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The heat is on, Summer is upon us and with it the sometimes scorching temperatures of the high 90’s and even into the hundreds. No other animal or in this case insect exemplifies adaptation to heat better than the scorpion. To recognize this special insect and it’s ability to thrive in conditions that would easily be catastrophic to other animals or people Animal World selects “scorpion” as the coupon code for the month of June. Celebrating this unique insect Animal World offers Scorpion Gifts Store items including scorpion plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures and crossing sign. Known for their trademark curled up and over tail with barbed stinger the Scorpion according to Wikipedia can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. Scorpions are most abundant in hotter regions but can also withstand freezing temperatures as well. Scorpions can be seen at any time during day, however, generally speaking they are nocturnal preferring shade and cooler areas during the day. Likewise Scorpions find hunting opportunities to be more beneficial during the night time hours. Scorpions are most famous for their look and especially the danger from being stung. To help prevent this occurrence Wildlife habitat areas often erect to advise and educate the public to the imminent danger of Scorpions. Similar to snakes and dinosaurs Scorpions are inherently interesting in education. For this reason teachers and educators enjoy presenting the subject to children. To make presentations and school projects more interesting the Scorpion plush stuffed animal and scorpion toy miniature provide safe easy to handle props that provide 3 dimensional realistic analysis. Scorpions are the perfect coupon code for Animal World for the month of June. With the coupon code returning customers can receive 10% off on any online retail purchases including Scorpions as well as the entire line of animal and pet theme gifts. Animal World April Coupon Code

To celebrate the month of April and as a thank you to loyal returning customers Animal World offers it’s monthly coupon code. The Coupon Code for the month of April allowing return customers 10% off on their total purchase of any of the complete line of animal and pet theme gifts is “red panda”. Looking like a raccoon but with a reddish brown and dark brown colors, bandit looking face and ring tail. Red Panda Gift Store lovers can enjoy 4 different styles of Red Panda Plush Stuffed Animals and a Red Panda Toy Miniature. * Native to the Eastern Himalayas and Southern China they eat bamboo but are also know to eat a variety of eggs, small animals and insects. They prefer the darkness of night time for food gathering activities. Red Pandas are a treasure, however, with their natural habitat being reduced their numbers in the wild continue to dwindle and the trend continues downward. As a distant relative the much larger black and white panda it is important that Red Panda awareness result in their future protection and preservation. Educators can utilize the Red Panda Plush Stuffed Animal and Red Panda Toy Miniature in school to make eduction more fun and allowing children the opportunity to view a Red Panda in three dimension. Decorators can easily create imaginative eye catching Red Panda displays or dioramas. For exotic animal lovers the Red Panda is a favorite and best of all it is universal so it can be enjoyed by all for soft play fun.

* Wikipedia Red Panda Animal World March Coupon Code

Bluebird Earrings Post Gold EnamelTo celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of Spring Animal World announces their coupon code for the month of March. Nothing is more beautiful and represents Spring more than a pair of Bluebirds making preparations for family. For this reason the Animal World Coupon Code for the month of March is “bluebird” allowing return customers the opportunity to receive a 10% off discount on all their purchases of the entire line of excellent animal and pet theme gifts. Best of all the coupon code can be used more than once so customers can use the coupon code as often as they need to get all their favorite dog, cat, wildlife, dinosaur, bird and horse theme gifts. Bluebirds are one of the most beautiful of all backyard lover birds. For Bluebird gifts store lovers there are earrings, jewelry pins, lapel pins, blanket throw tapestry, figurine, crossing signs and nature sound CDs. Many bird lover bird books of the 1970’s predicted the extinction of Bluebirds before the 1980’s. This was due in large part because of the terrible effects of DDT. With the end of the use of DDT a few Bluebirds were saved by the conscientious tireless work of many bird lovers who erected, protected and maintained Bluebird trails where Bluebirds could make a foothold back to prominence. While the Bluebird numbers have returned and many enjoy their presence they continue to fight for survival and are often forced out of their bluebird homes by competing birds. Still it is a time to celebrate Spring and the Bluebird is perfect way enjoy the return of warmth, longer days and the beautiful outdoors. Animal World December Coupon Code

reindeer toy miniatureTo celebrate the Christmas Holidays, Santa Claus and his famous sleigh our coupon code for the month of December is “Reindeer” after his magical flying propulsion system. Reindeer may seem mythical since for Santa Claus they are known to fly however Reindeer actually exist and are known for their beautiful raked back antlers rack. Shown is the Reindeer Toy Miniature by Safari which shows superb realism for educational play fun. For decorators trying to create Santa Claus sleigh with 8 reindeer the Reindeer toy miniatures help create a perfect presentation. Teachers can help students in classrooms understand and see what a real reindeer looks like versus the cartoon variation seen in Christmas specials and children’s coloring books. Reindeer are native to barren and forbidden tundra lands of the far north Arctic. Found in small herds of tens to up to huge groupings thousands the Reindeer are a grazing animal therefore are constantly on the move searching for ample foods in areas of natural scarcity.Whether for education, decorating or school projects the best use for the Reindeer toy miniature is simple creative, imaginative play fun. The Animal World coupon code for December captures this beautiful animal and helps everyone understand the beautiful role Reindeer play in our North American wildlife circle of life. Animal World November Coupon Code

turkey toy miniatureNovember is always a favorite month for families, great food, American traditions and nothing exemplifies the month more than the turkey. To capture this symbol of American heritage the Animal World coupon code for the month of November is “turkey gobbles” allowing returning customers the opportunity to save 10% on their entire purchase of wonderful animal and pet theme gifts like the Turkey toy miniature shown. Benjamin Franklin one of America’s founding fathers knew how important the Turkey was to our country and endorsed the Turkey as our national bird. When you have the rare chance to see a wild turkey out in the field or woods it immediately takes you back to a time before domestic turkeys when our fore fathers first established setting aside a time to give thanks for the harvest and celebrate one last time before the harsh realities of Winter set in. This time of giving thanks has since become one of our favorite holidays we today call Thanksgiving. With the Animal World November coupon code the Thanksgiving holiday can continue with early shopping for the Christmas Holiday season.

Halloween Animal World October Coupon Code

black widow spider toy miniatureWhen the calendar turns to October Fall comes to mind and Halloween. To better help celebrating this unique time of the year Animal World has chosen “spooky bat” to be their coupon code for the month of October allowing customers the opportunity to get 10% off on all their favorite animal and pet theme gifts. With Halloween fast approaching time is necessary to plan and achieve the perfect trick or treat outfit. For those wishing to be Dorothy in Wizard of OZ a cairn terrier plush stuffed animal is necessary. Some people have gone recently as Steve Irwin and like it or not they have chosen a sting ray plush stuffed animal to make the point. Witches are always popular Halloween costumes. To make the costume look authentic spider toy miniatures, bat toy miniatures and black cat plush stuffed animals are a must. With the release of the recent owl movie, Legend of the Guardians many owl costumes will be seen. Owl puppets can be used instead to show that you have a special owl. tarantula spider puppetSnakes toy miniatures or snake plush stuffed animals can be used in a number of ways to enhance spooky costumes. The best thing about October and Halloween is it gives everyone the opportunity to have fun. With the Animal World coupon code customers can combine fun with saving money as they get ready for Halloween trick or treating, office parties or just dressing up for work.

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