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Animal Gifts is proud to announce that animal and pet theme gifts specialist Animal World is LexiConn May Newsletter featured client. Providing insight into Animal World the LexiConn May Newsletter offers excerpts into the product offerings, history, background and online experience from their CEO Steve Forrest. Animal World has been handling the animal and pet theme gift needs of it customers throughout the USA and around the world for 32 years and has been online for 16 years starting in 1997. Since animal and pets play such an important role in our daily lives it is only natural that we glorify them with animal and  pet theme gifts. Animal World features wildlife, dog, cat, horse, bird, dinosaur plush stuffed animals, t shirts, sweatshirts, toy miniatures, figurine statues,  throw blankets, crossing signs, earrings, jewelry pins, puppets,  nature sound CDs, mousepads, pillows, mugs, plates, cookie jars, keychains and neckties.

Animal and Pet Lover Theme Gifts Appreciated Every Christmas

basset hound sweatshirt

Basset Hound Sweatshirt USA

The challenges of finding the perfect gift for Christmas is always a perplexing problem. One often overlooked area is Animal and Pet Theme Gifts.  Almost everyone loves animals and especially their pets. If you are searching for a listing of  we have searched and our recommendation is the Animal World Top 10 Animal and Pet Theme Gifts There you can find listed items like dog plush stuffed animals, wildlife plush stuffed animals, animal toy miniatures, animal crossing signs, dog crossing signs, animal earrings, dog figurines, animal figurines and animal puppets. Two new areas for dog lovers include dog lover t shirts and dog lover sweatshirts. For most people in this sector their favorite gift is related to their favorite animal or their favorite pet dog or cat. Specific Breed Dog lover gifts, Cat Lover Gifts and Horse Lover gifts are very popular categories. So this year as you rack your brain looking for that thoughtful gift think about animal and pet lover gifts to make that special person especially happy this Christmas Holiday Season.

Basset Hound Sweatshirt and Article Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Animal Puppets from A to Z for imagination, creativity, education and play fun.

goat puppetAnimal Puppets have come a long way from the sock puppets some of us made in school. Now with companies like Folkmanis puppets creating realistic animal puppets the animal can come to life with the imagination of the puppeteer. Animal puppets are literally available in animals from A – Z. Farm animal puppets are available in horses, cows, pigs, llamas, goats, chickens, roosters, donkeys lambs, sheep and ducks. Pet animal puppets include dogs, cats, guinea pigs hamsters, hedgehogs, and a white mouse. North American animals puppets are available in wolf, bobcats, coyotes, beavers, armadillos, chipmunks, squirrels, fox, bear, groundhogs, skunk, flying squirrels, opossum, porcupine, rabbits, raccoons, and beavers. Safari and jungle animal puppets include tigers, gorillas, lions, monkeys, orangutan, and pandas. alligator puppetWildlife bird puppets are available including eagles, peacocks, baby birds, crows, owls, ostrich. Ocean and water animals including sharks, dolphins, turtles, frogs, sea otters, river otters, seals, clams, and alligators. There are even reptiles and insects like lizards, chameleons, iguanas, butterflies, spiders and caterpillars. Prehistoric and mythical animal puppets include T Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex, dragons, Pegasus and Woolly Mammoth. Animal puppets are fun and as shown they are extremely realistic with regard to the animals they represent. Teachers can make story time come to life with puppets. Just imagine the simple story of the wolf and the three pigs coming to life with the students taking turns playing the part of the wolf or one of the three pigs. woolly mammoth puppetSinging nursery rhymes like itsy bitsy spider can capture the children attention immediately if you used a spider puppet to animate the song. Boys would love dinosaur education time when the T Rex tyrannosaurus rex puppet comes to life with the puppeteers creativity.

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