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Chicken Toys and Rooster toys for farm animal toys educational play fun

chicken toy hen with chick
During the 1800′ s most people in the USA lived on farms but during the 1900’s the majority of people moved to the cities. Although this became true it is still hard to take the love of a farm out of people and when people think of farms they think of chickens. For this reason when schools study farm life chicken toys become an important part of any farm diorama or school presentation. There are 3 choices of chicken toys for farm school dioramas including the chicken hen with single chick, rooster toys chicken, and chicken toy hen with 3 chicks. With these 3 choices you can create a simple scene with a single chicken, or add the rooster to make a family. With foreground and background farm settings you can add the chicken toy hen with chicks or use it by itself. rooster toyAll of them are excellent learning tools for all students learning about life on the farm. Of course farms are famous for roosters crowing in the morning to mark the start of a new day. With that in mind you could position the Rooster on a post, on a shed or on a roof. All chicken and rooster toys as with all animal toys miniatures produced from sources listed meet all US and European standards for toy safety. The incredible feature of the farm animal toys is the realistic detail from which education can be derived through use and display. Of course the Chicken toys and Rooster toys can be used for play farm animal toy fun. chicken toy hen with chicksThis play fun allows the child’s creativity and imagination to develop. Children can make up stories, give names and create farm make believe situations all of which are wonderful play fun.

Hippo Toys Miniatures for educational play and decor fun

Hippos are one of the most powerful animals on the safari of Africa. With their tremendous size and powerful jaws it is said more people are killed by Hippos than any other animal on the Savannah. Since the only hippos most encounter are the ones you see in a zoo Hippo Toy Miniatures can play a role in a child’s animal education. Children can use their imagination to make up names for the hippos and stories for the Hippo family. With Toy hippo miniatures you can so you can inspect the hippo up close and admire it’s unique beauty. Especially with the large hippo toy shown at the bottom the detail of the hippo can be best studied. Teachers often assign projects so for students that select Hippos they can put together a Hippo diorama with baby hippo toy shown top and adult hippo toy shown middle. Hippo toy miniatures are great for education but you can also utilize them in home or office decor. Maybe your office is doing a theme on Africa or you want to decorate for a party with an African safari theme. With the Hippo Toy Miniatures you can have great effect and you don’t have to worry about party goers breaking expensive stone figurines. Hippo Toy Figurines are just one style in the ever expanding line of Animal Toy Miniatures for educational, play, home and office decor fun. All toys from the sources shown are made to conform to USA and Europe standards for toy safety.

Dalmatian Toy Dog Miniatures for play fun, decor, school, or business.

Dalmatian dogs are certainly one of the most unique of all dog breeds. Bred as a working dog they are famous for their work in fire departments. In business they have been made famous as a rider on the Budweiser beer wagon being pulled by Clydesdale horses. In stories Dalmatians are the stars in the famous story 101 Dalmatians. Dalmatian Dog Toy Miniatures can be used for creative minds in all these same scenarios. Children can make the story about the 101 Dalmatians come to life if they have a Dalmatian Toy or Dalmatian puppy toys in their hand. They could even give one of the Dalmatians the name Lucky as used in the story. For children wanting to be a Fireman use of a miniature Dalmatian toy would make the fire house or fire truck become more realistic. In business similar to Budweiser that has adopted the Dalmatian dog as your mascot you could use Dalmatian toys as office decor, or as promotional give aways or simply as office decor to promote business camaraderie and morale. To move into home decor the Dalmatian is also a staple when it comes to black and white interior decorating. The black and white Dalmatian creates that simple look in a natural look that is not possible with the use of simply black and white paint or wallpaper. The Dalmatian Toys shown from the sources listed as all Animal Toy Miniatures are made of safe, durable plastic that pass all the safety standards by the USA and Europe for toy safety. The Adult Dalmatian Toy is shown above and the Puppy Dalmatian Toy is shown below. Student can use the Dalmatian toys to make dioramas and for other school related projects. Of course to celebrate a favorite Dalmatian pet’s birthday you may want to decorate with miniature toy dalmatians. As always you are only limited by your own imagination when using animal toy miniatures.

Beaver Toy Miniature for educational play fun and decor

beaver toy miniatureBeavers are a favorite animal for any wildlife enthusiast. Everyone knows that beavers like to dam streams to create their own beaver friendly habitat. Beavers are famous for those powerful teeth which beavers literally use to chop down trees for building their dome shaped home with well hidden underwater entrances, For students and children a beaver toy miniature can be an excellent source for educational play fun. Beaver toys can be used in wildlife habitat dioramas, school discussion, demonstration and of course just imaginative, creative play fun. Teachers can use beaver toys for animal education and to allow a student close inspection of all the beavers unique anatomy. Another area of beaver interest involves the broad flat beaver tail. The most famous use of this tail is to smack the water to warn the beaver family of approaching danger. The tail also helps in swimming, stability and even in building. Beaver toy miniatures are made of safe, durable plastic as all Animal Toys Miniatures from listed sources and the beaver toy shown measures 4″ long x 1.5″ wide x 1.5″ high.

Snow Leopard Toy Miniatures are educational play fun

snow leopard toy miniature
We have only recently learned through documentaries about the elusive Snow Leopard. The Snow Leopards habitat is extremely removed from any human existence. In addition Snow Leopard live and hunt on steep cliffs hunting for herd animals that share the same cliff side existence. Miniature Plastic Snow Leopard Toys are now available in adult Snow Leopards and baby Snow Leopards for use in snow leopard education, school projects, dioramas, and just play fun. snow leopard cub toy miniaturePictured are the Snow Leopard cub toy and Adult Snow Leopard Toy Miniatures. The Snow Leopard toys can also be used in miniature wildlife scenes, since they are made of plastic they can easily be glued and breakage is not a concern. The Snow Leopard Toys are just two examples of the wide line Animal Toy Miniatures available for play fun, education, school and business purposes.

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