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Animal Finger Puppets Provide Instant Entertainment

eagle puppet finger puppets

It is amazing how the simple wiggle of a finger can provide entertainment but with animal finger puppets this is exactly the result. Offered online by animal finger puppets specialist Animal World the finger puppets offer instant fun, entertainment which reveals hidden personality that often doesn’t surface otherwise. According to Nickie at Anwo Animal World they currently stock animal finger puppets in black bear, opossum, hedgehog, chocolate lab dog, black lab dog, bald eagle, beaver, rabbit, groundhog, mouse, rat, owl, rabbit in hat, toad, weasel, firefly, chipmunk, hummingbird, squirrel and monarch butterfly. Animal Finger Puppets are amazingly easy to work and there are many good articles on how to work to bring animal finger puppets to life.

Animal Finger Puppets Article by Steve Forrest

Bald Eagle Finger Puppet Photo by Folkmanis

New Field Mouse Finger Puppet is Adorable and Very Cute

Field Mouse Finger Puppet

Why are mice used so often in movies? The answer is very simple, it is because they are so darn cute and adorable. The same holds true with the new Folkmanis Field Mouse Finger Puppet featured online by Animal World on their Animal Finger Puppets gifts page. By simply putting the new Field Mouse Finger Puppet on your finger it immediately comes to life and the eyes seem to be looking directly at you with interest and inquisitiveness. Featuring a realistic look the Field Mouse Finger Puppet has soft brown plush, pink ears,  pink nose, pink tail and is easy to work. For teachers reading books that have a mouse as a character, the Field Mouse Finger Puppet is ready to bring story time to life. Classrooms are immediately attracted to following the antics of this personality filled animal finger puppet. In addition to the teacher with it’s ease of use the Field Mouse Finger Puppet can be handled by students of all age. With each new puppeteer a new personality is automatically given to the Field Mouse Finger Puppet. Animal puppets are designed for performing, so without a lot of effort the Field Mouse Finger Puppet is ready to do it’s part and if necessary steal the show as mice are so often known to do. Individual use of the Field Mouse Finger Puppet is always a possibility during quiet times. Children can have imaginary friend that are always there for instant companionship. The elderly in assisted living centers can also use animal finger puppets like the Field Mouse Puppet for friendship during lonely times.

Post by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography 

Toad Finger Puppet combines learning with play fun

toad finger puppetThe new Toad Finger Puppet from Animal World combines education with a learning play environment. Made by Folkmanis Puppets the Toad Finger Puppet featured online by Animal World is the latest in an ever expanding line of realistic easy to use animal finger puppets. With the simple wiggle or waggle of your finger the Toad Finger Puppet magically comes to life and immediately becomes an active part of it’s adopted environment. Whether used to help bring stories to life or act as an aid in science education the Toad Finger Puppet becomes an automatic center of attention. For children finding a hard time in expressing themselves animal puppets such as the Toad Finger Puppet are often necessary to bring out a child’s true feelings. Featuring a realistic look the Toad Finger Puppet features dark green with black spotted plush marking and all seeing lifelike big eyes. The new Toad Finger Puppet is amazing when you consider it’s beautiful look and ease of use. Whether used by teachers, in business, for plays or just imaginative, creative learning play fun the Toad Finger Puppet is ready to take on any task.

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Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Sea Lion Finger Puppet provides Ocean Life Educational Play Fun

sea lion finger puppet Most people in their life will never have the opportunity to see a real Sea Lion in the wild. The only opportunity most will have to view a Sea Lion away from their native home occurs at a zoo or similar wildlife habitat like Sea World. Likewise even if someone had the chance to see one in real life the opportunity to handle one would not be possible. However with the new Sea Lion Finger Puppet everyone has the chance to not only experience what Sea Lions are all about they can even bring them to life. With the ease of handling provided by all animal finger puppets the Sea Lion Finger Puppet comes to life with the simple wiggle of a finger. With a little practice with suggestions and ideas from “How to bring Animal Finger Puppets to Life” anyone can easily master the necessary skills to quickly turn from novice to master. With the Sea Lion Puppet not only can a beginner bring it to life they can also learn a great deal about the animals anatomy from hands on and up close examination. Although it may be an imaginary up close and personal experience the person handling the Sea Lion Finger Puppet or any animal finger puppet will better understand the Sea Lion and feel as if they are one with the animal unlike any other experience. Perfect for Teachers during story time to help bring books to life or for science study of ocean shore mammals the Sea Lion Finger Puppet is ready for the task. For Sea Lion Gifts Store fans the Sea Lion Finger Puppet is a welcome addition to the Sea Lion plush stuffed animal, crossing sign, toy miniature and Sandicast figurine already available to collectors. Whether for education, play fun, school projects or business promotions the Sea Lion Finger puppet puts a smile on the puppeteer and all in view of it’s unexpected antics. Made by Folkmanis puppets and offered online by Animal World the Sea Lion Finger Puppet is for animal lovers of all ages and sizes.

