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Beaver Toy Miniature for educational play fun and decor

beaver toy miniatureBeavers are a favorite animal for any wildlife enthusiast. Everyone knows that beavers like to dam streams to create their own beaver friendly habitat. Beavers are famous for those powerful teeth which beavers literally use to chop down trees for building their dome shaped home with well hidden underwater entrances, For students and children a beaver toy miniature can be an excellent source for educational play fun. Beaver toys can be used in wildlife habitat dioramas, school discussion, demonstration and of course just imaginative, creative play fun. Teachers can use beaver toys for animal education and to allow a student close inspection of all the beavers unique anatomy. Another area of beaver interest involves the broad flat beaver tail. The most famous use of this tail is to smack the water to warn the beaver family of approaching danger. The tail also helps in swimming, stability and even in building. Beaver toy miniatures are made of safe, durable plastic as all Animal Toys Miniatures from listed sources and the beaver toy shown measures 4″ long x 1.5″ wide x 1.5″ high.

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