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5 Animal Toy Miniatures to remind you of Summer at the Beach

great white shark toy miniature

Great White Shark Toy Miniature

blue dolphin toy miniature tail up

Blue Dolphin Toy Miniature

Most people’s favorite memories of Summer include time spent at the beach. Going to the beach is also a hands on learning experience. One way to enhance this enjoyable learning experience along with recreating favorite memories is with beach them animal toy miniatures. The top 5 animal toy miniature to reminders of Summer at the Beach are listed and the most popular animal toy miniatures are as follows.

  1. Dolphin Toy Miniatures – Dolphins are everyone’s favorite animal at the beach. Out of reach but not out of sight Dolphins represent the playful beauty of going to the beach as they make the ocean come to life with their frolicking in the wave as a family pod group. The Dolphin Toy Miniatures are an excellent way to remind yourself of wonderful times at the beach.
  2. Shark Toy Miniatures – When it comes to Sharks everyone wants to talk about sharks and act tough regarding sharks but no one wants to be in the water in close proximity with a real shark. It is at that moment of realization when man is aware that they are not the top of the food chain in fact instead of feeling like the hunter they feel the uneasy feeling of being the hunted. Despite these realities boys especially can’t resist the allure of sharks and the best way to feed this obsession is with a variety of realistic shark toy miniatures.
  3. Pelican Bird Toy Miniatures – People today visit the beach and a now common sight is the beautiful v formations of Pelicans as they work their way up and down the beach. Because of DDT of the 60’s and 70’s the only place you could see Pelican was Southern parts of the US however with the ban of these chemicals the pelicans return has been nothing short of phenomenal. This remarkable comeback makes any trip to the beach a dazzling experience as the crystal blue Summer sky and  open ocean waters come to life with flying and diving Pelicans. For beach lovers who are fascinated by these amazing flying creatures the Pelican toy miniatures are a perfect reminder of time spent at the beach.
  4. Crab Toy Miniatures – Every trip to the beach is the ultimate combination of land water and sky. No other place on earth combines these 3 elements in such dramatic fashion. This classic grouping of land sea and air subconsciously hits a relaxing chord that makes going to the beach such a relaxing popular attraction. Beach goers, however, are land bound along with their ghost crab friends. For anyone relaxing by the beach watching crabs darting in and out of their holes while making what appears to be a sand salad becomes a popular beach spectator sport. The amazingly realistic crab toy miniatures bring that Summer at the  beach feeling into any room of any house.
  5. Jellyfish Toy Miniatures – One memory of the beach that most people do not cherish is any experience with the dreaded jellyfish. Jellyfish ruin any ocean swimming experience in a matter of seconds. For children and their mothers many hysterical moments have been experienced whenever a jellyfish sting has occurred. Only with time and in retrospect can jellyfish experiences become a family experience that can be reviewed with humor and fondness. For practical jokes and fun the orange jellyfish toy miniatures are a sore but essential part of anyone’s favorite Summer reminders of the beach.

Going to the beach during the Summer has become an annual event that for most wish would never end. Taking the beach home with you is obviously not possible but it is possible to relive many of those special memories with animal toy miniatures including the dolphins, sharks, pelicans, crabs and jellyfish listed. All the animal toy miniatures have their own special way of making one smile and of taking one away to that special relaxing spot on the beach where you watched the dolphins play in the waves, watched the pelicans overhead, watched the crabs pop in and out of their holes, while you hoped to stay far away from dangerous sharks or bothersome jellyfish. The special relaxing joys of Summer if only in your imagination most of the year. All the animal toy miniatures shown for Summer beach memory reminders are available online at Animal World.

