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Chicken Rooster blanket throw for country home decor

chicken rooster blanket throw tapestryEveryone loves chickens or roosters because they represent country living and in particular farm life. Featuring 4 Roosters in a 4 panel style this Chicken Rooster Blanket Throw Tapestry highlights the red, yellow, orange, green colors of familiarity with country farm home decor. In keeping with the style the Chicken Rooster blanket throw tapestry is made in the USA. Therefore the more you love the Chicken Rooster Blanket Throw tapestry the more you support the US economy and America. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton the Chicken animal blanket throw tapestries are perfect for warmth while reading a book or watching the TV on a chilly day. Since the Chicken Blanket throw tapestry features award winning artwork you can also use it for wall display, draped across a sofa or chair and for bedroom decor laid across a bed. For foreign visitors in business or family the Chicken Rooster blanket throw tapestry makes a special gift since it is made in the USA. For enthusiasts of farm life the Chicken Rooster Blanket Throw Tapestry is a thoughtful gift which is truly appreciated. Other chicken gifts store items for country home decor collecting include chicken plush stuffed animals, puppets, crossing signs, toy miniatures and neckties.

Lion Blanket and Pillow Throw Tapestry for safari lover home decor

lion blanket throw safari skyNothing captures the wild feeling of the African safari like a lion and lioness upon a plateau looking over their domain or the solitary lion male looking over a zebra herd. This gorgeous feeling and artwork is captured in the Lion Blanket Throw Tapestry shown in the pictures. Made in USA of 3 ply 100% cotton the Lion blanket throw tapestries represent the workmanship and craftsmanship of home decor items like these animal blanket throw tapestries. For home decor the Lion blankets can offer a safari flavor through display or framing on a wall, draping it across a sofa or chair, or laid across a bed. For businesses looking for beautiful gifts for visitors from another country the animal blanket tapestries like the Lion throw blankets make an excellent choice since that way the visitor is bring home a souvenir from America that is made in America. lion pillowThe Lion Pillow is a perfect complimentary item to the lion blanket throw tapestry. Alone or in pairs the lion pillow shares the same artwork as the lion blanket throw tapestry shown at the bottom. For Americans fortunate enough to actually go on a safari the Lion blanket throw tapestries are a beautiful way to relive this special memory. For people that follow zodiac symbols Leo the lion is the symbol for anyone born between July 23 and August. Leo the lion is the symbol for anyone born during those dates. Leo Lion zodiac fan enthusiasts may appreciate all the lion gifts store items like the blanket throw tapestries, plush stuffed animals, pillows, earrings, puppets, toy miniatures, figurines, neckties, crossing signs, keychains, mugs, t shirts and picture frames. lion blanket throw lions prideSchools of course often adopt lions as a rally point for school morale and spirit. The same way Lion Blanket throw tapestries can be used in home decor they can also be beneficial in school classroom, hallway or office. For business, schools or home decor the Lion Blanket Throw Tapestry serves well but the wonderful thing is many other unexplored uses are also available. The lion blanket features beautiful artwork and of course it is also perfect for warmth on a chilly day.

Horse Blanket Throw Tapestry is farm lover home decor fun

horse blanket throw tapestry usaNothing provides a more tranquil feeling than the sight of horses in a pasture or by a fence. This feeling of beauty and farm living is captured in the beautiful artwork on the Horse Blanket Throw Tapestry. Featuring artwork like the pair of horses at the fence the Horse Blanket Throw Tapestry provides home decor that transcends the barriers of a simple blanket and takes one to a simpler style of life where green meadows, flowers, trees abound and a hurried lifestyle is left behind. Made in the USA of 3 ply 100% cotton the Horse blanket like all animal blanket throw tapestries reminds us all that quality products with superb workmanship is still available from America. Designed for decor the horse blankets are also perfect for warmth on a chilly day. For home decor the Horse blanket throw tapestries can be framed or displayed on a wall, laid across a sofa or chair and used on a bed for taking an afternoon nap. thoroughbred horse blanket throwAs a gift for horse enthusiasts the Horse Blanket Throw Tapestry can be a thoughtful idea for the Christmas Holiday season, birthdays, office parties and for business. Girls are historically lovers of horses, for people searching for Christmas Holiday gifts for girls that love horses or girls that wish they had a horse the Horse Blanket Throw Tapestry is a wonderful surprise. In addition for Americans wanting to help in our economy in any way they can the Horse Animal Blankets are an important way to help since all the throw tapestries are made in the USA.

