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New Bobcat Crossing Sign for Nature Trail safety, Home, School, Business

bobcat crossing sign

Bobcat Crossing Sign

The Bobcat is native exclusively to North America with most of it’s territory consisting of the contiguous USA 48 states. Since Bobcats tend to hunt all night from early evening until just after dawn they are rarely seen. For areas where Bobcats are frequently sighted the new Bobcat Crossing Sign can serve as a warning to unsuspecting visitors that encounters with a Bobcat or Bobcats is a potential occurrence.  Made of durable aluminum with vibrant bright yellow background and full color artwork the new Bobcat Crossing Sign is able to send out a warning to all those who come upon it’s message. Heeding such warnings provided by animal crossing signs such as the Bobcat Crossing Sign along nature trails may on the positive side enhance a hiker experience with a memorable once in a lifetime sighting and on the safety side potentially saving a hikers life in the case of an unexpected encounter. For controlled nature habitat areas like Zoos where animals such as Bobcats are in a protected, contained safe area the Bobcat Crossing Sign and other animal crossing signs can serve as an attractive, informative, educational tool. Since the Bobcat Crossing Sign features attractive Bobcat artwork imaginative home decor animal enthusiasts can utilize it indoors to announce to visitors the impending entrance into an animal lover’s Bobcat collectibles lair. Likewise, Teachers or educators can use the Bobcat Crossing Sign and other animal crossing signs to colorfully decorate school classrooms, hallways and meeting rooms. For schools, universities or club that have adopted the Bobcat as their mascot the Bobcat Crossing Sign can be used for fund raising, esprit decor and for Bobcat team morale building camaraderie.  Featured online by animal specialty retailers like Animal World the Bobcat Crossing Sign transcends the boundaries of outdoor safety function into offering it’s unique style of Bobcat awareness and how it applies to our everyday personal, sports, educational and business life.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

5 Animal Toy Miniatures to remind you of Summer at the Beach

great white shark toy miniature

Great White Shark Toy Miniature

blue dolphin toy miniature tail up

Blue Dolphin Toy Miniature

Most people’s favorite memories of Summer include time spent at the beach. Going to the beach is also a hands on learning experience. One way to enhance this enjoyable learning experience along with recreating favorite memories is with beach them animal toy miniatures. The top 5 animal toy miniature to reminders of Summer at the Beach are listed and the most popular animal toy miniatures are as follows.

  1. Dolphin Toy Miniatures – Dolphins are everyone’s favorite animal at the beach. Out of reach but not out of sight Dolphins represent the playful beauty of going to the beach as they make the ocean come to life with their frolicking in the wave as a family pod group. The Dolphin Toy Miniatures are an excellent way to remind yourself of wonderful times at the beach.
  2. Shark Toy Miniatures – When it comes to Sharks everyone wants to talk about sharks and act tough regarding sharks but no one wants to be in the water in close proximity with a real shark. It is at that moment of realization when man is aware that they are not the top of the food chain in fact instead of feeling like the hunter they feel the uneasy feeling of being the hunted. Despite these realities boys especially can’t resist the allure of sharks and the best way to feed this obsession is with a variety of realistic shark toy miniatures.
  3. Pelican Bird Toy Miniatures – People today visit the beach and a now common sight is the beautiful v formations of Pelicans as they work their way up and down the beach. Because of DDT of the 60’s and 70’s the only place you could see Pelican was Southern parts of the US however with the ban of these chemicals the pelicans return has been nothing short of phenomenal. This remarkable comeback makes any trip to the beach a dazzling experience as the crystal blue Summer sky and  open ocean waters come to life with flying and diving Pelicans. For beach lovers who are fascinated by these amazing flying creatures the Pelican toy miniatures are a perfect reminder of time spent at the beach.
  4. Crab Toy Miniatures – Every trip to the beach is the ultimate combination of land water and sky. No other place on earth combines these 3 elements in such dramatic fashion. This classic grouping of land sea and air subconsciously hits a relaxing chord that makes going to the beach such a relaxing popular attraction. Beach goers, however, are land bound along with their ghost crab friends. For anyone relaxing by the beach watching crabs darting in and out of their holes while making what appears to be a sand salad becomes a popular beach spectator sport. The amazingly realistic crab toy miniatures bring that Summer at the  beach feeling into any room of any house.
  5. Jellyfish Toy Miniatures – One memory of the beach that most people do not cherish is any experience with the dreaded jellyfish. Jellyfish ruin any ocean swimming experience in a matter of seconds. For children and their mothers many hysterical moments have been experienced whenever a jellyfish sting has occurred. Only with time and in retrospect can jellyfish experiences become a family experience that can be reviewed with humor and fondness. For practical jokes and fun the orange jellyfish toy miniatures are a sore but essential part of anyone’s favorite Summer reminders of the beach.

