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groundhog plush stuffed animalFebruary is most famous for Groundhogs Day. To celebrate this special day which according to tradition predicts 6 more weeks of Winter or an early Spring the Animal World Coupon Code for the month of February is “groundhog”. Most famous of all Groundhogs is Punxsutawney Phil. According to historical tradition if the Groundhog comes out of his hole on February 2 and sees his shadow then one can expect 6 more weeks of Winter’s cold. Conversely if Punxsutawney Phil does not see his shadow we can all look forward to an early Spring. Groundhogs and Groundhogs Day are as American as the flag and apple pie. For this reason many people have chosen Groundhogs as their favorite animal. For these Groundhog enthusiasts there are Groundhog Gifts Store items including plush stuffed animals, puppets, finger puppets, figurines crossing signs. Groundhog Day is a fun way to help alleviate the drudgery of Winter with party and festivities. groundhog figurine sandicastIt is never too early to get prepared for Groundhogs Day so shop early for best selection. Teachers especially can make excellent use of the groundhog puppet or plush stuffed animals through education and celebration of their own Groundhog’s Day. The Groundhog puppet or Groundhog Finger puppet especially can bring to life through imagination and personality a classroom Groundhogs Day Celebration. For more serious Groundhog animal lovers the Groundhog figurine is perfect for display on shelves, mantles or curio cabinets. For wildlife habitats, zoos and nature trails the groundhog crossing signs are perfect for safety function or for collector indoor decor fun. Whether used for Groundhogs Day celebration or year round groundhog animal lover enthusiast collectible fun the Groundhog gift store items available are sure to entertain, amuse and provide personal endearments for all who love groundhogs. Animal World January Coupon Code

polar bear plush stuffed animalThe January Animal World Coupon Code providing return customers with 10% off on purchases of any of their fine line of animal and pet lover theme gifts is “polar bear”. No other animal represents and personifies the cold white snow covered Winter months like a big white Polar Bear. With their thick white coat Polar Bears blend in with their winter wonderland so completely they are often almost invisible to their adversaries and potential prey. In areas where life hangs in the balance on a daily basis the big white polar bear is as adapted to it’s environment as any other animal fighting for existence in such a cold harsh climate. To celebrate this amazing beautiful animal animal and pet gifts store like Animal World feature a full line of beautiful polar bear gifts store items. From the Polar Bear plush stuffed animals to the polar bear t shirts to the polar bear neckties to for dress up fashion fun wildlife lovers are ready to fulfill their passion. Polar bear gifts store ideas also include polar bear toy miniatures, crossing signs, and figurines. polar bear toy miniatureChildren love to play with the Polar Bear Toy miniatures while students and teachers can utilize them for classroom projects and dioramas. The Polar Blanket plush stuffed animals come in small sizes to large jumbo but all provide hours of soft cuddly lovable companionship. The Polar Bear Crossing sign is functional and fun. If you happen to have a zoo or live near polar bears the Polar Bear Crossing sign would certainly be of benefit. If you happen to live with or are a huge Polar Bear fan then you would want to warn others that they are in the presence of a polar bear lover’s lair. The Polar Bear Blanket throw tapestry offers warm home decor for beds, sofas, chairs, or walls or cozy warmth when watching TV, reading a book or just taking a nap. For men the Polar Bear necktie offers conservative dress up fashion which still sends a message that you care for and love polar bear animals. The Polar Bear figurines are ready to adorn any shelf, mantle, curio cabinet and are welcome at the office or home. For all animals the Animal World “polar bear” coupon code can help any animal lover get the animal and pet theme gifts they need to show their love for the wildlife world. Animal World September Coupon Code

owl toy miniatureSeptember is back to school times for children across the USA. To celebrate this special time each year Animal World has selected as their Coupon Code for September “wise owl” since owls represent experience and wisdom. Many owl gifts store items are available to celebrate going back to school including owl plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, figurines, blanket, earrings, puppets, crossing sign, t shirts and keychains. With an owl gifts store collectible you have a constant reminder that brain is always better than brawn. Owls have always been given the character and position of wisdom from use in cartoons to the most recent movie “Legends of the Guardidan” coming out later this month featuring owls. Owls just naturally have a look of wisdom from their wide eyes, to their swiveling neck to the commanding pose they make at the top of a tree as they survey the area far below. Education is an ongoing need, so the owl is a good representative for all of us to continue to learn. For consumers smart enough to read this information use of the Animal World will be able to save 10% on any purchase during the month of September, that is smart.

