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Save the Manatee T Shirt Embodies Manatee Beauty and Responsibility

Manatee T Shirt by Animal World USA

Anyone who has ever witnessed a Manatee in a wildlife habitat or in it’s natural setting cannot come away feeling closer to this animal as well as responsible for taking care of this beautiful yet vulnerable animal of our waters. Celebrating this wonderful, adorable and massive lumbering animal of our inland waters and waterways is the Manatee T Shirt. Made of 100% natural color cotton this Manatee T shirt is available in child and adult sizes. Printed in the USA by Animal World the Manatee T Shirt pictures a pair of Manatees looking down from above as they peacefully traverse the clear waters of their watery habitat. Known affectionately as “sea cows” because of their slow lumbering behavior and plant grass grazing diet. Ranging in size from 11 to 13 feet long and weighing from 1,100 to 1,300 pounds Manatees are best known in the USA in the warm lakes and tributaries in Florida. Because of their inability to move quickly Manatees greatest threat comes unnaturally from man in the form of boat propellers or collision. Due to this situation Manatees remain in the vulnerable to extinction in the natural world in the Florida area. By sporting the Manatee T Shirt everyone keeps the plight of the Manatee on the forefront of concerns for protection of habitat and stiff fines for injuring one of these magnificent animals. In addition the Manatee T Shirt provides Summer fashion fun which is as comfortable to view as it is to wear. For Manatee Gifts Store lovers their are a variety of other items available including Manatee stuffed animal plush toy, crossing sign, sweatshirt, necktie, earrings, toy miniature, mug, and keychain.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Orangutan T Shirt Provides Universal Animal Lover Fashion Fun

When it comes to animal wildlife t shirts most people have a favorite, however, when it comes to the Orangutan T Shirt everyone is an potential eligible model and consumer. Featuring a truly adorable Orangutan Baby on rust marble tie dye this animal t shirt is desirable for anyone who wishes to get a reaction for their fashion selection. Printed in the USA on 100% cotton and featured online by animal and pet theme t shirt specialist Animal World the Orangutan T Shirt is available in children and adult sizes. First, Orangutan Gifts Store lovers will enjoy adding the t shirt to their collection of Orangutan plastic toy animals, plush stuffed animals and puppets. Next, probably one of the most popular reasons people find for acquiring the Orangutan T Shirt is in conjunction with a school project or presentation they have prepared on Orangutans. Students while describing their Orangutan display or diorama might wear the Orangutan T Shirt to show maximum effort and preparation in search of a top grade for their animal toy miniature assignment. Similarly, teachers are always searching for way to make their lesson plans more thought provoking and interesting. For this reason school teachers could wear the Orangutan T Shirt while offering education in jungle animals, primates, mammals or in specific Orangutans. Elementary teachers could sport the Orangutan T Shirt while they read stories or entertain their class with any animal puppet. For guys thinking outside the box the Orangutan T Shirt also makes the perfect party shirt. What better way to get the attention of the ladies at a tropical bar than with a cute adorable Orangutan T Shirt. Without a word spoken the Orangutan T Shirt wearer sends a message to all that he or she is a fun loving, good humored, mischievous, looking for a good time individual secure in their place in the world. Whether for school, going out on the town, zoos, wildlife clubs or whatever the Orangutan T Shirt provides universal animal lover fashion fun.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography   

Wildlife Animal T Shirts offer Fashion Year Round

Wildlife Animal T Shirts are always a popular choice to combine fashion with the beauty of nature. With virtually any popular animal to choose from like dolphins or wolves to lesser known animals like hedgehogs or puffins the possibilities are virtually endless. With every size from the smallest child to the largest adult every member of the family including boys or girls and men or women can enjoy wildlife animal fashion fun. Made in the USA by online specialty retailers like Animal World they not only show off America they also help America. Spring is a perfect time for wildlife fashion t shirts featuring ducks, rabbits for Easter and colorful butterflies. With summer at the beach just around the corner t shirts with crabs, flamingos, frogs, sharks, dolphins or pelicans and sea turtles become very popular. Fall is always a good times for cardinals, deer, black bears, loons, moose and raccoons on t shirts or sweatshirts. Winter of course immediately conjures up feeling for wolves, eagles and polar bears. Wildlife animal T shirts are available featuring Eagles, Wolves and Polar Bears. Springtime of course brings to mind fox, buffalo and hummingbirds. When it comes to safari animals many animals come to mind including elephants, hippos, giraffe, zebra, leopards, lions and rhinos are envisioned. When it comes to exotic animals people naturally think of peacocks, puffins, pandas and koalas take people to places and scenes they may never actually visit. Featured online by animal and pet theme gifts specialist Animal World animal t shirts display pride and love for the beautiful wildlife which makes our world so special.

