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Australian Shepherd Sandicast Figurine Limited Edition Dog Statue

Sandicast Australian Shepherd figurine dog statueAttention Australian Shepherd dog lovers, your time is limited if you ever wanted an Australian Shepherd Sandicast Figurine. With it’s retirement by Sandicast the Australian Shepherd dog figurine is no longer available from the manufacturer, so the only inventory available exists at retailers who still have stock on hand. One such location with online specialty retailer Animal World. According to Mary at Animal World “we only have one Sandicast Australian Shepherd figurine in stock and when it sells it will be sold out. Since the Sandicast Australian Shepherd figurine dog statue is no longer in production it’s value as a collectible will skyrocket in the near future. Made of cast stone and hand painted the Sandicast Australian Shepherd figurine statue was originally sculpted by the incredibly talented hands of Sandra Brue. As the world’s most famous dog sculptor Sandra Brue always created her original dog figurine statues in clay. After studying in person the Australian Shepherd to understand their personality, Sandra Brue would take pictures to help with the future creation of the dog figurine. Then working with the pictures simply as a reference without measuring Sandra Brue moved forward to create the famous Australian Shepherd Sandicast dog figurine. Australian Shepherd Gifts Store collectibles like plush stuffed animal, blanket throw tapestry, t shirt, sweatshirt, coasters, crossing sign and mousepad are scarce. With the retirement of the Australian Shepherd figurine statue the list of Australian Shepherd gifts is now smaller.

Post by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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