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New Folkmanis Octopus Puppet Animal Puppets

Folkmanis Octopus Puppet
Folkmanis Octopus Puppet at Animal World

The new Folkmanis Octopus Puppet offered online by animal puppets specialist Animal World is ocean lover imagination learning play fun. Featuring gorgeous lifelike look this Octopus Puppet has beautiful red, black white soft plush and lifelike eyes. Measuring 16″ wide by 16″ long by 4″ high the Folkmanis Octopus Puppet comes to life with easy handling animal hand puppet motions. For Octopus Gift Store enthusiasts there are also Octopus toy miniatures and Octopus Plush Stuffed Animal Toys.

Folkmanis Octopus Puppet article by Steve Forrest

Octopus Puppet photography by Folkmanis

Grizzly Bear Cub Puppet is Adorable and Fun

grizzly bear cub puppet
Grizzly Bear Cub Puppet

When you think of animal puppets you immediately think of fun. This is certainly true with regard to the Grizzly Bear Cub Puppet from Animal Puppet online retailer Animal World. Designed with as the traditional animal puppet easy to use mouth you can also simultaneously work the front legs with your thumb and pinky finger. As with all puppets the more movement the more animated the animal becomes. Made by Folkmanis the Grizzly Bear Cub Puppet is designed to be held close as if you were actually holding a baby Grizzly Bear Cub in your arms. With that thought in mind often the best animal puppet movements that you can make are subtle ones. For example the act of breathing can be created by simply moving the Grizzly Bear Cub Puppets chest or cheeks move in and out. Likewise, with only a slight turn of the head either way, upwards or downward, even a novice can create a very realistic look to their Grizzly Bear Cub puppet friend. Despite its rather large size the Grizzly Bear Puppet could be handled successfully by small children as well as adult puppeteers. For teachers the Grizzly Bear Puppet could help tell a story or educate young students about the woods in an entertaining, captivating manner without the dangers or expense of going to a zoo. For children or young adults with a passion for acting but are afraid to put themselves out there the Grizzly Bear Cub or any animal puppet allows an individual the opportunity to let their feeling out through the puppet rather than through themselves. This is often a very healthy outlet for children with deep set feeling that need to come out. For Grizzly Bear Gift Store enthusiasts the Grizzly Bear Puppet is an excellent addition for fun and equally perfect for home decor.

Grizzly Bear Cub Puppet Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography Website Consultant

New Chipmunk Puppet and Chipmunk Finger Puppet Fun

Chipmunks in comparison to squirrels are often forgotten and overlooked. This is no longer an argument with regard to the new Chipmunk Puppet and Chipmunk Finger Puppet now available online by animal puppets specialist Animal World. Made by Folkmanis Puppets the Chipmunk Puppet and the Chipmunk Finger Puppet both offer realistic detail, trademark Chipmunk striped markings and easy to handle characteristics. Designed for use with the right or left hand, when held cross armed the opposite hand can subtlety move a back leg, or more dramatically give that Chipmunk’s tail a lifelike swish. With the main hand manipulating the front two arms is easily achieved and most importantly can be used to wave, point, grasp, hold, pat or whatever is required to entertain the audience. Though not as open to possibilities as the Chipmunk hand puppet the Chipmunk finger puppet can still communicate with ease to it’s enchanted audience. With a nod of it’s head the Chipmunk Finger Puppet can say yes, or conversely by shaking back and forth the Chipmunk Finger Puppet can emphatically say no. Nodding vigorously can obviously mean the Chipmunk Finger Puppet is enthusiastic whereas acting pensive would mean caution. Whatever the emotion the Chipmunk Puppet or the Chipmunk Finger Puppet are both ready to add fun to otherwise mundane moments in our daily lives.