Photo and copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Bald Eagle T Shirt for National Bird Lover Pride

Bald Eagle T ShirtOf all the birds to witness in flight or at rest the pinnacle is the Bald Eagle. With it’s automatic prestige as the national bird of the USA the Bald Eagle is the preeminent sight for every bird watcher. Embodying the spirit and beauty of this beauty is the new Bald Eagle T Shirt featured online by Animal World. Printed in the USA on natural color 100% cotton the Bald Eagle T Shirt is available in child as well as adult sizes. Whether the person is a dedicated bird watching enthusiast or a casual wildlife observer the reaction to seeing a Bald Eagle in flight is always exciting. Bald Eagles at one point were on the brink of extinction, however, today we are cautiously watching their number increase to the point where today Eagles are no longer on the list of endangered species. The new Bald Eagle T Shirt appropriately not only captures America’s national bird in artwork it appropriately is also made in the USA. Bald Eagle Gifts Store enthusiasts can sport the Eagle T Shirt during warm Spring or Summer days. Similarly eagle bird lover can transition from the T Shirt to the Eagle sweatshirt when the weather turns cold during the Fall and Winter for year round fashion.

Post by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Zebra T Shirt and Zebra Sweatshirt for Animal Lover Safari Fashion Fun

zebra t shirt usaAnimal T Shirts are a simple way to show off one’s love for wildlife. When it comes to wildlife one of the easiest animals to identify and remember is the Zebra. With it’s horse like structure and alternating black white patterned coat it is unmistakable. From it’s native habitat on the Savannah lands of Africa to the classroom where it is often used to symbolize the letter Z, Zebras are one of the most popular of all exotic animals. Capturing this unique animal in artwork is the new Zebra T Shirt now available from Animal World. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World ” the new Zebra artwork is as bold as the animal itself.” Family animal lovers of all sizes and ages can enjoy the new Zebra T Shirt and for year round fashion the artwork is even available on Zebra Sweatshirts. For conscience consumers wanting to purchase animal wildlife t shirts from American the Zebra T Shirts are printed proudly in the USA by Animal World. Wearing animal t shirts can creatively also fill the fashion needs of school teachers. In a constant search for ways to stimulate students in areas of education the Zebra T Shirts or sweatshirts can help invigorate the school study of Africa and it’s stunning array of interesting animals. Animal lovers if possible embark on grand African Safari journeys. For most everyone else the alternative is a trip to the local zoo. In either case a love affair can easily develop for the Zebra. For these Zebra Gift Store enthusiasts the new Zebra T Shirt and sweatshirt allow expression through fashion of this love for this unique animal. In contrast to being directly related to the love of Zebra some fashion trends like the simplicity of dressing in just black and white. The Zebra personifies this fashion taste in a natural way that combines the simplicity in lack of color with the bold statement of using the absence of color in black and white. Whatever the need the new Zebra T Shirt and Zebra Sweatshirt are ready to make a statement for animal enthusiasts, fashion aficionados, teachers, zoo lovers, safari expedition travelers and just children of all age that love the uniqueness of this special animal.

Red Fox T Shirt and Fox Sweatshirt for Wildlife T Shirt Fashion Fun

red fox t shirtCapturing the beautiful look of a classic red fox is the new Red Fox T Shirt made by Animal World. Printed on 100% natural color cotton the Red Fox T Shirt is available to all members of the family from youth size to adult. Featuring a bright red fox on the prowl at waters edge the Red Fox T Shirt seems to bring the feeling of the wild onto fashion. Fox are favorites in stories, folklore and are known for a sly cunning personality that allows it to survive in an environment of constantly changes environments. In many parts of the country neighborhoods unknowingly are home to an ever increasing population of predators including Fox. As shrubs or trees become established they also provide a natural habitat for many animals including fox as well as the animals they hunt. As with any life cycle predators like fox keep grazers from overproducing in turn actually strengthen the species on which they feed. Wildlife lovers are always looking ways to show off their passion for animals. Wildlife animal T Shirts like the Fox provide that unique love to be shown off in fashion and fun. For Red Fox Gifts Store lovers in addition to the Red T Shirt a Red Fox Sweatshirt is also available for keeping warm on chilly days. Best of all the Red Fox T Shirt like all wildlife animal t shirts made by Animal World are made with pride in the USA.

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