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Gold Zebra Earrings Jewelry French Curve New at Anwo Animal World

Zebra Earrings Jewelry Gold French Curve

Zebra Earrings Jewelry French Curve are the most recent new release from Animal Earrings Jewelry specialist Anwo Animal World. Featuring a beautiful wild bryde earrings design the Zebra Earrings Jewelry are made in an environmentally friendly manner utilizing recycled brass and 14 ct gold french curve wires. Animal Earrings Jewelry wearers like Mary and Sue remark that the Gold Zebra Earrings have an amazingly light feel and touch. In addition all animal earrings jewelry wearers are also impressed with the Zebra earrings ability to look brand new over the years and remain timeless in fashion and style. Measuring 1″ high x 1/2″ wide with a 3/4″ French Curve Wire the Gold Zebra Earrings Jewelry French Curve offer immediate elegance for any function from dress up to casual. Whether you love Zebra Gifts Store items like the Gold Zebra Earrings or animal earrings jewelry lovers all offer the opportunity to bring awareness to the beauty animals offer to humanity every day of our life.
Gold Zebra Earrings Jewelry French Curve article by Steve Forrest Writer

Wildlife Animal Earrings Gold Jewelry Stocked for Fall Fashion

Tiger Earrings Gold French Curve

According to Mary at Animal World they are fully stocked in their popular line of animal earrings french curve jewelry which is proudly made in the USA. Fall is always a popular time for dress up after the casual fashions of Summer and the wildlife animal earrings French Curve Jewelry offered by Anwo Animal World in yellow gold is the perfect way to highlight the standard orange, red, yellow and gold colors of Fall. Featuring intricate designs and a lightweight feel the wildlife animal earrings French Curve Jewelry are barely noticeable but provide beautiful results for the wearer. With the long lasting look of gold the wildlife animal gold earrings French Curve hold their beauty for years. Since they are styled in the timeless themes of nature they never go out of style. The complete list of animal earrings from Anwo Animal World is extensive and features tiger, turtle, wolf, alligator, elephant, ferret, fox, frog, giraffe, goat, hawk, hedgehog, hippo, koala, ladybug, lion, llama, lobster, loon, macaw, manatee, monkey, armadillo, bat, buffalo, chinchilla, cow, crayfish, dachshund, deer, dolphin, eagle, otter, owl, panda, panther, pelican, penguin, pig, rabbit, raccoon, red tail hawk, rhino, seahorse, squirrel, sugarglider,  wolverine and zebra.

Wolf Earrings Jewelry Gold
Wolf Earrings Gold French Curve

Wildlife Animal Earrings Gold Jewelry Article by Steve Forrest

Tiger Earrings Photo by Wyld Bryde

Bizarre Animal Earrings like Crayfish Earrings Jewelry

Animal Earrings in and of themselves are out of the mainstream but if you add to that the bizarre animals available today it definitely borders on crazy and fun. Animal Earrings Jewelry USA are now available online including out of the ordinary choices like llama, goat, hedgehog, armadillo and even crayfish. Understandably people who have llama, goats or hedgehogs are thrilled to find out there are fashionable gold animal earrings in their favorite animal. Likewise people sometimes develop an affinity for road kill like the lovable and certainly adorable armadillo and for them the Armadillo earrings express that love. On the surface most people would exclaim, who would ever want a pair of Crayfish Earrings. So along that same train of thought there actually is tremendous potential for the bizarre Gold Jewelry Crayfish EarringsFrench curve. Picture in your mind if you will waitresses at restaurants where crayfish are served could fashionably love wearing the Crayfish Earrings. For customers that love eating crayfish the Crayfish Earrings would obviously be apropos and lady patrons would be looking at the servers as fashion models. Likewise restaurant gift shops where crayfish are served should obviously add the Gold Jewelry Crayfish Earrings French Curve to their line of gifts. This style of vertical integration quickly demonstrates how a product in this case the Armadillo earrings could maximize its high potential simply by it’s introduction in the appropriate setting. Crayfish lovers who are not at a restaurant are not left out either since the opportunity to find Crayfish earrings is still available online from animal pet theme gift specialists like Animal World. The example above shows how even a bizarre set of animal earrings like the Crayfish Earrings French Curve have a significant place given the correct unique set of circumstances. Likewise the Llama, Goat, Hedgehog and Armadillo Earrings Gold French Curve have equally significant roles to play in their own realm of relativity.

New Panther Leopard Earrings Gold Jewelry are animal fashion fun

panther leopard earrings gold jewelryBig Cats like Panthers and Leopards hold a special interest because of their beautiful lines and wild nature. For wild cat lover fashion there are the new Panther Leopard Earrings Gold Jewelry which offer beauty for dress up or casual. Made in the USA the Panther Leopard earrings are made in an environmentally friendly manner from origin through packaging. First, the Panther Leopard Earrings Gold Jewelry are etched in recycled brass, then using a special plannishing tool they are hand hammered creating subtle facets that reflect the light as they adorn. The Panther Leopard earrings are then gold plated ear wires are 14K gold fill. For schools and universities that have adopted Panthers or Leopards as their mascot the Panther Leopard Earrings are the perfect way to show school support and increase morale. Groups like the band or cheerleaders could make the Panther Leopard earrings part of their uniform ensemble. The Panther Leopard Earrings because they are gold stay looking perfect as they did the first time they are put on and they are so lightweight they feel as if they are a part of you. Featuring a beautiful panther or leopard moving under overhanging branches the earrings are proudly made in America. Black Panthers are leopards or jaguars through evolution have lost their spots.

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