New Opossum Finger Puppet from Folkmanis

Opossum Finger PuppetFor years Folkmanis puppets produced an adorable full size Opossum Puppet featuring an adult Opossum with a Velcro removable baby opossum. Unfortunately Folkmanis decided to discontinue production of this full size Opossum puppet. The good news is there is now a new Opossum Finger Puppet for animal puppet lover fun. Featuring silver, black pink soft plush the new Opossum Finger Puppet is realistic, playful looking and is ready to come to life with a touch of a finger. The nice attribute of all finger puppets like the Opossum Finger Puppet is their universality. In other words the Opossum Finger Puppet is so easy to work that anyone of any age from young to old can operate an animal finger puppet. The amazing characteristic of any animal puppet is the way everyone projects their own unique personality through in this case the Opossum Finger Puppet. Imagine the fun a teacher can have wiggling the opossum finger puppet as she reads a story maybe about an opossum. Students can even take turns playing the part of the opossum and act out what is happening in the book which increases interaction and in turn the learning curve. The Opossum Finger Puppet is just one of many Animal Finger Puppets featured by Animal World that are all easy to work, educational and best of all playful learning fun. Opossum Gift Store enthusiasts will be thrilled to add the Opossum Finger Puppet to their Opossum plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures and crossing signs.

New Firefly Finger Puppet by Folkmanis is ingenious play fun

firefly finger puppet folkmanisAnimal Finger Puppets are the simplest but sometimes most effective of all animal puppets. The new Firefly Finger puppet is ingenious because in addition to it’s uniqueness as a finger puppet it just like a real firefly it actually lights up when you put your finger in it. Children love catching fireflies when the weather gets warm and people enjoy getting outdoors. Now instead of just catching fireflies they can become a firefly. The wings on the new Folkmanis Firefly finger puppet are made of leather, the under wings are made of a silvery light material with silver highlights, the body is soft black plush and the tail is a luminescent bright green. For teachers the Firefly finger puppet is perfect for telling a story entailing fireflies or backyard adventures. To provide a realistic reenactment of fireflies teachers could make a room dark and allow the firefly finger puppet with the lit tail become the focal point of how animals on land and also in the deep waters of the ocean are able to provide their own light in order to usually attract food for a meal. Best of all the Firefly Finger Puppet is available for year round play fun whereas real fireflies are seasonal and only make themselves visible for a short period of time each year. The Firefly finger puppet is just one of an ever expanding line of animal finger puppets produced by Folkmanis for educational, creative and imaginative play fun.

Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppets are good luck

monarch butterfly finger puppetIf a butterfly land on you they bring you good luck. With the new Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppet you can bring yourself good luck any time. With a simple wiggle of your finger you can easily bring the Monarch Butterfly finger puppet to life. The wings a made of detailed fabric and the body is a soft black material with a hole for your finger. Since the wings are light they actually flap like a real butterfly when you animate it with your finger. Teachers reading stories about butterflies will bring characters to life with the touch of a finger. Students will be more actively involved listening and during opportune moments may don the Monarch Butterfly to bring it their own personality and spirit. For butterfly clubs the Folkmanis Monarch Butterfly could be distributed during butterfly events. parties and fund raisers. One of the nicest butterfly arboretums you could ever visit is the one in Key West. There Blue morphs and Monarch Butterflies like the finger puppet may land on you and look just like the picture above. Made by Folkmanis the Monarch Butterfly finger puppet is just one in an ever increasing line of wonderful animal finger puppets available for education, creativity, imagination and fun.

Animal Finger Puppets for children and story time fun

guinea pig finger puppet
Puppets are fun but for small children sometimes they are too large. A great alternative for small children is Animal Finger Puppets. Any child can easily bring a finger puppet to life all they have to do is move their fingers. When a child puts an animal finger puppet like the guinea pig finger puppet the child’s face lights up with amazement. Usually the child can’t believe they are the one’s making the finger puppet look so realistic. Teachers can also easily use an animal finger puppet on one or more fingers while simultaneously holding a reading a book during story time. With a little practice the teacher might even be able to animate the finger puppets while reading. Another wonderful characteristic of animal finger puppets is they are inexpensive. Purchasing and getting value for every dollar spent is so important and animal finger puppets can certainly stretch the school budget. Animal Finger puppets are available in a large variety of different animals. If you are looking for North American animal finger puppets like bear, beaver, buffalo, chipmunk, fox, grizzly bear, mountain goat, porcupine, raccoon, skunk squirrel. eagle finger puppetBird finger puppets are available in butterfly, eagle, crow raven, hummingbird, owl, parakeet penguin and farm animal finger puppets are available in chicken, cat, chocolate lab, cow, duck, horse, lamb, mouse, pig, rabbit, and sheep. There are water animal finger puppets, in frog, harbor seal, harp seal, piranha, shark, and unusual animal finger puppets in dragon, gorilla, guinea pig, hamster, hedgehog, hermit crab, praying mantis, raptor, unicorn, and yak. Whatever the animal finger puppet you are looking for and for whatever the purpose children students and teachers can all have fun.

Animal Finger Puppets

Some people are scared of working an animal hand puppet but anyone can work an animal finger puppet. Just by moving your finger you can make your animal move and with it you are giving it your personality. It is amazing how creative you can be by just moving your finger. A great source for Animal Finger Puppets is Animal Finger Puppets at Animal World®

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