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Gold Giraffe Earrings Jewelry are Made in USA

Gold Giraffe Earrings USA
Gold Giraffe Earrings Made in USA

It always gives you a warm feeling whenever you find a quality product made in the USA. This proud feeling is certainly felt when your eyes stare at the beauty of the Gold Giraffe Earrings from Animal World. Made by Wild Bryde the Gold Giraffe Earrings feature a full body giraffe in the foreground and a tree on a hill in the background all contained in a soft rectangle frame with French Curve styling. Designed on a gentle convex curve with tiny facets that spin the sun light or indoor light in a stunning array of glimmering beauty. Designed for fancy dress up occasions or casual the Gold Giraffe Earrings jewelry are always ready to add wildlife interest to every wearer and any room. For animal lovers there is a full line of gold animal earrings made in the USA featured online by Animal World.  

Gold Giraffe Earrings article by Steve Forrest

Gold Giraffe Earrings Photography by Wild Bryde   

Ladybug Earrings are always Good Luck Jewelry Fashion Fun

Ladybug Earrings Gold Jewlelry  French CurveEveryone loves to have a ladybug land on their arm or hand during Spring or Summer. Many believe having a ladybug land on you brings you good luck. With the new Ladybug Earrings Gold French Curve Jewelry any woman can carry the luck of ladybugs with her in fashion and fun. With the arrival of Saint Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish it’s an additional good luck charm. Tired of wearing green for good luck – wearing a ladybug is so much more fashionable. Leprecans and four leaf clovers are fine for Saint Patrick’s Day but a ladybug is for year round good luck. The tiny red bug with little black spots makes any out fit that you are wearing look great. If you don’t want any color than the gold french wire earrings are for you. These high quality earrings stay looking great and have a touch of whimsy with the three ladybugs in a dangle array. The ladybug earrings gold french curve are just one of the great variety of animal earrings that are available for fashion fun. Best of all the Ladybug Earrings and many of the similar Wild Bryde Animal Earrings are made in the USA, keeping Americans at work which is always a consideration. Ladybug Earrings Post with EnamelLadybug gifts store lovers will love the variety of Ladybug earrings available from Ladybug post to French Curve, to lapel pins and brooches.

Koala Earrings Gold Jewelry are Australian Made in USA fashion fun

Koalas are one of the most lovable, adorable and most endearing of exotic animals. Add to this the fact that they are native only to the island of Australia only adds to their mystique and charm. To capture this incredible animal in jewelry Wild Bryde USA produced the Koala Earrings Gold French Curve for koala lover fashion and fun. Produced of etched brass then hand hammered using a special plannishing tool to create hundreds of tiny facets on a gentle curve to reflect the light in a glistening display the Koala Earrings Gold French Curve are an amazing and glamorous way to show off a love for Koalas. The Koala Earring feature a single Koala grasping the crutch of tree in the same pose you find if you were to come upon a Koala in it’s natural habitat. Animal Earrings are a wonderful way to combine fashion, fun and love for wildlife. The Koala earrings are animal specific and this allows Koala animal lovers the opportunity to show that Koalas are their favorite. Since the Koala Earrings Gold French Curve are made in the USA they help America and are representative of excellent craftsmanship. Whether for dress up or for casual wear the Koala Earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve would be an excellent choice for any wildlife lover.

Goat Earrings Gold French Curve Jewerly Fashion Fun

goat earrings gold french curve jewelryGoat Earrings Gold French Curve Jewelry are now available for people who love goats and want to let others know that goat earrings can provide fashion with fun. Goats have been a part of America’s history and continue to be an important animal on farms, backyards and as an inexpensive green way to clear land. Since the Goat Earrings are made in the USA it makes the wearer proud to be an American. Etched in recycled brass the Goat Earrings are gold plated, the French Curve Wire are gold fill and they are made and packaged in environmentally friendly methods. Goats not only represent a part of Americana they also represent a personality trait of stubborn, steadfastness and determination. To be compared to a goat may at first seem a derogatory remark, however, in reality it is a complement. In fact the US Navy’s Naval Academy has adopted the goat as their mascot. For women cadets at the US Naval Academy the Goat Earrings could become not only a fashion statement but also a patriotic representation of esprit decor. Goat Earrings Gold French Curve Jewelry like all animal earrings bring smiles to all that wear them and entertaining to all that witness their color, brilliance and wear ability.

Chinchilla Earrings are Chinchilla animal jewelry fashion fun

chinchilla earrings gold jewelry french curveChinchillas are a popular pet for people who want to hum to a different tune when it comes to pet ownership. This same feeling of independence and freedom can be on display every time a Chinchilla pet lover wears a pair of the beautiful new Chinchilla Earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve from Animal World. Made in the USA the Chinchilla earrings feature the French Curve styling with a swinging tail for movement. Perfect for fancy dress up occasions or simple casual wear the Chinchilla Earrings are lightweight and stay looking new for years. Best of all the Chinchilla Earrings are made in the USA in an environmentally friendly manner from first etching to finished packaging. These qualities are an especially important feature in today’s responsible and considerate business environment. Chinchillas are famous for their almost air like fur, it is so lightweight it barely registers in your hand or fingers when you stroke their coat. Mary from Animal World remarks ” The Chinchilla Earrings are so lightweight, a pleasure to wear, and look great with almost any outfit”. Chinchillas are a wonderful pet and very affectionate. For this reason Chinchillas are a popular pet and rescues are always trying to find homes for Chinchillas that need relocation. Funding these endeavors is always a task, for this purpose the Chinchilla earrings could easily work in raffles, fund raising and in blind auctions. Chinchilla earrings also work well for people who would love to have a chinchilla, however, they are unable to provide or allowed to have a habitat for Chinchillas. For Chinchilla gifts store enthusiasts who already have a chinchilla plush stuffed animal the Chinchilla earrings make a sensible and fashionable gift for Chinchilla lover fun. Chinchilla earrings gold jewelry are animal earrings fashion fun for pet lovers that want to stand out from the crowd.

Alligator Earrings are party fashion fun

alligator earrings goldYou are attending at a University of Florida party and you want something subtle, elegant while still sending the message that you are a Florida Gator Fan. The Alligator Earrings Gold French Curve are the perfect choice. Instead of the usual gaudy over the top college style earrings you have chosen a pair of gold french curve Alligator earrings that show your support, but instead show originality, class and a more elegant party fashion while still having fun. Of course you don’t have to be a fan of the University of Florida to love these beautiful Alligator Earrings. With their history dating back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth Alligators are certainly one of earth’s most popular and interesting animals. Alligators fill an important role as predator in the shallow waters of the Everglades in Florida and other areas where the habitat suits their needs. Without the Alligator predator in these areas the harvester animals might overgraze leading to starvation for many of the animals that depend on a balanced environmentally safe habitat. The Alligator Earrings are a beautiful testament to these beautiful animals. The Alligator animal earrings are made in the USA of recycled brass hand hammered using a special plannishing tool which produces tiny facets on a gentle curve that capture and reflect the light in a gold glimmering effect. Whatever the reason, football parties, wildlife habitat fund raiser or just for alligator enthusiasts the Alligator earrings are sure to bring a smile to the wearer and all that admire these beautiful animal earrings.

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