August Catfish Month Animal World August Coupon Code

catfish fish plush stuffed animal toyTo celebrate August National Catfish Month the Animal World coupon code for the month of August is “catfish” offering 10% off on your entire online purchase on our entire line of unique animal and pet theme gifts. Specializing in wildlife plush stuffed animals, dog plush stuffed animals, animal toy miniatures, animal crossing signs, animal throw blankets, dog throw blankets, dog t shirts, animal t shirts, animal earrings, Sandicast dog figurines, animal figurines, dog cookie jars, animal neckties, animal backpacks, nature sound CDs, animal puppets, animal backpacks there are gifts for animal or pet lover enthusiast.

July Coupon Code for Animal World

dolphin gifts storeThe July Coupon Code for Animal World for the month of July is “dolphin splash” as a thank you for returning customers providing 10% off on any of over 4,000 beautiful animal and pet theme gifts. “The coupon code “dolphin splash” was selected as the coupon code to celebrate summer vacations at the beach where one of the spectacular sights is seeing dolphins in their natural home sometimes as they rise up and splash in the waves. When you go to a zoo or water park that features aquariums holding dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, sea lions and other wildlife people are able to see these beautiful creatures up close, however, nothing matches the excitement, beauty and awe in witnessing all of these in their natural home the ocean. This amazing sight in observing a wild animal in the wild is the way it should be always. Would you want to be in an dry land habitat where wild animals paid money to see you up close and personal. The answer to that question is obvious, therefore, whenever possible wild animals need to be allowed to live in balance and harmony in the wild. Wildlife can be rehabilitated successfully in zoos and wildlife parks and if releasing back into the wild is not an option they are a wonderful home where hopefully their offspring can be released to the wild so wildlife numbers in the wild can increase naturally.

June Coupon Code for Animal World

mallard duckling plush stuffed animalThis is the time of year when proud mother Mallard Ducks are presenting their baby ducklings to the rest of the world. As in the book “Make Way for Ducklings” a Mother Duck precariously moved her baby duckling to the Central Park lake and island. To celebrate this special time of the year our coupon code for the month of June is ” duckling “giving 10% off on your entire purchase of not just the duck lover gifts but the entire line of animal and pet lover theme gifts at Animal World. A Baby Duckling plush stuffed animal like the one shown are adorable just like the real duckling.yellow duckling plush stuffed animal The Yellow Duckling Plush stuffed animal is like the realistic white duck babies. Mother Mallard Ducks have a huge task, first they make the nest, incubate the eggs, hatch the eggs, and then feed the new born baby duckling chicks. Baby Ducklings face many dangers from below in turtles and from above in the form of predator birds like hawks and falcons. Some mother Mallard Ducks are better at raising their baby duckling chicks. They must keep their baby ducklings well hidden until they are large enough to not be in danger from these every day perils. The mother Mallard ducks get only minimal help from their male counterparts. Too bad, because their Canadian Geese counterparts have a much tighter family unit. Duck lover gifts also include blanket throw tapestries, pillows, plush stuffed animals, crossing signs, toy miniatures, puppets, figurines, coasters and keychains.

Returning Customer Coupon Code from Animal World Gifts

dolphin plush stuffed animal toy promo
As a thank you for our returning customers at Animal World we have issued the coupon code for October. We are busy restocking for the Christmas Holiday season with new plush stuffed animals, blanket throw tapestries, animal crossing signs, Sandicast Dog figurines, animal puppets, animal earrings, animal toy miniatures, animal neckties, dog t shirts, animal t shirts and nature sound CDs. Everyone knows someone who is an animal or pet lover and to get started early we invite all our returning customers to take advantage of best selection on all these unique animal gift items by shopping early. The October coupon code expires on October 31, 2009 and you may use it more than once during that time period. Our coupon code for the month of October is “dolphin”. Happy shopping, your friends at Animal World.

Thank you Coupon Code from Animal World

Thank you for being an Animal World customer. As our way of saying thank you we are offering a coupon code which gives you 10% off on any purchase during June, July and up to August 31, 2009. Birthdays, anniversaries, office parties, and early Christmas shopping gifts are all great reasons to shop our fine line of animal and pet theme gifts. In addition new products are being added to our extensive animal and pet lover gift line every day. Today we added t shirts in leopard, frog, dolphin, shark, grizzly bear and a new sweatshirt in dolphin. The Leopard shirt is pictured. Your coupon code is ” 10summer09 “

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