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Animal Gifts is proud to announce that animal and pet theme gifts specialist Animal World is LexiConn May Newsletter featured client. Providing insight into Animal World the LexiConn May Newsletter offers excerpts into the product offerings, history, background and online experience from their CEO Steve Forrest. Animal World has been handling the animal and pet theme gift needs of it customers throughout the USA and around the world for 32 years and has been online for 16 years starting in 1997. Since animal and pets play such an important role in our daily lives it is only natural that we glorify them with animal and  pet theme gifts. Animal World features wildlife, dog, cat, horse, bird, dinosaur plush stuffed animals, t shirts, sweatshirts, toy miniatures, figurine statues,  throw blankets, crossing signs, earrings, jewelry pins, puppets,  nature sound CDs, mousepads, pillows, mugs, plates, cookie jars, keychains and neckties.

Combine Valentines Day Flowers with Jewelry, Earrings or Plush Stuffed Animals

goldfinch earrings french curve
Goldfinch Earring
saint bernard plush stuffed animal yodeler
Saint Bernard Plush Stuffed Animal

Without a doubt flowers are the number one gift item for Valentines Day. However to maximize the impact of giving flowers there has to be a bonus gift. Two of the most popular bonus gifts to give along with flowers is gold animal jewelry or plush stuffed animal toys. This is especially true if the Valentine also happens to be an animal lover. If that is the case then it might be wise to check out the superb extensive line of animal earrings jewelry and brooch or lapel pins available online from animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World. In addition, the line of realistic looking wildlife animals, there are also dinosaur, cat, horse and even dog plush stuffed animal toys. Any of these categories of plush stuffed animal toys are also excellent choices as bonus gifts to the traditional bouquet of flowers. If roses are the flowers of choice then the gift giver may want to check out in specific pink flamingo plush stuffed animals or white animals like polar bear plush stuffed toys, harp seals, or white fox. Both of these choices would certainly work well with regard to maximizing the impact of the red roses. However, if the gift is the main gift then the flowers could actually disguise something small like jewelry or with the toy plush stuffed animals become a double smoke screen. To give an example the Valentine first sees the plush stuffed animal or flowers and then upon closer inspection finally sees the real gift which is the small gold animal earrings jewelry possibly in box. For maximum impact the triple gift combination is is the best strategy since it plays on the best emotion of all excitement. For example have a big plush stuffed animal holding a big vase of red roses and tucked somewhere where she will still find it the gold jewelry. This triple threat of Valentines Love is bound to score big dividends on this special day as well as in long term special memories.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Saint Bernard Plush Stuffed Animal Toys Photo by SteveForrest Writer Video Photography

Fine Enamels Animal Earrings Pins by Crown Jewelry Selling Out

monarch butterfly earrings
Monarch Butterfly Earrings

For animal jewelry lovers who love the Fine Enamels line of animal earrings and pin by Crown Jewelry, the days of availability are numbered. According to animal earrings pins specialist Mary at Animal World “with Christmas sales our inventory of the Fine Enamels line of animal earrings and pins is running very low with many styles are already sold out.” With Crown Jewelry’s decision to phase out their line of Fine Enamels animal earrings supply has become very scarce with the exception of retail stores and online retailers who still have inventory on hand. Mary at Animal World comments, “the Fine Enamels line was very popular, however, as they sell out, since they are out of production, they therefore become permanently unavailable for future purchase. Known for their detailed hand painting which brought out the vivid colors especially in the bird earrings, butterfly earrings, dog earrings, cat earrings and dragonfly earrings, the Fine Enamels animal earrings line at this time are irreplaceable. The Fine Enamels line also included horse earrings, bat earrings, turtle earrings, crab earrings,  bee earrings, ladybug earrings and seahorse earrings. Animal World continues to offer online a wide variety of  gold jewelry animal earrings from Wild Bryde.

