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We are always searching for wildlife encounters. This past weekend the camping was closing for the winter on the Skyline Drive in the mountains of Virginia. Off we went to Loft Mountain for a last fall camping trip to the mountains. Cold, rainy, windswept, foggy, but perfect for animal sightings. Many deer were close by on trails, by the road but the sighting that makes you realize how vulnerable we are as humans is observing 3 Black bears in a tree just 30-40 yards away. With the mother Black Bear in the crux of the tree her 2 black bear cubs seemed like monkeys in the outer branches high above. With our lab we knew barking could easily provoke a confrontation so we observed briefly and left the 3 bears to their own but the close proximity leaves a lasting impression. black bear blanket throw tapestryTo commemorate this experience our coupon code for the month of November is ” black bear “. Two beautiful gift items that feature black bears the Black bear blanket throw tapestry family and the matching black bear pillow family. Both the Black Bear blanket and pillow both feature 2 black bear cubs and a black bear mom similar to what we observe. Thanks to all our returning customers which allow us to continue to serve you. The Blackrock Summit trail where we saw the Black bears is also known cougars and rattlesnakes. We were glad to see the Black Bears, in comparison seeing a cougar in the wild would be a very dangerous situation and rattlesnakes can be just as dangerous. It is always an interesting situation when you realize you out in the open and not at the top of the food chain.

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