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Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan home decor made in the USA

Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry Butterflies DanceNothing brings the feeling of Springtime to people more than the sight of a beautiful Butterfly floating and flying in the light warm breezes of March, April or May. Capturing a variety of popular butterflies in art is the new Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry “Butterflies Dance”. Produced in the USA by Pure Country on looms located in the mountains of North Carolina the Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry is called “Butterfly Dance”. Made of soft 3 ply 100% cotton the Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan brings out the bright yellows, oranges, blues, reds, blacks, purples we all associate with these delicate creatures which are often only around for a matter of days. The Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry “Butterfly Dance” would be popular with any butterfly lover or simply anyone who welcomes the warmth and rebirth every year with warm Spring weather. Perfect for home decor the Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry could be framed, displayed on a wall, laid over a bed, across a sofa, chair and when the night air or cold fronts return in Fall and Winter it’s functional use can be utilize for warmth or taking a nap. Butterfly gift store enthusiasts will love adding the blanket throw tapestry to their line of Butterfly collectibles. Similarly tourists looking for souvenirs made in the USA will be thrilled to add it to their collection of returning gifts from America which represent our country. Butterflies and Springtime make everyone smile because their presence marks an official end to long harsh Winters and the start of warm happier times. With the Butterfly Blanket Throw Tapestry “Butterflies Dance” that wonderful feeling can return anytime.

Hummingbird Blanket Throw Tapestry for Spring Time Home Decor

hummingbird blanket throw tapestryNothing represents warm weather better than the Spring time appearance of Hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are very small but their return in company with the warmer weather of Spring and Summer create big excitement. To capture the excitement and beauty of Hummingbirds and the flowers they help to pollinate is the new Hummingbird blanket throw tapestry by Pure Country and available online at Animal World. Steve Forrest at Animal World notes “the Hummingbird Blanket Throw Tapestry is perfect for bird lover home decor and best of all it like all animal blanket throw tapestries are made in the USA”. Featuring pink, lavender and green colors the Hummingbird with flowers artwork shows beautiful artwork and also demonstrates the natural harmony shared between the two parts of this cycle of life. Made of 3 ply 100 % cotton the Hummingbirds blanket throw tapestry measures a very large 68″ high x 51″ wide. Utilizing the Hummingbird blanket throw tapestry in home decor can be as simple as laying it across a bed to highlight, on the back of a sofa to accent, nearby for impromptu naps or fancy enough for framing for full wall dramatic effect. Since the Hummingbird Blanket throw tapestry like all animal blanket throw tapestry afghans is made in USA it is the perfect gift for foreign visitors as souvenirs of their visit to America. Likewise, bird clubs can raise money through silent auctions of this beautiful Hummingbird Blanket Throw Tapestry. Hummingbird gifts store lovers will cherish the chance to add the Hummingbird blanket throw tapestry to their collection of Hummingbird earrings, pin brooch jewelry, plush stuffed animals, t shirts, crossing signs, tote bags, finger puppets, keychains and mugs.

How to get 11 Cats on an Animal Blanket

11 cats blanket throw tapestryAnyone who is familiar with cats knows that they can be extremely uncooperative. If the task was to place 11 cats and have them sit still on a single blanket the chances would be between slim and ridiculous. However, this is exactly what is achieved on the 11 Cats Blanket Throw Tapestry at Animal World. Manufactured beautifully in the USA on production looms in North Carolina the 11 Cats Blanket Throw Tapestry made of 3 play 100% cotton. Featuring a variety of cats including Black cat, Calico, Siamese, Himalayan, Tuxedo, Orange Tabby, Maine Coon and Brown Tabby the 11 Cats Blanket Throw Tapestry is perfect for snuggling warmth while reading a book, watching TV or taking a nap. For home decor purposes the 11 Cats Blanket Throw Tapestry is frameable for walls, or for furniture display over couches, chairs or beds. Cat Gifts Store enthusiasts will be thrilled to add the 11 Cats Blanket Throw Tapestry to their collection of cat plush stuffed animals, figurines, earrings, pins, doormat, crossing sign, t shirt, mousepad, keychains and flags. Cats bring so much joy into the lives of their owners and the 11 Cats Blanket Throw Tapestry like all animal blanket throw tapestries captures those feeling in beautiful home decor artwork which helps make any house feel like a home.

Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries offers home decor beauty and style

tiger blanket throw tapesty powerTiger blanket throw tapestries capture the famous wildlife artwork of two famous artists. Made in the USA of American grown 100% 3 ply cotton the Tiger blanket throw tapestries bring the wilderness of the tiger’s domain into the house for attractive home decor by Manual Woodworker or Scene Weaver. The Tiger blanket throw tapestry is perfect for wall display, laid over a sofa, chair or bed. The best use for the Tiger blanket throw tapestry is always the original use to keep one warm for watching TV, reading a book or simply taking a nap. Everyone is immediately drawn to the beautiful markings of a tiger, from the striking orange, black, white lines to the remarkable large cat features of the largest predator cat. The power and majestic lines of a tiger are there to behold if only given the opportunity be observed in their natural habitat. Many zoos have gone to great lengths to provide as natural a setting as possible for tigers, however, nothing can replace their native home and their natural habitat. The Tiger blanket throw tapestries capture this unbelievably beautiful animal in that natural element whether prowling in the jungle or simply staring with that stern yet glorious face. Tiger blanket throw tapestries have many uses other than home decor. Foreign visitors may desire them for souvenirs from the USA. Businesses can utilize them as gifts for clients or as a signature item that represents their characteristics. tiger blanket throw tapestry prowling Schools, Universities, Clubs and Organizations often choose tigers as their mascot for representation. For all of these the Tiger blanket throw tapestry can serve a useful role for gifts, esprit decor and morale. Blankets are naturally designed for warm and comfort. The Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry combines function with style, artwork and love for natures beauty. For all these reasons or just one the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry is a wonderful addition to any tiger lover’s collection.

Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries are made in the USA

mountain lion blanket cougar throw tapestry USAToday people are looking for products to buy that are made in the USA. Americans know that products made in the USA help keep people employed. An item that meets this criteria are the Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries like the Mountain Lion Blanket, the Eagle Blanket Throw Tapestry and the Chicken Rooster Throw Tapestry shown in pictures to the left. Made in North Carolina or South Carolina on looms the Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries capture beautiful wildlife artwork of some of America’s most well known artists. Made of 3 ply 100 % cotton the Animal Blanket Throw tapestries usually measure approximately 68″ on the horizontal or vertical by 53″ on the shorter side. Products made in the USA are especially in need when people from foreign countries are looking for souvenirs to take back home to France, Germany, England, Australia, or Japan to name a few. eagle blanket throw tapestry USAIn addition to returning home with something made in the USA the artwork usually depicts an animal unique to the USA like the Mountain Lion blanket throw , the Eagle blanket throw or the Chicken Rooster blanket throw. America is known for it’s wild frontiers where wildlife like Mountain Lions work the Rocky Mountains and Eagles fly as the nation’s symbol over the skies. Likewise Chickens and Roosters have been a huge part of the American frontier by providing meat, eggs to families throughout history as well as today. Chickens and Roosters are also part of many peoples country home decor theme. All three of the Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries plus many more are all excellent for warm home decor. From use as a wall tapestry, to draping over a sofa, chair, bed or staying cozy on a chilly day the Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries provide made in the USA dramatic home decor Animal blanket Throw Tapestries offer a wonder gift.  chicken rooster blanket throw tapestry USAPerfect for anniversaries, birthdays, office parties, Christmas Holidays, animal blanket throw tapestries combine excellent workmanship, artwork together with the knowledge that the item is made in the USA. This knowledge gives the gift giver and receiver a special warmth unavailable with most other gifts which are made in foreign countries. The Wildlife Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries are proudly made in the USA by American companies such as Scene Weaver, Pure Country, Manual Woodworkers, and Mill Street Design.

Red Tail Hawk Blanket Throw Tapestry for Predator Bird Lover Enthusiasts

red tail hawk blanket throw tapestryDuring the 70’s birds especially large birds were severely effected by the use of DDT. Only now generations later are we finally seeing the return of many birds especially predator birds like the Red Tail Hawk. As a larger bird broods are small usually about 3 eggs of which hopefully 2 survive it takes time for numbers to increase. Everyone knows of large predator birds like Eagle but may not know of other large predator birds like the Red Tail Hawk. The new Red Tail Hawk blanket throw tapestry captures the beauty of this majestic predator bird and educates people as well as to their presence in the wildlife world. Made in the USA of 3 ply 100 % cotton the Red Tail Hawk Blanket Throw Tapestry represents not only a beautiful bird of America but also the craftsmanship and pride of a product made by Americans. Measuring a large 60″ long by 50″ high the Red Tail Hawk Blanket Throw Tapestry is large enough to adorn a wall, drape across a sofa, lay on a bed or curl up with for warmth on a chilly day. For bird wildlife enthusiasts the Red Tail Hawk Blanket is a reminder of the beauty available in the world if you just open up your eyes and your heart to let it in. The same is true for animal blanket throw tapestries that capture in beautiful artwork a world of wildlife animals.

Koala Blanket Throw Tapestry for Australian home decor

koala blanket throw tapestryAustralia is a beautiful country with many special animals which are unique to the country. One special animal that epitomizes Australia is the Koala. Capturing beautiful Koala artwork the Koala blanket throw tapestry is perfect for providing a feeling of Australia to your home decor. Maybe you have been fortunate to visit Australia and have on display many items from the country. One way to immediately create that feeling of Australia is with the Koala Blanket Throw Tapestry. For best viewing you could mount the Koala blanket like a tapestry on the wall. If funds allow the Koala throw blanket could be framed like a huge picture. For simpler display purposes the Koala blanket could be laid over a couch, chair or on top of a single bed. With dimensions of 60″ high x 48″ wide the possibilities are almost without limit. Some may even use the Koala blanket throw tapestry like material with backing for example for curtains. The Koala blanket is also functional so it is also perfect for nap time or staying cozy on chilly days reading a book or watching TV. Because of their friendly facade Koalas have been adopted by clubs and organizations. In these situations the Koala blanket could be useful for fund raisers, as door prizes, in party decor, and as a gift. Wildlife habitat groups and zoos could also benefit from the Koala blanket throw tapestry in promotions, raffles and for gift shops. Made in the USA the Koala blanket throw tapestry is more than a blanket, it is a decor statement showing the beauty and love we wish to show for this unique and wonderful animal from Australia.

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