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Today’s Realistic Plastic Toy Animals Best Ever

sally lightfoot crab toy miniature

In times past the best animal figurines were made of cast stone however the current group of plastic animal toy figurines now equal and surpass them in most if not all areas. Historically people would purchase cast stone figurines for permanent display on shelves and curio cabinets, while plastic animal toy miniatures were considered only as play toys. This conventional way of thinking is consistently being shown as incorrect especially with the most recent trends toward extreme realism in today’s crop of plastic animal toys. Whereas past plastic animal toys resembled simply toys today’s trend toward realistic detail makes the latest releases in many ways better quality than their stone figurine counterparts. The change in rankings is due to the base material used in the construction of today’s animal figurines. High quality animal figurines have always been made of cast stone or a cast stone compound. In either case the resulting animal figurine has been very delicate or limited to poses or features that did not compromise the always present danger of breakage. In contrast with today’s animal figurines made of durable, rigid but bendable PVC plastic any feature can be constructed without any compromise in animal pose. With this no tiny details need to be omitted for sake of figurine integrity. The smallest details can not only be included they can be exploited to give the animal figurine an even greater realistic resemblance to the actual animal. With plastic animal toys all features of the animal can now be included from delicate legs, necks and ears to long flowing tails. Featured above is the Sally Lightfoot Crab Toy Miniature which exemplifies the incredible detail and realism now available in plastic animal toys. The animal toys video below offers a small cross section of the variety of plastic animal toys available including domestic, African Safari, North American, Polar, Oceans, Reptiles and even Prehistoric. Safe educational opportunities abound especially with regard to the study of dinosaur toy animals and snake toy animals. Realistic Plastic toy animals come in a variety of sizes from Mini Good Luck Animal Toy Miniatures, to Animal Toy Tubes, standard and even large size.

Copy and Video by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography
Photo by Safari Toys

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