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Winter Arctic Animal Toy Miniatures in Polar Bear, White Wolf, White Fox and Harp Seal

white fox toy miniature
Arctic White Fox Toy Miniature

Whenever we think of the frigid cold Arctic regions of the earth images of Polar Bear, White Wolf, White Fox and White Harp Seals come to mind. Capturing these animals in replica are the Polar Bear toy miniature, White Wolf, White Fox and Harp Seal toy miniature replicas offered online by animal toy miniature specialist Animal World. Made by Safari Toys these Winter animal toy miniatures are realistic versions of each animal depicted and meet or exceed all the standards for toy safety set in place by American or European standards. Measuring in the 3 inch to 5 inch range this Winter animal toy collection represents some of the most popular as well as familiar animals of the Arctic north.

polar bear toy miniature
Polar Bear Toy Miniature

Made of detailed PVC plastic each Winter animal toy miniature is virtually unbreakable yet offers realistic lifelike details as well as action pose. For Arctic animal displays for science projects, business décor or to depict life in the wild the Polar Bear, White Fox, White Wolf and White Harp Seal toy miniature can immediately create any necessary effect or Arctic portrayal. Designed for ease in handling by children or adults the Arctic Animal Toy Miniatures are perfect for education especially for hands on learning play fun. For children or adults looking for animal toy tube miniatures there is an Arctic Toys Tube Miniatureswhich offers land animals such as polar bear, wolf, fox, rabbit, walrus, seal as well as Arctic Ocean Toy Tube Miniature including beluga whale and Orca.

harp seal toy miniature
White Harp Seal Toy Miniature

Whether Arctic animal enthusiasts prefer the regular size or the convenience of the toy tube there are Arctic Animal Toy Miniatures to fit every taste. The Polar Bear Toy Miniature comes in sizes from 1″ Minis to Large Wildlife Wonders. The White Wolf is only available in one size however regular colored wolf toys are available in several sizes. Likewise the Arctic White Fox Toy Miniature is available in only one size however a red fox toy miniature is also available. The White Harp Seal Toy Miniature.

Arctic Toy Animals Tube
Arctic Animals Toy Tube

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography 

Arctic Animal Toy Miniature Photos by Safari Toys

Arctic Ocean Animal Toy Miniature Replicas in Beluga Whale, Narwhal and Harp Seal

Narwhal Toy Miniature
Narwhal Toy Miniature
beluga whale toy miniature
Beluga Whale Toy Miniature

The Arctic is known for it’s wild expanses above the ocean however there are also special animals including the Narwhal, Beluga Whale and Harp Seal which make the frigid waters below the surface or ice their special home. The Arctic Ocean Animal that best represents the Arctic are the Beluga Whale, Narwhal and Harp Seal. The Narwhal Toy Miniature features it’s special long pole like nose perfect for breathing in tight ice packs. The Beluga Whale Toy Miniature is immediately identified by its all white surface and friendly look. Since all are mammals they all must surface to breath however the Beluga Whale and Narwhal spend their life entirely below the surface. The Harp Seal is similar to an amphibian in that they spend a lot of time in the water but spend the majority of their time on land or ice. Whether below the Arctic Ocean’s surface or on top on frozen ice the animals of the Arctic Ocean are very unique. Seizing this Arctic Animal in toy miniature these replicas are made by Safari toys and offered online by animal toy miniature specialist Animal World. Made of PVC detailed plastic these Artic Ocean toy animals are small enough to be handled easily by children or adults yet large enough to give excellent realistic detail. In addition to the regular sizes Arctic animal toy miniatures there is also an Arctic Toy Tube Animal Miniatures collection. In the Arctic Toy Tube Miniatures collection animal lovers will find a beluga whale, orca whale, rabbit, walrus, wolf, fox. To portray themselves there is even a miniature Eskimo and igloo.

Arctic Toy Tube Animals
Arctic Animals Toy Tube Miniatures

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

 Arctic Animal Toys and Tube Toys Photos by Safari Toys

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