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Bizarre Animal Earrings like Crayfish Earrings Jewelry

Animal Earrings in and of themselves are out of the mainstream but if you add to that the bizarre animals available today it definitely borders on crazy and fun. Animal Earrings Jewelry USA are now available online including out of the ordinary choices like llama, goat, hedgehog, armadillo and even crayfish. Understandably people who have llama, goats or hedgehogs are thrilled to find out there are fashionable gold animal earrings in their favorite animal. Likewise people sometimes develop an affinity for road kill like the lovable and certainly adorable armadillo and for them the Armadillo earrings express that love. On the surface most people would exclaim, who would ever want a pair of Crayfish Earrings. So along that same train of thought there actually is tremendous potential for the bizarre Gold Jewelry Crayfish EarringsFrench curve. Picture in your mind if you will waitresses at restaurants where crayfish are served could fashionably love wearing the Crayfish Earrings. For customers that love eating crayfish the Crayfish Earrings would obviously be apropos and lady patrons would be looking at the servers as fashion models. Likewise restaurant gift shops where crayfish are served should obviously add the Gold Jewelry Crayfish Earrings French Curve to their line of gifts. This style of vertical integration quickly demonstrates how a product in this case the Armadillo earrings could maximize its high potential simply by it’s introduction in the appropriate setting. Crayfish lovers who are not at a restaurant are not left out either since the opportunity to find Crayfish earrings is still available online from animal pet theme gift specialists like Animal World. The example above shows how even a bizarre set of animal earrings like the Crayfish Earrings French Curve have a significant place given the correct unique set of circumstances. Likewise the Llama, Goat, Hedgehog and Armadillo Earrings Gold French Curve have equally significant roles to play in their own realm of relativity.

Animal and Pet Lovers Top 10 Christmas Gifts List

bulldog plush stuffed animal semper fi

Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal "Semper Fi"

People at this time of year are searching not only for gifts for family but also for family pet. The table can turned essentially if instead a gift for the pet a gift giver might want a gift from their pet or for some their favorite animal. For these animal and pet lover enthusiasts a top 10 list of possible animal and pet theme gifts might be of great importance. For this reason animal and pet theme gift specialist put together an Animal and Pet Lovers Top 10 Gift List to help out this and every Christmas gift giving season. To summarize the top 10 animal and pet lovers Christmas Gifts Top 10 List is as follows. Remember these are for the animal or pet lover and not for the pet. The Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal is a perfect gift not only for the dog lover but any Marine that wants to embellish the mascot and symbol of the Marines the Bulldog named “Semper Fi” shown.

1. Dog Plush Stuffed Animals – adorable lovable portable companionship

2. Wildlife Plush Stuffed Animals – wild animal handling and loving

3. Animal Toy Miniatures – incredible detail, educational play fun

4. Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries – functional and beauty made in USA

5. Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries – beautiful indoor home decor – USA made

6. Animal Crossing Signs, –  safety outside, indoor decor fun, USA made

7. Animal Earrings Jewelry – Beautiful fashion with fun

8. Dog Figurine Statues – best way to immortalize and remember your pet

9. Animal Figurine Statues – Brings the beauty of nature inside

10. Animal Puppets – brings an animal to life with your personality

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Alligator Earrings are party fashion fun

alligator earrings goldYou are attending at a University of Florida party and you want something subtle, elegant while still sending the message that you are a Florida Gator Fan. The Alligator Earrings Gold French Curve are the perfect choice. Instead of the usual gaudy over the top college style earrings you have chosen a pair of gold french curve Alligator earrings that show your support, but instead show originality, class and a more elegant party fashion while still having fun. Of course you don’t have to be a fan of the University of Florida to love these beautiful Alligator Earrings. With their history dating back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth Alligators are certainly one of earth’s most popular and interesting animals. Alligators fill an important role as predator in the shallow waters of the Everglades in Florida and other areas where the habitat suits their needs. Without the Alligator predator in these areas the harvester animals might overgraze leading to starvation for many of the animals that depend on a balanced environmentally safe habitat. The Alligator Earrings are a beautiful testament to these beautiful animals. The Alligator animal earrings are made in the USA of recycled brass hand hammered using a special plannishing tool which produces tiny facets on a gentle curve that capture and reflect the light in a gold glimmering effect. Whatever the reason, football parties, wildlife habitat fund raiser or just for alligator enthusiasts the Alligator earrings are sure to bring a smile to the wearer and all that admire these beautiful animal earrings.

