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Animal and Pet Lover Theme Gifts Appreciated Every Christmas

basset hound sweatshirt

Basset Hound Sweatshirt USA

The challenges of finding the perfect gift for Christmas is always a perplexing problem. One often overlooked area is Animal and Pet Theme Gifts.  Almost everyone loves animals and especially their pets. If you are searching for a listing of  we have searched and our recommendation is the Animal World Top 10 Animal and Pet Theme Gifts There you can find listed items like dog plush stuffed animals, wildlife plush stuffed animals, animal toy miniatures, animal crossing signs, dog crossing signs, animal earrings, dog figurines, animal figurines and animal puppets. Two new areas for dog lovers include dog lover t shirts and dog lover sweatshirts. For most people in this sector their favorite gift is related to their favorite animal or their favorite pet dog or cat. Specific Breed Dog lover gifts, Cat Lover Gifts and Horse Lover gifts are very popular categories. So this year as you rack your brain looking for that thoughtful gift think about animal and pet lover gifts to make that special person especially happy this Christmas Holiday Season.

Basset Hound Sweatshirt and Article Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Pacific Blue Dolphin Earrings are Fashion Fun for Everyone

Blue Dolphin Earrings French CurveSummer is over but the wonderful memories of spending time at the beach still linger. One way to bring back those special times is through animal earrings like the Blue Dolphin Earrings available online at Animal World. Made of Gold plating over Rhodium with detailed fine enamel the dolphin jewelry are available in the Blue Dolphin Earrings French Curve shown above left and also in the Blue Dolphin Earrings Post Style shown lower left. Made by Fine Enamels the Blue Dolphin Earrings according to Steve at Animal World “are perfect for casual wear but are elegant enough for dress up occasions.” The Pacific Blue Dolphin Earrings French Curve offer a touch of elegance, style and definitely provide the most eye catching opportunities. Young girls also like to dress up and for many wearing pierced earrings is a natural sign of wanting to grow up. Generally younger girls for safety do not wear French Curve earrings and instead post style earrings are a wiser choice. For this reason the Blue Dolphin Earring Post Style are an excellent selection for young girl dolphin lover. Blue Dolphin Earrings PostThe Blue Dolphin Earrings Post Style can also be a wise choice for adults who are in a working environment where dangle French Curve Earrings could get caught on something. Since the Blue Dolphin Earrings are available in French Curve as well as Post Style all members of the family from young girls to mature women can wear the same earrings providing a feeling of unity and shared fashion. The Blue Dolphin Earrings are popular for teams or clubs which have embraced the dolphin as their mascot. Steve at Animal World remarks ” the Blue Dolphin Earrings have been especially popular with swimming team clubs that are called the dolphins.” Dolphin Gifts Stores located at large aquariums or large dolphin habitats have also been thrilled to offer the Pacific Blue Dolphin Earrings to customers who want to take a piece of their dolphin encounter experience home. Similarly, ocean adventure dolphin cruises which take tourists out into the open ocean to observe the beauty and wonder of dolphins in their natural habitat also want to provide their customers with the opportunity to enjoy Dolphin jewelry. When it comes to fashion and fun the new Blue Dolphin Earrings in French Curve or Post Style are without rival when combined with the animal lover exuberance provided by the wearer themselves. Animal Earrings Jewelry like the Blue Dolphin Earrings not only look great they also show off the personality and love for dolphins the wearer wants to provide and share for all to experience.