white pelican toy miniature

White Pelican Toy Miniature

hermit crab toy miniature

Hermit Crab Toy Miniature

orange jellyfish toy miniature sea nettle

Orange Jellyfish Toy Miniature

Bichon Frise Flag for dog lover outdoor flags home decor

Bichon Frise Flag Outdoor  Every Spring people come outside and enjoy the freedom that warmth has for so long kept souls inside. A perfect way to welcome spring is with flags and for dog lover dog flags mean goodbye Winter hello Spring and Summer. Dog Flags are now available in many dog breeds including Collie, Border Collie, White Silver Poodle, Chocolate Poodle, Doberman Pinscher, Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab,  Welsh Corgi and the Bichon Frise Flag pictured left. Made of nylon for use outdoors this Bichon Frise Dog Flag measures a large 40″ long x 28″ wide for showing off dog breed lover pride. Featuring a single adorable Bichon Frise posing elegantly on a chair the scene is bordered in bright red panels above and below. Flags like the Bichon Frise dog flag bring so much personality and character into the neighborhood while also providing a sense of entertainment and education. Bichon Frise Gifts Store enthusiasts will be excited to add the flag to their collection of Bichon Frise plush stuffed animals, blanket throw tapestry, figurines, crossing signs, mousepad, jar, and keychain. Outdoor flags have always been an announcement to onlookers of the property owners feelings and as a method to display pride. In addition in order to continue to attract attention to flags they need to be changed on a regular basis. For this reason it is necessary not only to constantly switch flags but to display a flag that is unique, thought provoking and fun in order to achieve this goal. The Bichon Frise Flag meets all these requirement and does it with a flair for fun as well in dog lover outdoor flag fashion.

National Save the Bald Eagles Day Gifts

eagle crossing signMonday January 10th is National Save the Bald Eagles Day. To celebrate this noble day Animal World features many Eagle Gifts store items including Eagle blanket throw tapestries, plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, puppets, pillow, crossing sign, earrings, bookends, figurines, t shirts, mug and keychain. Bald Eagles at one time were on the brink of extinction primarily because of pesticides like DDT. Today Eagles continue on their road back to recovery as their numbers to grow and are currently spreading into new areas that are conducive to abundant food and raising eagle families. Eagles unlike many other backyard birds have their baby eaglets in the middle of winter. Both Eagle parents work diligently to feed the babies as they slowly grow from babies to young adults. Bald Eagles are our national bird so their can be no more noble cause than the safety, preservation and revitalization of this majestic bird. Observing an Eagle soar overhead is an exhilarating experience since no other bird shares the combination bright white head and tail. bronze eagle bookendsNo other bird flies like the Eagle, no other bird looks like the Eagle and no other bird is revered by all than the Eagle. Eagles cannot change the world, however, Eagles can certainly watch the world from high above and observe how we treat the world. As we save the Eagles we are in essence saving ourselves. We can receive so much more in saving the Eagle than could ever be given. Eagles can then be part or our lives, our children’s and their children to infinitude as the world originally intended. Man could never make an eagle, however, through days of recognition like Save the Eagles Day hopefully man will protect and preserve the Eagle all future generations.

Cedar Waxwing Bird Plush Stuffed Animal Toy with Sounds – National Bird Day

Cedar Waxwing Plush Stuffed Animal Toy with Sounds

Cedar Waxwing Bird Plush Stuffed Animal Toy with Sounds

January 5 is National Bird Day. A special way to celebrate this day is in admiring and learning about a special unique looking bird called the Cedar Waxwing. With it’s multi-colored plumage it is totally alone in it’s beautiful appearance. Like the colors of a woodsy rainbow the Cedar Waxwing has black, red, green, silver, gold and white colors extending out it’s wings, tail, torso and head. The Cedar Waxwing Plush Stuffed Animal Toy also features a sound chip which has authentic Cedar Waxwing sounds in affiliation with the National Audubon Society. Many other bird plush stuffed animals with sounds are available from Animal World including Blue Jay, Cardinal, Crow, Puffin, Chickadee, Kingfisher, Falcon, Red Tail Hawk and Loon. Bird Plush Stuffed Animals Toys with Sounds can serve so many purposes from Teachers aids, to Christmas Tree ornaments to business giveaways to clients to help them remember a specific trait like a certain insurance company has used a noisy white duck to help customers remember a specific insurance company. Birds bring so much beauty and color to our wildlife world. The Cedar Waxwing Plush Stuffed Animal Toy with Sounds as well as all the Bird Plush Stuffed Animals with authentic bird sounds are all a perfect way to educate, entertain and enjoy the bird world.