Going to the beach during the Summer has become an annual event that for most wish would never end. Taking the beach home with you is obviously not possible but it is possible to relive many of those special memories with animal toy miniatures including the dolphins, sharks, pelicans, crabs and jellyfish listed. All the animal toy miniatures have their own special way of making one smile and of taking one away to that special relaxing spot on the beach where you watched the dolphins play in the waves, watched the pelicans overhead, watched the crabs pop in and out of their holes, while you hoped to stay far away from dangerous sharks or bothersome jellyfish. The special relaxing joys of Summer if only in your imagination most of the year. All the animal toy miniatures shown for Summer beach memory reminders are available online at Animal World.

white pelican toy miniature

White Pelican Toy Miniature

hermit crab toy miniature

Hermit Crab Toy Miniature

orange jellyfish toy miniature sea nettle

Orange Jellyfish Toy Miniature

Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed Animal toys are fun

Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Fiesta Big EyesEveryone loved the movie “Finding Nemo” and one of the most endearing scenes involved encountering the Sea Turtles swimming and being carried along in the Australian current. Imaginative children can reenact this moment in the movie if they wish with the Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed Animal Toy by Fiesta at Animal World. Featuring a bright green, blue, purple soft colored plush shell and those big bright enamoring eyes this Sea Turtle stuffed animal toy is educational and fun. With a small loop the Sea Turtle plush stuffed animal toy can also be displayed from above as if it is swimming. With several of the Sea Turtle stuffed animals grouped in this way you could create stunning display for underwater theme parties or just creative home decor. Teachers could also have an ocean education module and display the Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed Animals in a similar manner for captivating classroom underwater exploration. Sea Turtle babies are often the center of interest for Wildlife habitat preservationists. For fund raising, social events or rescue organizations the Sea Turtle plush stuffed animal can become a focal point on tables, welcome areas and for money raising raffles. The best use for the Big Eye Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed animal toy is simply for children’s play fun. Through this historical utilization of wildlife plush stuffed animal toys children of all ages stretch their imagination, creativity and story making abilities all the while just having fun.

Threatened California Condor is newest bird toy miniature

california condor toy miniature bird

California Condor Toy Miniature

Several years ago the California Condor bird was on the brink of extinction.  News groups and environmentalists worked hard to protect this endangered bird and saved it from certain extinction. Today Safari plastic toys has released a new California Condor Toy Miniature for educational play fun. Featuring excellent detail the California Condor Toy meets all  US and Europe toy safety standards and thereby makes this plastic toy bird an excellent prop for classroom teachers. In addition, for any student that wants to do a report, school project or diorama the California Condor toy miniature would be a unique choice. California Condor birds face an uncertain future and ongoing efforts continue in order to solidify a safe population. To achieve these results California Condor bird fund raisers and benefits will be needed to raise money to have their voice heard. For these events the California Condor Toy Miniature could provide an important role from table decorations  to wildlife displays and thank you goodies bag.  Condors is also often a name used by schools , business, clubs and groups. They could also utilize the California Condor Toy Miniatures for school spirit, business clients or as giveaways. The California has indeed come from the brink of extinction to now taking it’s place as a useful education toy for creative and imaginative minds.

