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Peacock T shirt is Exotic Bird Lover Fashion Fun

Peacock T ShirtPeacock T Shirts are Exotic Bird Lovers Fashion fun. Peacocks are known as the bird of many colors. To capture this unique bird the Peacock T Shirt is now available to capture all this splendor. Printed in the USA by Animal World the Peacock T Shirt is available in all sizes from the smallest child sizes to the largest adult so that all members of the family can enjoy the Peacock Fashion. Peacock sweatshirts are also available for cool nights or walks on the beach or mountains. Peacocks are most famous for their flamboyant huge semi circular tail with bright blue, yellow, purple, green feathers resembling hundreds of eyes. In the bird world the male usually has the bright colors and they are used to attract the females attention. When it comes to Peacocks the male has gone to great lengths to bring attention to itself. Peacocks not only splay their iridescent feathers in a dazzling array they also shake them in order to make them shimmer especially if the sun is in the correct angle. The stunning color of the Peacock was the inspiration for NBC when they chose the Peacock to represent their transition to color from black and white on Television. The Peacock T Shirt like all wildlife animal t shirts are a way of recognizing and educating regarding in this case a unique and special bird. Exotic birds like the Peacock certainly make almost anyone do a double take. Peacocks entertain and make you smile, the Peacock T Shirts have the same effect.

Koala T Shirts printed in the USA for Australian fashion fun

koala t shirtKoalas are a very unique animal synonymous with the country of Australia. Koalas are so endeared to Australia that Kwantis Airlines used it as the symbol of their company in commercials. With their laid back lifestyle and adorable face Koalas immediately attract fans from all over the world. To celebrate Koalas Animal World prints an adorable Koala T Shirt featuring an adult koala with baby koala hitching a ride on it’s parent’s back. Printed on natural color 100% cotton the Koala T Shirt is available in children sizes and adult sizes. Wildlife animal lovers are always looking for ways to celebrate their favorite animal and for enthusiasts that love Koalas the Koala T Shirt will be very welcome. Since the Koala t shirts are printed in the USA wildlife lovers will be helping keep Americans at work. Students doing school projects on Koalas could wear a Koala t shirt to enhance their presentation. Teachers having learning sessions on Australia or animals from the land down under could also wear the Koala t shirt. Business like Kwantis Airlines that have adopted the Koala as their mascot could use the Koala T Shirts as a company morale booster and employee esprit decor. Koala gifts store that currently carry Koala plush stuffed animals, earrings, t shirt, blanket throw tapestry, crossing sign, earrings, toy miniature and keychain will love the addition of the koala t shirt made in the USA.

New Hedgehog T Shirt for Hedgehog Pet Lovers

hedgehog t shirtHedgehog pet owners are as unique as the hedgehog itself. To celebrate this special animal Animal World now offers a Hedgehog T Shirt featuring a pair of adorable looking hedgehogs. Printed in the USA the hedgehog t shirt is made of comfortable 100% natural color cotton in youth extra small to the largest adult sizes so all members of the family can enjoy hedgehog fashion fun. Hedgehogs posses a semi soft and rough coat and a soft underside. The hedgehog t shirt captures the look and feel of these qualities. Hedgehog gift enthusiasts currently can currently collect hedgehog plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, figurines, puppets, finger puppets, earrings and crossing signs. Hedgehog gifts store items are difficult to find so the hedgehog t shirt will be a welcome addition for hedgehog pet lovers. With the Christmas Holiday gift giving season coming soon the hedgehog t shirt will make an excellent gift for hedgehog pet lovers. Birthdays, office gifts and other special holidays are all perfect opportunities to utilize the Hedgehog T Shirts as a gift. Hedgehog sweatshirts are also available on request for cool weather Hedgehog fashion fun.

New Lion T Shirt for Leo King of the Forest Lover

lion t shirtThe Lion T Shirt is for anyone who feels like they are the king of their forest. Printed in the USA by Animal World this Lion T Shirt features the bold face of a male lion with it’s majestic looking full mane. Made of 100% natural color cotton this Lion T Shirt is available in children and adult sizes. With such a wide range of sizes available all members of the family can wear this unique lion fashion fun. Organizations like the Lions Club can outfit all their members with Lion face T Shirts like the one shown for unity, spirit and morale. Similarly many schools and universities use the Lion as a symbol for the characteristics they wish to represent. Colleges like Penn State are known as the Nittney Lions. For students Penn State University supporters the Lion T Shirt can achieve these results. Many other sports related groups like swimming teams, Boy Scouts and wildlife organizations may also utilize the lion as the focal point of their activities. Lions play such an important role in everyone’s view of wildlife it is imperative that their place in the animal world be preserved. Having the reputation as king of the forest the lion has a huge responsibility in the animal kingdom to assume. The Lion T shirt provides recognition of this beautiful animal and helps educate all who wear or witness this shirt as a reminder of this beautiful creature of the safari.

Raccoon T Shirts for animal wildlife enthusiasts.

raccoon t shirtThe new Raccoon T Shirt is adorable wildlife lover fashion fun. Printed in the USA the new Raccoon T Shirt is printed on 100% natural color cotton. Available in Youth sizes and adult sizes the whole family can share in the love of the adorable Raccoon. Usually finding their home in the hole of an old tree the Raccoon Parents usually raise approximately 3 young. Famous for their multiple ringed tail and mask like face Raccoons are popular for many wildlife animal enthusiasts. The Raccoon T Shirt can find use in wildlife lover fashion fun but it can have many other popular uses. Zoos are always looking for ways to raise money for wildlife habitats. A Raccoon habitat is always a part of any zoo and one way to raise money to support the raccoon habitat would be to sell raccoon t shirts as part of the exhibit and as part fund raising events. Raccoon wildlife facilitators would also be looking for raccoon t shirts to be part of their fashion while adding fun to their vocation. Raccoon T shirts are not a very common item so it is nice to know their are wildlife animal t shirts stores that make unique animals like raccoons available for wildlife enthusiasts fashion fun. There are also raccoon sweatshirts available for year round wildlife lover apparel.

Pink Flamingo T Shirts for Flamigo bird lover fashion fun

flamingo t shirtWhenever you think pink you think of Flamingo. To celebrate this universally loved pink bird the Pink Flamingo t shirt is designed for fashion and fun. Printed in the USA the Pink Flamingo T shirt features a small flock of flamingo in shallow water with water lilies. Available in youth sizes through the largest adult sizes the Flamingo t shirt would be fun for mom’s and their daughter or daughters. For twins the Flamingo t shirt would be perfect for pink dress up. Zoos may also use the Flamingo t shirt to promote their bird lover habitat. Clubs often adopt the color pink to symbolize their group and also to promote a spirit of one. The Flamingo T Shirt could even be utilized for promotions or fund raisers. Some groups may even call themselves the flamingos so for them the Flamingo T shirt would be a natural jersey. The flamingo is also a popular theme for restaurants, bartenders, waitresses and tourists could wear and purchase the t shirt. Best of all flamingos are fun and the Flamingo T shirt is flamingo lover fashion fun.

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