Snail Gifts Store Items for insect lover enthusiast fun

Snail Toy Miniature Snail gift store items are not anyone’s top ten list’s of favorite animal themes. Nevertheless their are snail gift store items for insect lover enthusiasts. The snail toy miniature is perfect for scientific snail decorating where snail decor is needed for eye catching welcome table displays and other gathering areas where show stopping displays will catch the attention of anyone in close proximity. Likewise, the snail plush stuffed animal can be used for creative home decor including use as a pillow, for shelf display, on a day bed or as a lovable animal plush stuffed animal. Teachers could easily utilize both the Snail toy miniature and snail plush stuffed animal for educational purposes. The Snail plush stuffed animal can be passed from student to student close inspection and analysis of the shape and anatomy of a snail. The Snail Toy Miniature could be used for snail insect dioramas or snail displays. There is even a snail crossing sign which can be used functionally if you are actually concerned about snail crossing a road or sidewalk. More likely the the best use for the Snail Crossing Sign would be if people were slow. If that was the case you may make light of the situation by placing a Snail Crossing Sign near where they work for office humor fun.

Owls featured in “Legend of Guardians” Movie

owl blanket throw tapestryComing soon to a theater near you is brand new movie featuring owls called Legend of the Guardians. Will this mean a windfall in children’s love, adoration and need for owl gift store items like owl blanket throw tapestry(pictured) plush stuffed animals, figurines, puppets, crossing signs, t shirts and keychains. Movies have a way of shaping America during the period of time before, during and after their release. Currently we are witnessing the period before the release of Legend of the Guardians. From the movie trailers being released for viewing Legends of the Guardians looks like a very intriguing, interesting movie where young owls eagerly listen to the wise owls who tell them about the Guardians. During the movie the owls go on a dangerous  journey in search of the Guardians. Families will love this movie and based on past animal adventure movie experience children will soon be looking for owl plush stuffed animals and toy miniatures with which to relive their Legend of the Guardians experience. The best long lasting benefit of animal themed movies like Legend of the Guardians is it provides long term appreciation, understanding and love for beautiful animals like owls.  Owls are rarely seen since they are predators of the twilight and darkness of night. For this reason most people know of but never see owls. Movies like Legend of the Guardians will allow people to see owls up close, as they fly, as they perch as they maneuver around other owls and whatever obstacles they encounter. Although the owls we will all see on the big silver screen are not real owls the movements are real and the look is amazingly realistic. People sometimes learn more from animals than they do from people and hopefully become better because of it. We all hope the Legend of the Guardians can teach us all after all owls are supposed to be experienced and wise. With Owl gift store items as a reminder of the movie everyone can search their own group elders for wise adage advise and experience that can make everyday situations easier to handle. As the saying goes, if you don’t study history you are doomed to repeat it, best to listen to the owl or in this case the Guardians.

Bobcat gifts for animal lovers, education, decor and play fun.

bobcat plush stuffed animal
When people think of animal predators of North America they think of wolves, bears, mountain lion but they forget Bobcats. Bobcats are very elusive but just as dangerous. For animal lovers there many nice Bobcat gifts including Bobcat stuffed animals, puppets, crossing signs, figurines, and mugs. Teachers and students can enjoy the Bobcat puppets for story time animation and active participation. For play fun the Bobcat plush stuffed animal is adorable educational play fun. Children can carry the stuffed Bobcat plush with them, they can name them, carry them to bedtime and make up creative stories or adventures. bobcat puppetFor home decor the Bobcat figurine shows a realistic posing Bobcat on a rock. Made of cast stone and hand painted this Bobcat figurine captures the beauty and power of this gorgeous animal. For nature trails it is important to offer visitors as much information as possible so preparations can be made of possible encounters will real Bobcats. The Bobcat Crossing Sign is made of durable aluminum for this outdoor functional safety use and comes with 2 holes for easy hanging on posts or fences. The Bobcat Crossing Signs can also be of use for indoor decor fun. For animal enthusiasts who have a Bobcat collection of plush stuffed animals, puppets, mugs and figurines the Bobcat crossing sign sets the mood for entrance into the Bobcat adorned room by letting visitors know they are in a special place where Bobcats are revered. bobcat figurine statueTo start the day everyone loves a cup of coffee and a way to make it even better would be to enjoy it in a full color artwork Bobcat Mug. All these Bobcat Gifts represent just one animal in a broad range of animal and pet lover gifts for animal enthusiasts.

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