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Bison Buffalo Blanket Throw Tapestry captures Western Home Decor

Bison Buffalo Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan

Whenever you imagine the wild untamed west we automatically conjure images of Bison Buffalo roaming free on the expansive prairie. This image is captured perfectly with the Bison Buffalo Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan available online from animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World. Featuring a bison buffalo family with parents protecting their baby buffalo this Buffalo throw blanket captures a wild and free Spring time moment in the wide open spaces of the original west. Made in the USA on production looms located in North Carolina it also represents America at it’s finest in quality and workmanship. Buffalo Gifts Store enthusiasts will be anxious to add the Buffalo Afghan Tapestry Blanket to their collection of Buffalo earrings, t shirts, stuffed animal plush, puppet, crossing sign, keychain and toy miniature. The Buffalo Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan is perfect for wild west home decor. The Buffalo afghan blanket can be framed and placed on an appropriate wall. Similarly the Buffalo blanket could be placed on a bed, across a sofa or used functionally for warmth on a cold day. With production often limited to one run Buffalo enthusiasts need to secure their Buffalo throw blanket before inventory is exhausted. Online retailers still have stock on hand to handle demand according Mary at Animal World. 

Copy and Photo by Steven Forrest Writer Video Photography

Tiger Blankets Throw Tapestry USA for Tiger Lover Home Decor

tiger blanket throw tapestry faceThere is no animal wild cat on earth more threatening than a tiger. Larger than even a lion the tiger in particular the Siberian Tiger has no peer. With it’s immediately recognizable orange, black and white striking stripes the Tiger is a remarkable achievement in the evolution of wild cats. Equally remarkable is the Tiger’s gorgeous, majestic, expression filled face. Capturing the Tiger in art is the new Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries. Made in the USA and featured online by Animal World the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries do justice to this incredibly beautiful animal. Produced by Manual Woodworkers on looms in North Carolina the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries are perfect for tiger lover home decor or warmth on cold winter days. tiger prowling blanket throw tapestryThe Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry shown above left provides a close of the majestic tiger’s face. The Tiger Prowling Blanket Throw Tapestry shown below left in contrast depicts a tiger on the hunt surrounded by it’s natural habitat. From potential use by business, schools, clubs or for personal gifts the Tiger blanket throw tapestries will continually make excellent, thoughtful choices for all Tiger gifts store enthusiasts. In addition since the Tiger animal blanket throw tapestries are made in America they offer pride in craftmanship so seldom found in gift selection offerings today.

Post written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

New Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry "Family" is made in USA

elephant blanket throw tapestry family usaThe new Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry “Family” is proudly made in the USA and is now available for elephant lover home decor enjoyment. Produced on weaving looms in the mountains of North Carolina the Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry “Family” has just recently been released online by animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World “it is always exciting to introduce new quality products online in the animal gift theme industry. The new Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry captures beautiful original artwork of an adult elephant guarding 2 baby elephants. Best of all the new Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry Family is made in the USA which always makes it special and makes us proud to be offering an item produced in America.” Steve Forrest also noted “Animal Blankets Throw Tapestries like the elephant blanket by the nature of their limited production are gift items which must be chosen within their short window of availability. A company like Pure Country weavers will only have one production run and when they are sold out the item is no longer available. Since the artwork is licensed the artist’s permission to use the artwork also has a short window for production.” For these reasons it is very important for elephant lovers to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase the Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry Family as it will most likely never be available again in this medium. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton the Elephant Blanket is very large covering a full 70″ wide by 54″ high. With that availability in size the Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry is perfect for wall display, laying across a bed, sofa, chair or used functionally as a warm cover up for naps, reading a book or watching TV on chilly days. For fortunate travelers who have had the unique opportunity to go on a real African safari and witness the grandeur of elephants in their natural habitat the Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift of a cherished memory. For elephant lovers who have visited local zoos or wildlife habitats where elephants reside the elephant blanket throw tapestry can help enhance their love for this magnificent animal. Likewise visitors to American are always searching for items made in the USA to represent souvenirs of America. Since the Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry and animal blankets are made in the USA they make an excellent choice as going away gifts. People go to museums to see art that is hundreds of years old however they often miss the beautiful art right under their own noses which is available today. The Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry and animal blankets represent a once in a lifetime opportunity to seize irreplaceable artwork at a very modest price and most unique it represents an item made in the USA which in today’s world economy is rare unto itself.

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