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Combine Valentines Day Flowers with Jewelry, Earrings or Plush Stuffed Animals

goldfinch earrings french curve
Goldfinch Earring
saint bernard plush stuffed animal yodeler
Saint Bernard Plush Stuffed Animal

Without a doubt flowers are the number one gift item for Valentines Day. However to maximize the impact of giving flowers there has to be a bonus gift. Two of the most popular bonus gifts to give along with flowers is gold animal jewelry or plush stuffed animal toys. This is especially true if the Valentine also happens to be an animal lover. If that is the case then it might be wise to check out the superb extensive line of animal earrings jewelry and brooch or lapel pins available online from animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World. In addition, the line of realistic looking wildlife animals, there are also dinosaur, cat, horse and even dog plush stuffed animal toys. Any of these categories of plush stuffed animal toys are also excellent choices as bonus gifts to the traditional bouquet of flowers. If roses are the flowers of choice then the gift giver may want to check out in specific pink flamingo plush stuffed animals or white animals like polar bear plush stuffed toys, harp seals, or white fox. Both of these choices would certainly work well with regard to maximizing the impact of the red roses. However, if the gift is the main gift then the flowers could actually disguise something small like jewelry or with the toy plush stuffed animals become a double smoke screen. To give an example the Valentine first sees the plush stuffed animal or flowers and then upon closer inspection finally sees the real gift which is the small gold animal earrings jewelry possibly in box. For maximum impact the triple gift combination is is the best strategy since it plays on the best emotion of all excitement. For example have a big plush stuffed animal holding a big vase of red roses and tucked somewhere where she will still find it the gold jewelry. This triple threat of Valentines Love is bound to score big dividends on this special day as well as in long term special memories.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Saint Bernard Plush Stuffed Animal Toys Photo by SteveForrest Writer Video Photography

Animal Earrings for Wildlife Lovers

When you love wildlife you want to show off your love for your favorite animals. Everybody loves going the the beach so any beach lover would love a pair of dolphin, pelican, sea horse, sea otter, lobster or turtle earrings. Maybe you feel close to safari animals then you might be searching for a pair of giraffe, lion, elephant, hippo, rhino, leopard or zebra earrings. Farms also are close to home for so many, there cow, pig, goat, llama, rabbit, earrings might just be the trick. For those that love the mountains and wide open spaces, wolf, fox, eagle, owl, hawk, raccoon, deer, armadillo, wolverine or loon earrings tell everyone your an animal lover. Some wildlife lovers love the mystique of the jungle, for them panda, parrot, bat, chinchilla, or sugarglider, earrings look great and add a nice touch. Animal lovers can even find hard to wildlife like ladybugs, koalas, ferret, frog, hedgehog, squirrel, manatees and alligator earrings. Are you going to a animal promotion, or maybe a wildlife rescue donation dinner or maybe a dance for your local shelter. These are all great moments to wear your animal earrings jewelry and you can also be patriotic as well since they are made in the USA of 22 ct gold. The Wolf Earrings show the beauty of these earrings and they are proudly made in the USA.

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