New Duck Crossing Sign offers better artwork

Duck Crossing Sign

Duck Crossing Sign

Everyone remembers hearing the story “Make Way for Ducklings” and worrying about the safe journey for the mother duck and it’s ducklings from the nest to the safety of the park. This scene is repeated throughout America anywhere there are mallard ducks, ponds and people. Responsible wildlife lovers utilize duck crossing signs to educate travelers to slow down and be on the lookout for proud mothers and their ducklings. To better achieve safety for these beautiful birds the Duck Crossing Sign has been updated with new artwork. The new Duck Crossing Sign shows a mother Mallard Duck and 6 baby ducklings on a bright yellow background. Made of durable aluminum with a hole for hanging the Duck Crossing Sign is easily adaptable to posts, poles, fences or any suitable setting. Made in the standard yellow diamond pattern the duck crossing sign measures 12″ x 12″. Duck Crossing Signs like all animal crossing signs educate, entertain and hopefully save the lives of wildlife for enjoyment today and for generations to come. The new Duck Crossing Sign is adorable and the new artwork effectively warns all to make way for ducks and duckling.

Okapi plush stuffed animal and Okapi toy miniature gifts

okapi toy miniature safari

Okapi Toy Miniature

Okapi animals are one of the most unique and also one of the least known of all the animals of the African Serengeti. With new Okapi plush stuffed animals and Okapi toy miniatures part of the products now available at the Okapi Gifts Store people can now be more aware of this beautiful wildlife animal. The Okapi Plush Stuffed Animal features soft detailed brown, white, black soft plush.  Students can use the Okapi plush stuffed animal for school presentations and teachers can use it for hand it for hands on learning. Students can also use the Okapi toy miniature for school dioramas. Everyone notices how the Okapi looks in some ways like an incomplete zebra and also has solid colors like a horse.  Survival on the plains of Africa has created a patchwork style camouflage pattern to the Okapi’s coat which makes them harder to follow by predators. The Okapi plush stuffed animal and Okapi toy miniature at the Okapi gifts store both show in realistic detail the beauty and effectiveness of this unique looking animal. Children can use the Okapi toy or plush stuffed animal for play fun. Business wishing to create beautiful safari display decor can use the Okapi toy miniatures or Okapi plush stuffed animals for table or welcome areas. Best of all Okapi enthusiasts can now enjoy Okapi gift store items like the plush stuffed animal and toy miniature.

Okapi Plush Stuffed Animal

Okapi Plush Stuffed Animal

Seahorse Gifts Store for coral reef ocean lovers

Yellow Seahorse Plush Stuffed Animal

Yellow Seahorse Plush Stuffed Animal

White Seahorse Figurine Statue Pair by John Perry

Seahorse are one of the most unique and hard to spot animals of the coral reef. They maintain their location in an amongst the plants of the coral reef disguising themselves to resemble their surroundings thus protecting themselves from predators. Seahorse are not horses but they resemble real horses in primarily the shape of the head. Seahorse use tiny flippers to alter and adjust their position as they float in around plants searching for food. Enthusiasts of Seahorse can collect many gift items that capture the beauty and color of the wide ranging variety of Seahorse. Seahorse gifts store include plush stuffed animals, figurines, toy miniatures, earrings, neckties crossing signs and keychains. Seahorse plush stuffed animals and toy miniatures are perfect for education, school projects, decor party needs and soft play fun. The Seahorse earrings and neckties are fashion with a flair for amusement and fun. The Seahorse Crossing signs can be used for outdoor coral reef function or indoor collectible decor. The Seahorse figurines provide beautiful natural looking ocean decor to any home or office and the Seahorse keychain is take it with you driving fun.
Seahorse Earrings Gold Jewelry

Seahorse Earrings Gold Jewelry

Red Seahorse Toy Miniature

Red Seahorse Toy Miniature

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