Chinchilla Earrings are Chinchilla animal jewelry fashion fun

chinchilla earrings gold jewelry french curveChinchillas are a popular pet for people who want to hum to a different tune when it comes to pet ownership. This same feeling of independence and freedom can be on display every time a Chinchilla pet lover wears a pair of the beautiful new Chinchilla Earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve from Animal World. Made in the USA the Chinchilla earrings feature the French Curve styling with a swinging tail for movement. Perfect for fancy dress up occasions or simple casual wear the Chinchilla Earrings are lightweight and stay looking new for years. Best of all the Chinchilla Earrings are made in the USA in an environmentally friendly manner from first etching to finished packaging. These qualities are an especially important feature in today’s responsible and considerate business environment. Chinchillas are famous for their almost air like fur, it is so lightweight it barely registers in your hand or fingers when you stroke their coat. Mary from Animal World remarks ” The Chinchilla Earrings are so lightweight, a pleasure to wear, and look great with almost any outfit”. Chinchillas are a wonderful pet and very affectionate. For this reason Chinchillas are a popular pet and rescues are always trying to find homes for Chinchillas that need relocation. Funding these endeavors is always a task, for this purpose the Chinchilla earrings could easily work in raffles, fund raising and in blind auctions. Chinchilla earrings also work well for people who would love to have a chinchilla, however, they are unable to provide or allowed to have a habitat for Chinchillas. For Chinchilla gifts store enthusiasts who already have a chinchilla plush stuffed animal the Chinchilla earrings make a sensible and fashionable gift for Chinchilla lover fun. Chinchilla earrings gold jewelry are animal earrings fashion fun for pet lovers that want to stand out from the crowd.

Llama Earrings are farm animals fashion fun

Llama earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve
Llamas are known as the camels of North America. With their woolly coat, long spindle legs and regal head with upturned eyes it is easy to see the resemblance. Known for their coat which like a sheep can be sheered for its value the Llama normally is shades of tan, cream, and brown. Known as a common addition to many farms many also have them as semi pets. To celebrate this wonderful animal Llama Earrings Gold Jewelry are available for animal lover fashion fun. Made in the USA the Llama earring are made on a gentle curve and hand hammered with a special plannishing tool to create hundreds of facets that capture and reflect the light to make them shimmer. Ultra lightweight the Llama earrings are made in a french curve wire style allowing them to be worn for dress up or casual. With 14Kt gold fill wire ladies can wear the Llama earrings and know there will be no reaction to wearing these intricately detailed earrings. Like all Animal earrings from sources listed they are made in the USA so your purchase helps America. Imagine the party effect and conversations regarding adornment of the Llama earrings. Llama earrings are farm animals but with a little flair for imaginative fashion the Llama earrings can make you smile and put everyone you meet into a good mood. For the Christmas Holiday Season llama gifts like the Llama earrings can also include plush stuffed animals, figurines, crossing signs, puppets, mugs, jars and sweatshirts.

Ladybug Earrings Gold French Curve are sure to bring you good luck

ladybug earringsEveryone loves Ladybugs, it is a sign of summer when a ladybug lands on your hand or arm. Harmless, when a ladybug lands on you folklore says it brings you good luck. Of course everyone likes to bring that good luck with you and for ladies Ladybug Earrings Gold French Curve are a perfect way to achieve that goal. Ladybug gifts like Ladybug Earrings jewelry provide fashion fun and best of all the Ladybug Earrings shown are made in the USA. Shown enlarged on the left to shown detail the gold Ladybug Earrings feature a gentle curve and hundreds of tiny facets produced by hand plannishing finishing tool. These 14ct gold Ladybug earrings are ultra lightweight and stay looking elegant forever. The opportunities for wearing Ladybug Earrings are only limited by the wearers imagination. For teachers Ladybug Earrings could be worn anytime as education and ladybugs go hand in hand. Some people love Ladybugs and collect ladybug gifts for them the chance to wear Ladybug earrings jewelry cannot be passed. For farmers that sell or use Ladybugs to help with their crops Ladybug earrings can serve business purposes. Sororities that use Ladybugs as their mascot can obviously all wear ladybug earrings as a show of unity. For clubs that have likewise adopted the friendly ladybug can also all wear ladybug earrings for club functions or fund raisers. The nicest feature of Ladybug earrings is their universality, the possibilities are endless fun. Ladybug earrings gold french curve are just one of many nice gold Animal earrings jewelry for fashion fun made in the USA.

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