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Leopard T Shirt and Sweatshirt Fashion Fun Made in USA

Leopard T Shirt Sweatshirt
Leopard T Shirt Made in USA by

Everyone is familiar with the famous Leopard spot pattern on pants, shirts, handbags and even shoes but nothing is more beautiful than a real Leopard with a Leopard cub in its own native natural surroundings. This beauty is captured in animal wildlife t shirt fashion by Animal World in their new Leopard T Shirt USA . Made in the USA by wildlife animal t shirt specialist Animal World this Leopard T Shirt is available in sizes from youth extra small to the largest adult sizes so every Leopard Gifts Store enthusiast can enjoy this beautiful Leopard artwork. Printed on natural color 100% cotton the Leopard artwork is also available upon request in a Leopard Sweatshirt for year round Leopard fashion and fun.  For Leopard animal lovers there is even a Leopard Gifts Store at Animal World where they can find other gift items including leopard plush stuffed animals, plastic toy miniatures, crossing signs, earrings, figurines and a leopard crossing sign.

Leopard T Shirt Article and Photography by Steve Forrest


Animal and Pet Lover Theme Gifts Appreciated Every Christmas

basset hound sweatshirt

Basset Hound Sweatshirt USA

The challenges of finding the perfect gift for Christmas is always a perplexing problem. One often overlooked area is Animal and Pet Theme Gifts.  Almost everyone loves animals and especially their pets. If you are searching for a listing of  we have searched and our recommendation is the Animal World Top 10 Animal and Pet Theme Gifts There you can find listed items like dog plush stuffed animals, wildlife plush stuffed animals, animal toy miniatures, animal crossing signs, dog crossing signs, animal earrings, dog figurines, animal figurines and animal puppets. Two new areas for dog lovers include dog lover t shirts and dog lover sweatshirts. For most people in this sector their favorite gift is related to their favorite animal or their favorite pet dog or cat. Specific Breed Dog lover gifts, Cat Lover Gifts and Horse Lover gifts are very popular categories. So this year as you rack your brain looking for that thoughtful gift think about animal and pet lover gifts to make that special person especially happy this Christmas Holiday Season.

Basset Hound Sweatshirt and Article Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Grizzly Bear T Shirts and Sweatshirts Capture Wild Outdoors Fashion

grizzly bear t shirt
Grizzly Bear T Shirt

Grizzly Bear T Shirts and Sweatshirts capture the wild of outdoors nature in fashion.  As the weather turns cold many think about venturing into the woods for a Fall hike or a drive into the mountains to see the beautiful Autumn colors. This time also increases the opportunity to have an unexpected encounter with a bear. Bears come in Black Bears, Brown Bears and the super large Grizzly Bear. More common in colder regions the Grizzly Bear reigns supreme with it’s large size, powerful limbs and strong jowls. Celebrating this magnificent animal are the Grizzly Bear T Shirts found online by Animal T Shirt specialist Animal World. Printed and made in the USA on 100 % natural color cotton the Grizzly Bear T Shirt captures a large Grizzly Bear surveying it’s beautiful terrain with calm confidence. Available in child sizes thru the largest adult sizes this Grizzly Bear artwork is also available in sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts. The nicest feature of the Grizzly Bear T Shirts and Sweatshirts are their ability to show off someone’s love for bears as one of nature’s beautiful wildlife animals without the danger of close encounters which could result in injury or life threatening situations. According to Mary at Animal World “the Grizzly Bear T Shirts are especially popular with boys who are enamored with the power, strength and awesome look of Grizzly Bears.” With the Grizzly Bear T Shirts or Grizzly Bear Sweatshirts boys can enjoy wildlife fashion year round.

Article Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Grizzly Bear T Shirt Photo by Steve Forrest Photography

Blue Crab T Shirt captures Beach Lover Fashion

Around the Chesapeake Bay nothing comes to mind more than the famous Blue Crabs. Capturing Blue Crabs in their natural state is the Blue Crab T Shirt at Animal World. Patriotically printed in the USA on 100% natural colored cotton the Blue Crabs T Shirt is available in all sizes from child to adult the Blue Crab artwork is also available on sweatshirts or hoodies. Crab T shirts are a fun beach fashion selection but they can also be the choice of restaurants as uniform. Waitresses at restaurants where crabs are featured could wear the Crab T Shirts and combine it the Crab Earrings or Pin. Crab Gifts Stores will certainly offer the new Crab T shirt along with their plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, figurines, neckties and keychains.

