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New Guinea Pig Gifts Store

guinea pig plush stuffed animal ty guinea pig keychain beanie baby plush stuffed animal Guinea Pig owners may feel slighted because all the fuss is always over dogs and cats and all the gift items available for dog or cat lovers. The new Guinea Pig Gifts Store at Animal World features plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, crossing signs, keychains, picture frames, mugs,  puppets and finger puppets all designed for the guinea pig lover. Everyone who has ever owned a Guinea Pig knows how nice it is to have a loving warm Guinea Pig in your lab. Guinea Pig Plush Stuffed Animals come in 3 styles and there is even a Guinea Pig stuffed animal keychain. To set up visitors entering the Guinea Pig Lovers lair the Guinea Pig Crossing Sign educates guests and provides creative home decor. For children and adults the Guinea Pig plush stuffed animal keychain is perfect for backpacks and purses. The Guinea pig picture frame with easel is also a magnet and works well for small pictures. The new Guinea Pig toy miniature is very realistic. Providing incredible lifelike detail the Guinea Pig Toy Miniature can be used as a figurine for home decor, but because of its durability is  great for education, school classrooms, projects, dioramas and just imaginative play fun. For interactive Guinea pig creative play fun the Guinea Pig puppet and finger puppet challenge anyone to project their personality out through the puppet. Small children are included as well because anyone can have fun with a finger puppet, just make it wiggle or nod. Office guinea pig fun is not forgotten. The Guinea Pig mug is designed for everyday use and is microwave, UV and dishwasher safe. For Guinea Pig lovers there are plenty of great ideas of animal gifts for office, birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas Holiday occasions.
guinea pig toy miniature safari guinea pig finger puppet guinea pig crossing sign

Armadillo Gifts Store for animal lover fun

armadillo plush stuffed animal toy armadillo earrings gold french curve jewelryarmadillo puppetWildlife lovers enjoy a variety of animals and many love Armadillos. Gifts for Armadillo lovers  include Armadillo plush stuffed animals, puppets, earrings, crossing signs, figurines, toy miniatures and. The  Armadillo Puppet can be useful for teachers during story time, in education and just for play fun. The Armadillo plush stuffed animals are wonderful for enthusiasts of this unique animal for home decor, decorations, Southwest party decor or educational play fun. The Armadillo earrings gold french curve jewelry are made in USA for dress up and casual dress. Featuring intricate detail the Armadillo earrings are made on a gentle curve with hand hammering from a special plannishing tool that produces light catching facets that produce a shimmering brilliance. The Armadillo crossing sign is perfect for nature trails, habitats, private roads and for announcing an indoor decor Armadillo collection.  For students studying the desert southwest the Armadillo toy miniatures work well in school projects, dioramas and full size displays. The Armadillo toy miniatures also work well as a low cost give a way or in fund raisers. For morning fun there are Armadillo mugs. Printed in the USA the Armadillo mug is dishwasher, microwave and UV safe. The Armadillo Gifts Store features great ideas for the Christmas Holiday season, birthdays, office presents or just for animal lover gift fun. Armadillos are known for their toughness, from their ability to survive in desert like conditions to their armor like protection against predators. For these reason Armadillos will always be popular for animal gift giving, besides they are adorable.

armadillo crossing signarmadillo toy miniature armadillo figurine armadillo mug

Giraffe Gifts for wildlife lover education and fun

Giraffe Pillow USA

Giraffe Pillow

Giraffe Earrings USA

Giraffe Earrings Giraffe Plush Stuffed Animals

The Christmas Holiday Season is fast approaching and with it comes the yearly challenge of what gifts to select. Surprisingly Giraffe gifts  are the perfect choice for many people. First there is a wide selection of Giraffe gifts from blanket throw tapestries, to pillows, figurines, earrings, plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, crossing signs, mugs and keychains. For people wanting to buy animal gifts made in the USA the Giraffe blankets throw tapestries, pillows, earrings, crossing signs and keychains are all made in America. The Giraffe Blankets and pillow make beautiful home decor. The Giraffe blanket can be displayed on the wall, across sofas, chairs, or laid across a bed. Likewise the Giraffe pillow can complement the blanket in pairs on a sofa or by itself on a chair. People are often trying to decorate their house in a certain decor. A popular decor for children’s or babies room is a animal or safari decor. The most popular animal used to decorate a room is Large Giraffe plush stuffed animals. With their long necks giraffe plush stuffed animals tower over others and they almost appear to be standing a protective silent vigil. Giraffe plush stuffed animals can also be used for office party decor . For fashion fun the Giraffe earrings make an wonderful gift for young ladies and women. Featuring incredible detail the Giraffe earrings can be worn for casual or dress up.  Giraffe figurines offer a more formal look and work well in curio cabinets, shelves or mantles. The Giraffe toy miniatures come in various sizes and make an educational gift for imaginative creative children. For even more giraffe fun the giraffe crossing sign can be functional if you happen to actually own a giraffe, otherwise you can use it to announce your collection of giraffe plush or giraffe figurine memorabilia. The Giraffe keychain is another thoughtful gift for giraffe lovers that wish to make driving time another giraffe moment. So this Christmas Holiday gift giving season look at your gift list and see if a thoughtful giraffe gift might fill a need.

Giraffe Plush Stuffed Animals

Giraffe Plush Stuffed Animals

Snow Leopard Gifts for Animal Education and Play Fun

Snow Leopard Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Snow Leopard Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Snow Leopards in the wild are one of the most elusive of all large cats. Living on cliffs where they hunt for food they are seldom seen.  The Snow Leopards  large padded feet and their large strong tail help them balance as they traverse the ledges and rocks of this precarious existence. Because of this special relationship with their habitat Snow Leopards have become a favorite among wildlife animal lovers. To satisfy this need and love Snow Leopard enthusiasts have  turned to Snow Leopard gifts. Fortunately, in comparison to the wild animals,  Snow Leopard gifts are easily attainable.  Snow Leopard Plush Stuffed Animals like the one shown above are available for holding, hugging and educational play fun. Featuring the silvery light gray patterned plush the Snow Leopard stuffed animals provide a realistic look and feel.  For classroom study students can safely get up close and personal with the Snow Leopard plush stuffed animals and analyze their unique camouflage like coat which helps to keep them hidden as they hunt for food.  Often in conjunction with studying Snow Leopards school projects including dioramas are assigned.  For this challenge the Snow Leopard Toy Miniatures are perfect. Using the Snow Leopard Toy Miniatures like the one shown below a realistic habitat can be created.  By combining Snow Leopard toy miniature adults and cubs a family can be assembled bringing a three dimensional look to  the Snow Leopard display.  For further enjoyment of Snow Leopard gift enthusiasts the Snow Leopard T Shirts  feature accurate artwork that captures the wild beauty of these wild animals.  Snow Leopards will continue their struggle to survive in the remote cliff and ledges they inhabit. For Snow Leopard lovers there will always be a need to show their love for this wild cat. Snow Leopard gifts including plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, t shirts and mugs promote this love, while  educating and an awareness to this beautiful wild cat.

Snow Leopard Toy Miniature

Snow Leopard Toy Miniature

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