New Timber Wolf Puppet is Animal Hand Puppets Play Fun

Timber Wolf Puppet Large

The new Timber Wolf Puppet not only offers a realistic look it also comes to life with a little help from a friend. Featuring gorgeous black, silver, white soft plush this Timber Wolf Puppet Large has an absolutely adorable face, warm eyes, huggable body and long bushy tail. Designed to be held cross armed the Timber Wolf Puppet any novice puppeteer can easily work the head and mouth. Simultaneously the opposite hand can bring life the rest of the Timber Wolf Animal Puppet by creating movement such as breathing, leg movements or even tail swishing. Animal puppets are designed to put on a show and therefore their audience compared to normal plush stuffed animals can be quite large. The puppet show could be grand or intimate. Teachers can easily entertain the students in their class especially during story time. Whether utilized in famous stories like Little Red Riding Hood , adventure stories like White Fang or the scientific study of wolves in nature the Timber Wolf is ready to not only be a reference point but also help accelerate the learning curve. School plays or more formal stage plays could also be an excellent place to incorporate the Timber Wolf Puppet into the story line. Animal Puppets have so many potential uses but best of all children can interact with them on a personal basis. The child immediately has a friend for play time, a companion for imaginary adventures, a pet for unconditional love and best of all a natural way to stimulate creativity. Made by Folkmanis puppets and available online from animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World the new Timber Wolf Puppet Large awaits it’s next opportunity to become part of a loving child’s life, their family, a school classroom or even a big Broadway play.

Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Timber Wolf Puppet Photo by Folkmanis Puppets

Tortoise and Hare Animal Puppets Story Time Fun

One of the most endearing of all stories is the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Not only is it an amazing story that captures the hearts of everyone that read it or listens to it, the story is most famous for it’s morale. Since reading the story to children is the most popular way to become acquainted or reacquainted with the story a way to bring it to full life is with animal puppets.Obviously the main characters could be played by a tortoise turtle puppet. Likewise, the other main character could be brought life with a rabbit puppet or hare puppet. Other characters could also be brought in as needed throughout the story. A teacher would be the logical choice for handling the turtle puppet and rabbit puppet; however, children could be enlisted to get involved as well. With each part of the story the situation changes to where at the end the tortoise wins the race and the morale of the story is set forever in everyone’s mind. For this reason the Turtle Puppet at Animal World shown above perfectly embodies the morale of the story “slow but steady wins the race”. With it’s head down and it’s feet in slow but constant motion the goal is achieved and the finish line is crossed first. In contrast the rabbit or hare at Animal World shown below epitomizes hesitation and more importantly overconfidence. Obviously the hare is fast, quick and able to run absolute circles around the slower turtle. What the jackrabbit or hare lacks is focus, determination, will to see the job through and most important finishing. The Jackrabbit or Turtle puppets shown embodies those looks or personality without much input. Therefore, when these great looking animal puppets come to life with their animator, so does the story in real life. Since different people could be involved as puppeteers the story could actually take on new chapters not explored in the original story. But just like a song that is being covered a story can does not have to follow the melody exactly it can be adjusted to fit new more contemporary life. Animal Puppets are great fun and work well as for interactive natural learning play fun activities as well as brought to life story time adventures. 

Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Photos by Folkmanis Puppets

Animal and Pet Lovers Top 10 Christmas Gifts List

bulldog plush stuffed animal semper fi

Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal "Semper Fi"

People at this time of year are searching not only for gifts for family but also for family pet. The table can turned essentially if instead a gift for the pet a gift giver might want a gift from their pet or for some their favorite animal. For these animal and pet lover enthusiasts a top 10 list of possible animal and pet theme gifts might be of great importance. For this reason animal and pet theme gift specialist put together an Animal and Pet Lovers Top 10 Gift List to help out this and every Christmas gift giving season. To summarize the top 10 animal and pet lovers Christmas Gifts Top 10 List is as follows. Remember these are for the animal or pet lover and not for the pet. The Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal is a perfect gift not only for the dog lover but any Marine that wants to embellish the mascot and symbol of the Marines the Bulldog named “Semper Fi” shown.

1. Dog Plush Stuffed Animals – adorable lovable portable companionship

2. Wildlife Plush Stuffed Animals – wild animal handling and loving

3. Animal Toy Miniatures – incredible detail, educational play fun

4. Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries – functional and beauty made in USA

5. Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries – beautiful indoor home decor – USA made