Number 1 Back to school Beach fashion item – Animal T Shirts

great white shark t shirt

Shark T Shirt

dolphin t shirt

Dolphin T Shirt

blue crab t shirt usa

Blue Crab T Shirt

July is almost over which means August is bearing down and with it comes needs for back to school. Most people first think of school supplies however the number 1 item for back to school from the beach is animal t shirts which say something about what they did or experienced over the Summer. For most people the best memory of the Summer was time spent at the beach. Therefore for anyone who went to the beach and enjoyed seeing Dolphins the obvious choice for back to school fashion is a Dolphin T Shirt. The Dolphin T shirt not only announces to all bragging rights for going to the beach it also declares to all a personal love for the amazing beauty of dolphins.  Dolphin T Shirts are not the only fashion choice for back to school from the beach fashion fun, there are many other very popular animal theme t shirts that accomplish similar fashion lover goals. For  example a favorite activity at the beach is walking at waters edge. While walking the beach or sitting relaxing at the beach a fascination with crabs  can easily evolve. For beach lovers who think outside the box in a quirky humorous way the logical choice for back to school from the beach fashion is the Pair of Blue Crabs T Shirt. Although they usually are found around lakes versus the ocean, frogs definitely have their place in Summertime experiences and for that reason Colorful Rainbow Frog T Shirts are always a popular back to school fun fashion. For tourists who have traveled to Florida for Summer vacation encounters with iguanas might have occurred. For boys especially who want to show their toughness and to make the girls uneasy the realistic iguana t shirt is ready to catch some attention. Likewise, another animal synonymous with Florida is the Manatee. It is easy to fall in love with manatee, by their slow lumbering movement, cute whiskers, nonthreatening behavior and totally unique and isolated habitat. For anyone who has been privileged to witness them in the  wild the pair of Manatees T Shirt is a wonderful choice. In addition wearing a Manatee brings an additional awareness to the current plight of the manatee with regard to depletion of habitat and injury from boats propellers. Returning to the beach the majority of girls love dolphins but the majority of boys love Sharks. For boys sharks are cool, they are tough, perfect for wild imaginations and for boys the Great White Shark T Shirt especially with a big menacing open mouthed ready to eat something shark is almost a must for back to school fashion.  Similar to the iguana t shirt the Shark T Shirt evokes a response, girls squeal or scream, teachers ask questions and boys reap all the attention, thus establishing the desired effect in the first place. In contrast the innocence and beauty of life is captured in the Baby Turtles T Shirt. As we have witnessed on animal specials many times one of the most beautiful moments in life is witnessing baby Loggerhead Turtles emerging from their sandy birthplace and then struggling, against great odds to make it safely to oceans edge where they will start the perilous journey to one day hopefully become adult Loggerhead Turtles. This magical moment is captured on the Baby Loggerhead Turtles T Shirt. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World when speaking on the animal t shirts, ” children more than adults have a natural passion and love for animals of the world. Unlike adults they don’t have a stigma or problem showing this love by wearing their favorite animal in fashion on a t shirt or sweatshirt .” Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year, unfortunately the month of August brings the reality of Summer’s end into clear focus. Students can never turn back the hands of time but they can capture that wonderful feeling of going to the beach in back to school fashion with Animal T Shirts like the Dolphin, Shark, Turtle, Frog, Iguana and Manatee. During these tough economic times for all everyone, children and parents can help America and still have Beach Theme Animal T Shirts fashion fun because they are printed by Animal World and therefore are made with pride in the USA with American theme beach designs.

manatee t shirt

Manatee T Shirt

rainbow frog t shirt

Rainbow Frogs T Shirt

iguana t shirt

Iguana T Shirt

loggerhead turtle t shirt sweatshirt

Turtle T Shirt Sweatshirt

Great White Shark T Shirt is Youth and Adult Fashion Fun

great white shark t shirtEveryone loves to see sharks just not up close and personal. With the new Great White Shark T Shirt you can get close without being eaten and that is always a good idea. Children especially boys love Sharks because they are tough, meat eating, kings of the sea. All these are traits any boy likes to possess and when they wear the new Great White T Shirt it exudes all these traits to anyone who witnesses them wearing this dynamic shark artwork shirt. Printed in the USA by Animal World the Shark T Shirt is available in youth sizes X – Small, Small, Medium, Large and Adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large and XXX-Large so every member of the family can share in the shark fashion fun. Besides fashion wearing the Shark T shirt has many other possible uses. Businesses can use the Shark T shirt if they are currently using sharks as their mascot. Schools that have adopted the Shark as their mascot can do likewise. Many swimming clubs adopt nicknames and shark is a popular name. Swimming clubs can use the Shark artwork for team t shirts, sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts. Students doing school projects on sharks can wear a shark t shirt when making their shark book report and presentation to the class. Some people take their love affair with Sharks to the extent that they collect shark gifts store items including plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, figurines, puppet, crossing sign, keychain and for them the Shark t shirt allows for fashion fun. Whatever the use the Great White Shark T shirt will always be popular because of our love affair and fascination with sharks, the top of the food chain in every ocean they inhabit.