Deer Blankets USA are sportmen and wildlife loved decor fun

Deer Blanket Throw Tapestries are made in the USA for wildlife and sportsmen lover home decor. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton these Deer Animal Blankets are perfect for wall display, draped across a sofa, a chair or laid across a bed. In addition to home decor the deer blankets are also functional for use as a cover on a chilly day. One of the best features of any of the Deer Blankets is the fact that they are all made in the USA. People are always looking for ways to buy American and the Deer Blanket Throw Tapestries certainly fill that requirement. Another great feature of the Deer Blanket Throw Tapestries is the way they capture famous artwork by some of America’s most noted artists. So when you receive a Deer gift blanket throw tapestry you are not only getting a beautiful blanket you are also receiving a piece of art. Sportsmen are always looking for ways to decorate their trophy room. For them the Deer blankets can be framed or hung in a way that provides warmth and decor to their special room. For family members searching for deer gift ideas for their sportsmen the Deer blankets are an obvious excellent choice. The Deer blanket upper left show a Buck Deer running and changing direction over a mountain stream. The middle Deer blanket throw tapestry uses side and top pattern panels to frame a buck deer running across an open field. The Deer blanket at the bottom left shows a deer family in an open meadow. Of course for wildlife enthusiasts no animal means outdoors like deer. Deer in the wild are one of the most beautiful sights most of use will ever witness. Deer have been an important part of our nations history and for many predators the deer are an important food source. The Deer blanket throw tapestries are made in the USA and represent a part of Americans heritage and history.

Wolf Blanket Throws & Pillows made in USA for home decor

wolf blanket throw tapestry winter scene
These days people are looking for quality products made in the USA. For anyone looking the search is over when you discover the Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestries and Wolf Pillows available for home decor. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton the Wolf Blanket capture famous artwork and combine it with the functional usefulness of a throw tapestry. For creating warm wildlife decor themes the Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestries can be displayed on a wall, spread over a couch, chair or laid on a bed. To complement the theme the Wolf pillow could work alone on a chair or in pairs on a sofa. Some designers preserve the quality of the artwork and production by framing the Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry for maximum impact. wolf blanket throw tapestry watchful eyesDepending on the mood you are trying to create there are different scenes on the 2 Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestries. One Wolf Blanket captures the spirit of the wolf in a winter scene. This same famous Winter Wolf artwork is also utilized in microcosm by showing only the classic Wolf face only on the pillow. The second Wolf Blanket features a pair of wolves in a warm spring or summer setting. For business that use wolf in their name or as a mascot the Wolf animal blankets throw tapestries and pillows can present to visitors a focal point for remembering the business. Clients may enjoy the way the company embraces the wolf to represent the qualities of the business and help provide a warm comfortable relationship. The business could even present Wolf blankets and pillows as a gift to important clients to show appreciation for the business relationship. Another similar situation is as a gift for people with the last name Wolf. In this case Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestries and pillows become a natural wolf gift idea that is gratefully accepted. wolf pillow winter sceneFor many Indian tribes the Wolf is a sacred animal and is a symbol of strength, family and independence. The Wolf blanket and pillow can also provide native heartwarming Indian theme home decor. For all the Wolf gift decor possibilities explored the best information provided is that with the Wolf Blankets and Pillows shown you can find quality products made in the USA for this Christmas Holiday gift giving season.

