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Western Fashion Armadillo Earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve

armadillo earrings gold jewelry french curveEver wonder what to wear when you are in Texas our your are out west where the sky seems to stretch out before you forever. The question is answered when you adorn a pair of Armadillo Earrings Gold Jewelry French Curve. Nothing says Texas like Armadillos and nothing says America like gold earrings made in the USA. Featuring incredible detail the Armadillo Earrings are environmentally friendly etched on recycled brass, 14ct gold plated with gold fill french wires. To produce stunning effects the Armadillo Earrings are given a gentle curve and are hand hammered using a special plannishing tool which produces hundreds of tiny facets which capture and reflect the light for a shimmering stunning look. For comfort and wear ability the Armadillo earrings are feather light and stay looking brand new forever. Most of us have heard the expression “tough as an Armadillo”. Since Armadillos are known for their tough shell they are often selected as the standard bearer for businesses, schools and clubs. For all these organizations the Armadillo earrings could be worn for team morale, fashion and school spirit. Armadillo earrings also make beautiful gifts for wildlife enthusiasts and visitors especially from foreign countries since they not only represent a animal unique to America, they also represent a product made in America.

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