New Tiger T Shirt is Tiger lover fashion fun the Entire Family

Tiger T ShirtTiger T Shirt from Animal World are available in youth to adult sizes for every member of the entire family. Tigers are one of the most popular school mascots. A number of the top colleges football teams in the poles have tigers as their mascots including LSU, Missouri, Auburn, Clemson as well as high shcools like Oscar Smith in Chesapeake VA. Buying tiger t shirts are a great way to show your school spirit. Tiger shirts can be ordered in quantity for lower prices making them perfect for fund raiser activities. A great way for organizations, schools or clubs to make money with a quality product especially when it is printed in the USA by American workers. The tiger t shirt from Animal World shows both a white and red tiger to represent everyone’s favorite color tiger. The Tiger T Shirt is made of 100% comfortable cotton. The tiger t shirts are available in youth sizes X-Small, Small, Medium and Large. This makes it ideal for the child doing a report on tigers to wear their tiger shirt when they tell the class about tigers. The holidays are fast approaching and a tiger t shirt for the tiger lover is a must have for adults in T shirt sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large and XXX-Large. Tiger T Shirts are a great addition for Tiger gifts store lovers who may already have a collection of plush stuffed animals, figurines, crossing signs, earrings, blanket and pillow.

New Dolphin Sweatshirt and T Shirt for Beach Summer Fashion

dolphin sweatshirtThe new Dolphin Sweatshirt and T shirts provide beach daytime and chilly evening fashion fun. Printed in the USA the Dolphin T shirt comes on 100% natural color cotton and captures the artwork of a trio of dolphins swimming. The Dolphin Sweatshirt comes on a high cotton blend natural color and features similar artwork. For family fashion togetherness the Dolphin sweatshirt and t shirt come in Youth Sizes as well as Adult sizes. Imagine a relaxing walk along shores edge just as the days warmth gives way to evenings cooler temperatures as you stay cozy in your Dolphin sweatshirt. While at the beach it is a common sight to see Dolphins working the shore up and down the beach. Sometimes they can put on quite an acrobatic show as they work to catch fish while working together as a family pod. dolphin t shirtIf you ever have the opportunity to see it, the dolphins can put on an unbelievable show jumping, turning, splashing, all without any human involvement. The dolphin t shirt and sweatshirt commemorate the beauty dolphins bring to the natural ocean world. Because of their popularity Dolphins have become the mascot for swimming clubs, high schools and many clubs or organizations. Both the Dolphin Sweatshirt or the Dolphin T shirt would be excellent choices for team camaraderie or to help raise funds for travel and competitions. Wildlife enthusiast groups could use the shirt to bring awareness to the struggles dolphins encounter while simply trying to survive in their own ocean habitat. Whatever the reason or need the Dolphin Sweatshirt or Dolphin T Shirt show love for this universally adored creature we enjoy whenever we desire Summer beach fashion fun. Dolphin t shirts are just one example of an ever increasing selection of hard to find animal t shirts for wildlife lovers.

Fox T Shirts are special for wildlife lovers

fox t shirtAnimal t shirts usually features wolf or dolphin but usually fox designs are not available. Fox enthusiast have naturally felt left out, however, this feeling is not come to an end. A new Fox t shirt is available in the smallest youth sizes to some of the largest adult sizes. Best of all the new Fox T Shirts are printed in the USA on 100% natural cotton so that makes fashion sensible in today’s tough economy. Featuring a solitary red fox on the prowl at waters edge this Fox T Shirt captures the essence of wildlife in it’s natural habitat. Wildlife purists are always looking for ways to combine fashion with their love of nature. The new Fox T Shirt brings those 2 loves together for wildlife fashion fun. For Wildlife Fox gift stores the fox t shirt can serve the needs of nature trail lovers. For people looking for fox gifts for friends the fox t shirt is perfect for birthdays, holidays and office gifts. Families named Fox also are perfect recipients for the new fox t shirt. Student are often doing reports on animals. The Fox T Shirt can be worn during school projects or presentations on fox animals. Teachers can also wear the fox t shirt over a blouse of sweater during class to show enthusiasm for fox and forest animals. The best use of the fox t shirt is simply to wear for fun, fashion and love of wildlife.

New Prairie Dog Toy Miniature from Safari Animal Toys

prairie dog toy miniature

Prairie Dog Toy Miniature

In an ongoing broadening of their plastic animal toys Safari has recently added an new Prairie Dog Toy Miniature. Featuring a trio of prairie dogs this Prairie Dog Toy Miniature is perfect for play fun, education, school projects, and business. For teachers the Prairie Dog Toy Miniature can provide hands on analysis of this adorable animal of the western plains. For students the Prairie Dog Miniature is easily suited for use in dioramas or display. In business the Prairie Dog could be a symbol of the characteristics theat wish to be portrayed. Similar to the Gecko is used with Geico a Prairie Dog may be used in a similar way to help customers remember who they are and what service or product they sell. Traditionally toy animals are best for imaginative, creative play fun. For this purpose the Prairie Dog Toy Miniature makes play time a fun learning experience.  All Safari animal toys meet the rigid to standards set for the USA and Europe. For Prairie Dog Gift collectors of plush stuffed animals, crossing signs, t shirts and rubber stamps, the Prairie dog toy miniature can be used for home decor display and art projects.

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