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Number 1 Back to school Beach fashion item – Animal T Shirts

great white shark t shirt

Shark T Shirt

dolphin t shirt

Dolphin T Shirt

blue crab t shirt usa

Blue Crab T Shirt

July is almost over which means August is bearing down and with it comes needs for back to school. Most people first think of school supplies however the number 1 item for back to school from the beach is animal t shirts which say something about what they did or experienced over the Summer. For most people the best memory of the Summer was time spent at the beach. Therefore for anyone who went to the beach and enjoyed seeing Dolphins the obvious choice for back to school fashion is a Dolphin T Shirt. The Dolphin T shirt not only announces to all bragging rights for going to the beach it also declares to all a personal love for the amazing beauty of dolphins.  Dolphin T Shirts are not the only fashion choice for back to school from the beach fashion fun, there are many other very popular animal theme t shirts that accomplish similar fashion lover goals. For  example a favorite activity at the beach is walking at waters edge. While walking the beach or sitting relaxing at the beach a fascination with crabs  can easily evolve. For beach lovers who think outside the box in a quirky humorous way the logical choice for back to school from the beach fashion is the Pair of Blue Crabs T Shirt. Although they usually are found around lakes versus the ocean, frogs definitely have their place in Summertime experiences and for that reason Colorful Rainbow Frog T Shirts are always a popular back to school fun fashion. For tourists who have traveled to Florida for Summer vacation encounters with iguanas might have occurred. For boys especially who want to show their toughness and to make the girls uneasy the realistic iguana t shirt is ready to catch some attention. Likewise, another animal synonymous with Florida is the Manatee. It is easy to fall in love with manatee, by their slow lumbering movement, cute whiskers, nonthreatening behavior and totally unique and isolated habitat. For anyone who has been privileged to witness them in the  wild the pair of Manatees T Shirt is a wonderful choice. In addition wearing a Manatee brings an additional awareness to the current plight of the manatee with regard to depletion of habitat and injury from boats propellers. Returning to the beach the majority of girls love dolphins but the majority of boys love Sharks. For boys sharks are cool, they are tough, perfect for wild imaginations and for boys the Great White Shark T Shirt especially with a big menacing open mouthed ready to eat something shark is almost a must for back to school fashion.  Similar to the iguana t shirt the Shark T Shirt evokes a response, girls squeal or scream, teachers ask questions and boys reap all the attention, thus establishing the desired effect in the first place. In contrast the innocence and beauty of life is captured in the Baby Turtles T Shirt. As we have witnessed on animal specials many times one of the most beautiful moments in life is witnessing baby Loggerhead Turtles emerging from their sandy birthplace and then struggling, against great odds to make it safely to oceans edge where they will start the perilous journey to one day hopefully become adult Loggerhead Turtles. This magical moment is captured on the Baby Loggerhead Turtles T Shirt. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World when speaking on the animal t shirts, ” children more than adults have a natural passion and love for animals of the world. Unlike adults they don’t have a stigma or problem showing this love by wearing their favorite animal in fashion on a t shirt or sweatshirt .” Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year, unfortunately the month of August brings the reality of Summer’s end into clear focus. Students can never turn back the hands of time but they can capture that wonderful feeling of going to the beach in back to school fashion with Animal T Shirts like the Dolphin, Shark, Turtle, Frog, Iguana and Manatee. During these tough economic times for all everyone, children and parents can help America and still have Beach Theme Animal T Shirts fashion fun because they are printed by Animal World and therefore are made with pride in the USA with American theme beach designs.

manatee t shirt

Manatee T Shirt

rainbow frog t shirt

Rainbow Frogs T Shirt

iguana t shirt

Iguana T Shirt

loggerhead turtle t shirt sweatshirt

Turtle T Shirt Sweatshirt

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