Frog Earrings Gold Jewelry for frog lover enthusiast fashion fun

frog earrings gold jewelryFrog Earrings are a wonderful way to show your love for these amphibians of the world. Made in the USA the Frog Earrings are lightweight and are perfect for wildlife lover dress up or casual fashion fun. Made in an environmentally friendly manner the Frog earrings gold jewelry are first etched in recycled brass, then hand hammered on a gentle curve using a special plannishing tool which produces multiple facets which capture and reflect the light so the frog earrings seem to dance as they move. The french curve earring wires are 14 kt gold fill and the frog earrings feature a blue lapis bead as a focal point. During the winter Frogs hibernate, however, with Spring warm weather they appear and begin their frog chorus of sounds which tell us all that Spring is almost here. To celebrate this wonderful rebirth time of the year anyone that loves frogs can feel part of this special time. For many frogs may be the symbol of a club or organization. To provide a feeling of one the members could all wear the frog earrings as a morale builder and esprit decor. Frog enthusiasts also know that in many places frogs are losing habitat. To bring attention to this situation frog environmentalists could wear the frog earrings. The frog earrings could also be a useful tool in raising money during frog fund raising events. Frogs are such an important part of our lives and the frog earrings capture that unique relationship in animal earrings fashion fun.

Manatee Earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve for wildlife lovers

manatee earrings gold jewelry french curveThe New Manatee Earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve are perfect for wildlife lover fashion fun. Made in the USA these Manatee Earrings are lightweight and long wearing and can be worn for casual or elegant dress up. Made in an environmentally friendly manner the Manatee earrings are made of recycled brass which is hand hammered using a special plannishing tool on a gentle curve which produces hundreds of tiny facets which catch and reflect the light in a dazzling array. The earrings are 14K gold with the french ear wires 14K gold fill. Manatee earrings are perfect gift for manatee lovers but they can also serve large groups. Swimming teams can be brought together as a team with the use of Manatee earrings for all the girl swimmers. Likewise if a school is known as the Manatees the cheerleaders, the band and pep clubs could all utilize the Manatee earrings to promote school spirit and raise morale. Manatees are losing wildlife habitat due to urban sprawl and use of waterways for sport. Save the manatee organizations may use the Manatee Earrings to raise awareness and support for setting areas aside for undisturbed Manatee habitat. Businesses also often adopt Manatees to capture and represent the attributes of their business. In this situation the Manatee Earrings show a sense of unity of purpose and can be a rally point for business esprit decor. For business clients the Manatee Earrings could be offered as a gift and as a reminder of successful business relationships. Manatee earrings best purpose is for people who individually love Manatees and the beauty they bring to the wildlife world. For the economy the Manatee earrings like all gold animal earrings are made in the USA which is important since it keeps Americans at work here at home.

Buffalo Earrings Gold Jewelry made in the USA

buffalo earrings gold jewelry french curve
Nothing embodies America like buffalo on the open plain and the perfect way to celebrate this beautiful animal is with Buffalo earrings made in the USA. Made of recycled brass these Buffalo Earrings are 22ct gold plated then hand hammered using a special plannishing tool which produces hundreds of facets which capture and reflect the light. The Buffalo earrings are on a gentle curve as well with gives shape and body to these gorgeous Buffalo earrings. Buffalo earrings look best on buffalo lover enthusiasts and can easily be worn for dress up as well as casual. In addition for any sports team that uses Buffalo as their mascot cheerleaders, mothers or any woman wanting buffalo fashion can wear these lightweight, long wearing gold buffalo earrings. Using a french curve gold fill wire the Buffalo earrings capture the heart, sole and independence of this unique animal to Americas western plains. Made in an environmentally friendly manner the Buffalo earrings like all animal earrings of similar style represent quality workmanship, pride and attention to detail. Best of all the Buffalo Earrings are made in the USA keeping Americans at work.

Tiger Earrings for animal fashion jewelry fun

tiger earrings gold french curveTiger Earrings Gold French Curve are elegant, beautiful, perfect for dress up or casual and they are made in the USA. For school with Tiger as the mascot, Tiger Earrings can create a feeling of school camaraderie. Cheerleaders could easily add Tiger earrings to their fashion ensemble and band members can do likewise. Teachers in school can wear the Tiger earrings during special occasions or just for everyday fun. Business in a similar manner often use Tigers as their a symbol of what the business represents. In the same way employees can wear Tiger earrings to increase business morale. Businesses can also use the Tiger Earrings as gifts to clients. Best of all the Tiger Earrings are made in the USA. This is especially important when considering a Tiger gift item for foreigners visiting America. Zoos are often having promotions to raise money for new wildlife habitats. In this setting the Tiger Earrings shows a sensitivity to wildlife and a sign of support. Many people love tiger simply because of their unbelievable beauty. During holidays and for birthdays Tiger gifts store items like the Tiger Earrings gold french curve make a wonderful thoughtful gift.

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