon Toy Miniature is just the latest in a series of amazing dragon toy miniatures released by Safari Toys and featured by Animal World. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World ” The Dragon Toy Miniatures from Safari Toys continue to stretch the limits of not only creativity but also new boundaries in manufacturing. We are proud to offer such an intricately detailed animal toy miniatures which help make story telling, learning and play more fun”.

New Animal Toy Mini Good Luck Miniatures Popularity Grows

bumble bee toy mini good luck miniature plasticUsing plastic animal toy miniatures for school projects is not a novel idea, however, having tiny plastic animal toy miniatures is a new idea. With the new animal mini good luck miniatures featured by Animal World larger panoramic dioramas are possible. Instead of showing one animal the new animal toy mini good luck miniatures by Safari toys allows students, displays and educators the opportunity to show a whole herd of animals at an inexpensive. Like small ho scale trains allowed greater detail in display, the new animal mini good luck allow more elaborate, intricate and accurate detailed animal display. This is possible not only because of the animal mini good luck miniatures small size but also because their detailed realistic look. Some of the animal toy miniatures are actually life size as opposed to miniaturized like the ants and the bumble bee toy mini good luck miniatures shown. For situations where a realistic size insect is needed for costumes, TV or movies scenes the ants and bees are the perfect solution. So many detailed scenes are possible from ocean or lake scenes with frogs Turtles, Sharks, Dolphins, Orcas, Starfish, Penguins, Hermit Crabs or Clownfish to Jungle or  Safari scenes with elephants, rhinos, hippos, alligators, okapi, lions, tigers, giraffes, gorillas or panthers to farm scenes with cows, horses, pigs, mice or bats to North American with wolves, bears, buffaloes, polar bears to more insects like ladybugs, butterflies to Mythical dragons or Prehistoric T Rex dinosaurs. As with everything today miniaturization equals more possibilities, this also holds true for animal toy miniatures. pig toy mini good luck miniature

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