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Bloodhound T Shirt USASummer is upon us with it some of the hottest days of the year. Greeks and Romans referred to these days originally as the Dog Days of Summer. As astrologers they would name specific stars and one particular they had named Sirius the Dog Star moved especially close to the sun in the sky during this period of time during the year. Looking for something in the sky to blame for the endless hot days of Summer the Greeks and Romans blamed Sirius the Dog Star because they were convinced that the stars close proximity to the sun was making the Sun mad, thus producing more heat and therefore the hot days we experience during this time of the year. No other dog personifies the hot dog days of Summer better than a droopy, slow, methodically adorable, big eyed Bloodhound. To celebrate this time of year along with this special dog breed Animal World has selected “bloodhound dog days” as the coupon code for the month of August. With the coupon code returning customers can receive 10% off on their entire product purchase during the month of August. This coupon code can be used as many times as needed during the month of August on the entire line of animal and pet theme gifts available online at Animal World. Animals and pets have intertwined their lives with humans historically since the beginning of mankind. Animal World celebrates this beautiful relationship every day with it’s wonderful line of animal and pet theme gifts for children and adults of all ages. The Bloodhound T Shirt shown above is just one example of the wide selection of dog t shirts made in the USA by Animal World for dog breed lover t shirt fashion fun.

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