6. Animal Crossing Signs, –  safety outside, indoor decor fun, USA made

7. Animal Earrings Jewelry – Beautiful fashion with fun

8. Dog Figurine Statues – best way to immortalize and remember your pet

9. Animal Figurine Statues – Brings the beauty of nature inside

10. Animal Puppets – brings an animal to life with your personality

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

How to work a Squirrel Puppet for realistic animal hand puppets fun

Squirrel Puppet Folkmanis Featuring a bushy brown tail with grey, creme, brown face and body this Squirrel Puppet Plush Stuffed Toy is realistic animal puppets play fun. Made by Folkmanis and featured with other animal puppets at Animal World this Squirrel Puppet plush stuffed animal toy is easy to work and seems to exude personality even before it comes to life by anyone wishing to be a puppeteer. With animal puppets subtle movements are more realistic than big ones. For example with simply the push of a finger or knuckle you can flare the cheeks of this Squirrel Puppet to make it appear as if it is breathing, about to chatter or is even eating a nut. Likewise with the remaining hand slight movements of the tail radiate outward to the end creating intended looks of high attention or alertness to surrounding similar to a real squirrel always on the lookout for danger. Returning to the main hand with thumb and pinky it is easy to work the front legs for gripping, waving, pointing or simply lifelike squirrel movements. With a similar movement of the knuckles of the main hand you can also give movement and thereby realism to the eyes. Designed for the novice or the expert the Squirrel puppet is easy and fun to work. Squirrel Gifts Stores featuring squirrel plush stuffed animals, crossing signs, pewter keychains, pillows, earrings, pins, neckties, toy miniatures, paperweights and figurines will be thrilled to add the Squirrel Puppet to their collection.

Goat Puppet is Animal Puppets Personality Personified

goat puppet FolkmanisJust looking at this Goat Puppet it appears to be loaded with personality, just imagine how it looks when you bring it to life with voice and animation. Featuring an amazing face this Goat Puppet has horns, detailed gray, brown, black white plush and is best animated with two hands in the cross armed pose. With one hand animating the face, mouth, cheeks, eyes and rotating the neck the other hand movement can be created with a twitch of the tail, breathing of the abdomen and adjustment in the position of the legs. All this sounds complicated but in reality the more subtle the movement the more realistic the animation whether it is the Folkmanis Goat Puppet or one of the increasing line of Animal Puppet for educational creative play fun. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World “the envelope continues to be pushed by the the creative, realistic and beautiful animal puppets at Folkmanis. The Goat Puppet is just one of the latest of the in an ongoing line of animal hand puppets that transcend the arena of animals and people. For Goat Gift Store enthusiasts the Goat Puppet will be an exciting collectible to add to the current offering of Goat plush stuffed animal toys, earrings, crossing sign and figurines.

New Whale Shark Puppets are educational play fun

whale shark puppetThe largest shark is not the Great White shark but instead it is the Whale Shark. Animal Puppets have come a long way since sock puppets so when you combine the two you get the new Whale Shark Puppet Plush Stuffed Animal. Featuring ocean blue with white realistic markings this Whale Shark Puppet is easy to work and is perfect for educational play fun. Any novice puppeteer can easily work the Whale Shark Puppets mouth and when held cross armed you can create a swishing movement by pushing and releasing the tail in a sideways motion. Teachers can have a lot of fun walking around the classroom in a swimming motion as the Whale Shark opens up it’s mouth and feeds in an imaginary a ocean world. Students can also bring the Whale Shark Puppet to life and in the mean time learn a lot about the anatomy and markings while having a fun learning experience. As we discover more about the amazing creatures that inhabit our oceans animal puppets like the new Whale Shark Puppet make learning an adventure which makes the learning process more fun and more productive.

Weasel Puppet is finger puppets easy play fun

weasel puppet plush stuffed animalPeople who love weasels often make note that nothing is available for weasel lovers. That statement may be somewhat true but it no longer applies to weasel puppets. The new Weasel puppet is made by Folkmanis and combines realistic features with soft plush and easy to work characteristics. Made of soft brown tan plush the weasel finger puppet is easy to work for children of all ages and adults who want to bring to life this interesting looking weasel. For anyone who dares to bring animal puppets to life the rewards are the reaction from seeing your personality projected through in this case. Weasels are similar to ferrets however they represent natural wildlife versus a domestic pet. The Weasel Puppet plush stuffed animal could be an excellent gift for someone known as a weasel or has that moniker as their nickname. Weasel protection groups could also benefit from using the weasel puppet stuffed animal for raising funds for weasel rescues and foundations. Teachers and Librarians can also make wonderful use of the weasel finger puppet plush stuffed animal during story time and wildlife education. Whatever the need the Weasel puppet plush stuffed animal is a wonderful addition for wildlife lovers and especially weasel animal lovers.

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