Cat Blankets for Cat Gift Lovers Decor and Chilly Nights

cat blanket throw tapestry 11 catsCats are great, they provide company, are extremely friendly and will sometimes curl up in your lap for a warm nap. Cats come in a variety of breeds including Tabbies, Siamese, Himalayan, Persian, Ragdoll, Calico, black, white, and Tuxedo Cats. All give their owners a special feeling of family and love. The wonderful relationship between people and cats has been ongoing since biblical times. Originally cats may have been welcome in order to prevent mice from inhabiting the living quarters. To allow cats the opportunity to keep the house free of vermin, cats would be brought inside to keep the mice and rodents outside. So hand in hand people helped cats by providing food, shelter and in return cats kept food stores safe. This relationship grew over time and cats transitioned into pets rather than workers. Today people enjoy their cats as a family treasure in this give and take loving relationship. To celebrate this love affair cat gifts like Cat Blanket Throw Tapestries are available which capture that love. Made in the USA of 100% cotton these Cat Blankets can serve a multitude of purposes. For cat decor the Cat Blanket Throw Tapestries can be display framed on a wall, draped over a couch, chair or laid on a bed. During cold chilly nights the cat blankets can be used for staying warm or as a light cover for taking a nap. For cat lovers Cat Blanket Throw Tapestries enhance and commemorate the wonderful love that has developed between cats and their owners. In addition Cat Blankets capture the beautiful artwork of many superb artists in a functional and fun product. cat blanket throw tapestry manual woodworkersFor people looking for a way to make a cat lover happy the Cat Blanket Throw Tapestry shows a higher level of thoughtfulness and is gratefully appreciated. In addition Cat Blankets are entertaining, they offer excellent artwork to admire, and offers cat lovers worldwide to buy a product made in the USA.

New Owl Blanket Throw Tapestry for Great Gray Owl Enthusiasts

owl blanket throw tapestryOwls are magnificent creatures. Most people do not realize how many owls live amongst us in our neighborhoods because they are aloof. If you are outside at night you can often hear owls sounds as they communicate from tree to tree. Owls spend their life high in the trees and are usually only seen briefly at twilight or silhouetted against the night sky on a tree branch. To get a good look at an owl is almost impossible since they are such night creatures. Similar to our inability to see owls it is almost impossible to hear them when they fly. If you ever witness an owl in flight it is absolutely silent. The opportunity to admire an owl is offered with artwork and the new Great Gray Owl Blanket Throw Tapestry shown is absolutely beautiful. The nicest feature of this Owl blanket besides it beauty is it is made in the USA. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton this Owl Blanket is perfect for home decor or warmth on a chilly day. For Owl enthusiasts the Owl Blanket Throw Tapestry can be displayed on a wall, used as an accent for a bed, across a sofa or chair or just used for that afternoon nap. For schools that use the Owl as a mascot the owl animal blanket would make a great teacher gift and might be used for school trophy display decor. Owls are often the topic of wildlife organizations for any member the Great Gray Owl Blanket Throw Tapestry could be a focal point and morale builder. Owls are one of the most perfect birds of prey because of their stealth and eyesight. Owls are also known for their patience, analysis of their habitat and for these reasons they have also earned the reputation of high intelligence. Owls are certainly one of our wildlife treasures and the new Great Gray Owl Blanket Throw Tapestry made in the USA allows you revere this special bird. Owl blankets as with all animal blanket throws make great gifts for wildlife enthusiasts.

Bear Blanket Throw for bear gift lover home decor.

Everyone loves bears but no one wants to be too close, after all bears are dangerous and could kill you. Bears are beautiful to watch and many people become bear enthusiasts. Yellowstone National Park and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park have become famous for bear sightings and for close encounters in a natural wildlife setting versus a zoo. For people who come to love bears and feel a special kinship with the largest animal in North America the Bear Blanket Throw Tapestries can bring that special relationship. Bear Blanket Throw Tapestries are perfect for cozy home decor and they add a special feeling of warmth to any room or house. Animal blankets like the Bear Blanket can provide a special cozy feeling like spending time in a mountain cabin. Bear Blanket Throw Tapestries can be used in a variety of decor situations. With Animal blankets like the Bear Blanket Throw Tapestry you can display them on the wall, lay them over a bed, drape one over a sofa or chair. The Bear Blanket is also a blanket so besides decor the animal blanket can also be used to get cozy if chilled or for that afternoon nap. Made of 3 ply 100 % cotton the Bear Blanket extremely comfortable and best of all it is proudly made in the USA. For Bear lovers the Bear Blanket Throw Tapestry is a must gift. Bear gifts include bear plush stuffed animals, pillow, puppet, key chain, toy, mug, crossing sign, t shirts, and rubber stamps. The Bear blanket throw tapestry can be a bear gift for any wildlife lover but they can also work for schools, businesses and clubs. Schools often choose an animal like a bear for their school mascot. For them the Bear Blanket could be a special addition and rally piece. For businesses the bear blanket could be used as an office gift or to represent what a characteristic of the entity. Clubs can be organized for any common interest, maybe the group works for the preservation and study of bears. For them the black bear could be used for party decor or prizes. Bear Blankets are made in the USA are the perfect bear gift for all ages and many occasions.

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