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Pig Crossing Sign for People Business Home Farm Safety or Humor

Pig Sign Animal Crossing
Pig Crossing Sign at Animal World

Do you know anyone who acts like a pig or has any real pigs. Both situations could be perfect opportunities to display the Pig Crossing Sign from Animal Crossing Sign specialist Animal World. Unfortunately pigs are not isolated strictly to the animal four legged variety, there are also plenty of pigs walking around on two legs. In many of these real life situations the reputation of someone being a pig is a friendly relationship. In these instances the Pig Crossing Signs may be the perfect decor item for the office, garage, warehouse or home. The primary purpose of the Pig Crossing Sign is in locations where Pigs are present such as farms or farmettes where Pigs are raised. The Pig Crossing Sign is made of aluminum for year round use outside. With a prepunched hole at the top the Pig Crossing Sign is ready for easy placement on a fence post, wall, tree or barn where it is absolutely necessary to protect people from pigs and pigs from people. An excellent business location for the pig crossing sign is with business that deals with pig products such as ham, bacon, pork or related meat products. For these business locations the pig crossing sign is perfect for business morale, humor and concentration of effort toward the business goal. For locations like offices or a garage where people sometimes can be pigs the pig crossing sign can be placed for good intended humor but to also send a message. Pigs because of their personality and image are also popular for collectors. For pig lover enthusiasts the pig crossing sign can warn unwary visitors that they approaching a pig enthusiasts lair filled with gifts for pig lovers including pig plush stuffed animals, figurines, and pig toy miniatures. Since the Pig Animal Crossing Signs are made in the USA they also make the buyer feel good that American pride still exists in the production of quality products. For a fun video of pig piglets on a farm view the video below by

Pig Crossing Sign for People Business Home Article by Steve Forrest

Pig Crossing Sign features new artwork for animal signs function and fun

pig crossing sign The Pig Crossing Sign features new full color pig artwork for animal crossing signs outdoor safety function and indoor pig lover enthusiast home decorating fun. Featuring the famous delicate light pink color which contrasts totally with the large sometimes enormous size of a pig the new Pig Crossing Sign demands immediate attention. Whether utilized at actual farm situations or in farm habitat recreations the Pig crossing sign is designed for outdoor use. Made in the USA of durable lightweight aluminum the Pig Crossing Sign is ready for immediate use in any appropriate or necessary location. The Pig Crossing Sign works equally well indoors for Pig gifts store collectible home decor. Pig Crossing Signs are popular anywhere but in locations like Virginia which are famous for their hams the Pig Crossing Signs are an excellent fit. As Virginia hams are all American, the Pig Crossing Signs as with all Animal Crossing Signs featured by Animal World are made in the USA.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

New Pig Crossing Sign for Farm or Home Animal Signs Fun.

pig crossing signWhen it comes to animals pigs cross the barrier from interesting to endearing. With their adorable large snout, warm eyes, little ears, curly tail, high heal like walk all dwarfed by the large body the Pig has worked it’s way into American as one of it’s favorite cult heroes. Pigs with their inherant lovable personality have been utilized in Geico commercials as the “Weee” pig, in movies like Second Hand Lions and of course in books as “Wilbur” in Charlotte’s Web. Likewise pigs have worked their way into home as a favorite for decorating. Adding to the lore of pigs is the new Pig Crossing Sign. Featured online by Animal World the new Pig Crossing Sign is equally useful as for farm functional use or indoor pig home decor. Made of durable aluminum the pig crossing sign features a classic diamond shape measuring 17″ high x 17″ wide with a bright caution yellow background, colorful realistic looking pink pig artwork and the words Pig Crossing emblazoned to complete the effect. With a prepunched hole at the top, the Pig Crossing Sign is ready for use functionally outdoors on a post or fence. Likewise, for those pig enthusiasts who collect pig gift store items such as pig plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures and figurines, the Pig Crossing Sign can be the perfect way to announce to visitors that they are entering a pig lovers shrine. For Americans consumers searching for products made in the USA it is comforting to know that the Pig Crossing Sign as with all animal crossing signs from Animal World meet this criteria. The Pig Crossing Sign works well in continuing the humorous connection we all enjoy between pigs themselves as they endear themselves to everyone with their inherent fun.

Post by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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